November 6, 2020


Court bars deadline extension for absentee voters to provide missing proof of ID. As explained at the link by J.P. Friere, when there were errors in absentee ballots, Democrats went out in violation of the law, found Democrat voters and told them they needed to vote again, while specifically not doing that for Republican voters. As Friere notes, this is not a conservative issue nor a progressive issue; it’s an issue of basic fairness that is a threat to our democracy and that ought to enrage everyone. But it won't.

I kind of suspected that they didn’t cover over the windows in the Philly ballot counting facility just because it’s always sunny in Philadelphia.


Voter Fraud Updates: Another Pennsylvania postal worker, this time from Erie, has contacted Project Veritas to claim he overheard his supervisor talking about accepting ballots collected as late as Thursday, taking them to another facility, backdating the postmarks to Election Day, then expressing them to the ballot counting center.

Lawyers for the Nevada GOP sent a criminal referral to Attorney General Bill Barr seeking a federal investigation into alleged voter fraud in the state. They claim they’ve already identified 3,062 individuals who improperly cast mail-in ballots and they “expect that number to grow substantially,” with thousands allegedly having voted in Nevada after moving to other states.


One of the stranger delusions of the left is that no matter how nasty, intolerant, violent or fascistic they become, it’s justified because their political opponents are evil while they represent only love and goodness.

A perfect example of this blind hubris came last night at the end of the season premiere of the sitcom “Young Sheldon,” where producer Chuck Lorre often undermines his own family-friendly, non-political show by inserting his liberal political rants onto a title card that flashes on screen for only a second. He calls them “vanity cards,” appropriately enough. In his latest, he wrote about the election before it took place and said, “…while life and death is on the ballot, our real choice is between love and hate.”

I’m baffled by that self-righteous attitude, since I voted for Trump, but I don’t hate anyone. I know a lot of Trump supporters, male and female and of all races, and I don’t think of any of them as hateful, either. Justifiably angry about some things, yes, but not in any way filled with hate. Certainly nothing like the furious, screaming, foul-mouthed displays of pure blind rage and hatred that we’ve seen the left spewing over the past four years.

So instead of responding to Mr. Lorre’s vanity card with hatred, I thought I’d use it creatively, to invent a new version of the long-running comic strip, “Love Is…” I call it “Leftist Love Is…” Here are a few examples; I’m sure you’ll be able to think of many more:

“Love is…a former Jerrold Nadler intern showing how much she wants to ‘restore the soul of the nation’ by spitting in a cop’s face during a pandemic while screaming, ‘F--- you, fascist!’…

“Love is…showing how much black lives matter to you by smashing a black Trump supporter’s teeth for daring to hold a peaceful pro-free speech rally…”

“Love is…fighting ‘hatefulness’ by advocating a communist Chinese-style 'Truth and Reconciliation Commission’ to publicly shame and ostracize your political opponents.”

You get the idea, and I could go on listing more all weekend, a number of them involving arson, assault, murder and looting. To quote the theme song of another famous sitcom, “Love is all around…”


Even if Joe Biden does become President, Megan Fox at PJ Media offers 10 reasons why it will actually be good for Republicans. I care much less about that than I do about how bad it will be for America, but at least she’s looking on the bright side – although I imagine some of this is meant more as black humor than genuine good news.


A group protesting voting irregularities called “Stop The Steal” was gaining thousands of members a minute until Facebook shut it down and Twitter censored its founder.

Maybe we need to form an anti-Twitter and Facebook group called “Stop the Steal of Our Right to Free Speech.”


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  • Martha Barnes

    11/09/2020 09:52 PM

    Thank you for shedding more light on the subject. America has the love/hate idea twisted. I wonder if they will drag out this election battle till next year? Just a thought!

  • Branford McAllister

    11/09/2020 06:11 PM

    I am a mathematician. I did my own mathematical analysis at 11:33pm Pacific Time on election night, based on the current percentages for each candidate and the percentage of votes counted. I calculated the probability of Biden catching Trump in the remaining ballots:
    North Carolina: Trump 50.1 to Biden 48.7 with 94% counted. Biden needed to win 60.4% of the remaining ballots (probability = 6.4% out of 100% in the absence of manipulation).
    Michigan: Trump 53.5 to Biden 44.9 with 70% counted. Biden needed to win 59.2% of the remaining ballots (probability = 1.5% in the absence of manipulation).
    Wisconsin: Trump 51.3 to Biden 47.2 with 90% counted. Biden needed to win 67.7% of the remaining ballots (probability = 0.2% in the absence of manipulation).
    Pennsylvania: Trump 56.1 to Biden 42.7 with 64% counted. Biden needed to win 61.3% of the remaining ballots (probability = 0.08% in the absence of manipulation).
    Georgia: Trump 50.7 to Biden 48.1 with 93% counted. Biden needed to win 66.7% of the remaining ballots (probability = 0.09% in the absence of manipulation).
    I did other states as well. But, in the absence of some unusual manipulation or extraordinary sample (what an election is, a sample of voters), it would have been highly unlikely mathematically and unprecedented in history for North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia to turn around to a Biden victory in each state independently; and it would have been virtually impossible for all of them or even two or three of them to turn around with the remaining ballots.
    In mathematical terms, that means something other than chance intervened, either an extraordinary sample of remaining voters, completely contrary to the voting pattern thus far, or a manipulation of ballots. There is no other explanation.
    There nothing more damaging to the credibility of our election process, and no stronger indictment of its fairness and legitimacy, in anyone's memory of our nation's history.

  • Donald and Glenda Philippe

    11/09/2020 12:25 PM

    I sent an email this morning to our House Representative, Paul Gosar, asking him to tell the President to not concede. First thing needed to do is to do this. Everyone of us who voted for President Trump should do this. Give the President our recommendation for us. The left is highly known for their need to do things illegal. That's our opinion. Our vote counts and now we are being threaten because we didn't choose to vote for Mr. Biden.

  • Richard Leedy

    11/09/2020 10:55 AM

    Strange timing on the announcement of a vaccine - two days after Biden declares victory.

  • Tenney Singer

    11/09/2020 12:56 AM

    There is already an anti-Twitter group; it's called Parler. Mass exodus happening from FB/Twit to Parler.

  • Tom Davis

    11/08/2020 07:01 PM

    Dear Govenor:
    If Trump and the GOP are unsuccessful may I suggest; 1. Trump return to NY and run for Governor, 2. he invests in a tech startup to rival Twitter/Facebook - put Don Jr. in charge, and 3. start a new network for news, sports, and entertainment. Think of the content rich environment available for a SNL option that serves the funny bone of conservatives. Between Joe, Kamala, Chuck and Nancy an hour a week might not be enought. Sincerely, Tom

  • Kenneth Nicholson

    11/08/2020 06:58 PM

    What happened to the Durham report?

  • Thomas (Tom) Davis

    11/08/2020 06:55 PM

    Dear Govenor:
    I am distraught over the election process that has culminated on a potentially unelected official taking charge of the highest office in the land. I appreciate President Trump fighting for his right to maintain office as indicated by the honest votes cast. I do have a problem though. Where are the state GOP officials? What are they doing to protect and preserve the votes of their constituents? It seems to be very quiet on the state level. What's going on? Sincerely, Tom


    11/08/2020 03:45 PM

    Joseph Stalin once said "It's not the people who vote that count, it's the people who count the votes."

    I am so sad for our great President. I have grown to love the President. However the Senate now appears Democrat as well. Let us not forget the two "Independent" senators who also vote with the Democrats. 48 plus 2 equals 50 plus the Vice President will vote in case of a tie. Even if the Republicans win the two seat in January the Democrats will have a majority I hope during the recount conducted in any state the recount will also include the Senate races.

    We moved from Richmond, VA to Erie, PA. a couple of months ago. I was amazed how easy it was to register to vote here in Erie. We did not have to prove that we are citizens. We did not have to prove that we even live here. We registered on line. Yes we did show an ID but the address on our ID still had our Richmond address. I was happy to vote for our president but I do wonder how many people could vote that did not have the right to vote here.

    The Trump rally here in Erie was massive. I find it hard to believe that Erie went for Biden. Pass this along please. Thank you

  • Judith Margaret Darden

    11/08/2020 03:19 PM

    God Bless you, Governor Huckabee, for always being straight to the point and for standing up for all of us who do not have a big voice. How could we reconstitute "Stop the Steal"...maybe on the Parlor site? Absolutely we need to censor twitter and facebook and all the other media outlets that will not report the truth or both sides. Shut their airwaves down as a means to combat corona virus maybe?

  • Barbara Christiansen

    11/08/2020 01:29 PM

    I'll try to hold on to the wisdom of my God, but it is difficult in these times. The youth of today have been terribly misled and brainwashed. Most have little respect for the sanctity of life or the lessons of history. May God open their eyes and grant them some peace.

  • Carl K

    11/08/2020 04:59 AM

    The left and their mainstream media cohorts have managed to control the thinking of millions of Americans. Time for a gut check. Our precious republic lies in the balance...

  • Marjorie Pregitzer

    11/08/2020 12:27 AM

    I just read (can't remember exactly where...) that ballots marked with Sharpie pens were invalid. The precinct where I voted (Henrietta Township, Jackson, MI) gave us Sharpie pens to use on our ballots. Wonder if this was intentional?? And doesn't it seem ironic that just when President Trump was doing his darnedest to "drain the swamp" at the White House it will now be inhabited with the slimyest bottom feeder ever??

  • Ferris

    11/08/2020 12:08 AM

    Tell the presidents team to contest California. They’ve been manipulating votes so long there they may have gotten lazy. And the prize would be bigger than all of the other ones combined.

  • Michael

    11/07/2020 08:59 PM

    If Biden-Harris STEAL the election, have House and Senate control - the United States of America will no longer be the greatest country in the world. We are done, taken over by the most discipable lying cheating and disgusting political party in our country- Demonrats and their partners the lying worthless MSM. 70 million ( I believe many more than that) will not forget and Biden will not be our president and far left whack Kamala will not be our VP. The Russia conspiracy was a fraud, the impeachment was a fraud, the coronavirus may well turn out to be a fraud and the biggest propaganda scam inflicted on America as a test for the Dems Socialist agenda. The Republican party has failed 70+ million Trump supporters. They are weak and pathetic and never really in whole support President Trump (only a handful of Republicans did). It is going to be We the People with God's help to stop the injustice. Sheeple and appeasers need not apply- join the Dems, but don't get in the way of 70+million people. Trump was set to win this election by a landslide and the corrupt American hating Dems and MSM knew this, so they schemed to cheat American Patriots from a fair election. After the Japanese military attacked Pearl Harbor, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto reportedly said " I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." Is there now in 2020 a sleeping giant, a group of American Patriots who will be filled with the resolve to not be taken over by a domestic enemy who steals elections to advance their socialist agenda? I hope and pray so!!!

  • Anita Ward

    11/07/2020 07:43 PM

    I am appalled this could happen in the USA! I believe so many illegal actions were planned by the progressives and those were carried out there is NO WAY we have or will ever know the actual winner of this elections. Extreme amounts of money was poured in the Democrats coffers to insure whatever actions needed to would be carried out to win Was done....changing voting rules, ignoring observing the counting of votes and the lists for wrong doing by the Democrats goes on! May the LORD have mercy on the USA!
    ONE THING FOR CERTAIN, THE GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENTS PRESIDENT TRUMP MADE FOR THE GOOD OF THE USA AND THE WORLD WILL LAST and we are indebted to him. Wishing God’s blessings for him, VP PENCE and their families! Thank you President Trump for loving American!

  • Carol Pickard

    11/07/2020 03:11 PM

    Why haven’t they already started arresting the law violators at the poll offices? This would show the crooked dems and people we mean business!!!

  • Robin Hansen

    11/07/2020 02:29 PM

    The Media are the false prophets we are warned about in the Bible.

  • Linda Durham

    11/07/2020 02:15 PM

    Maybe we should all delete facebook, instagram and twitter and let them feel conservative’s censure!

  • Janis Hook

    11/07/2020 01:31 PM

    What is going on with the Hunter Biden laptop? Is the investigation still ongoing? Biden clearly lied! And I find it sad that the Media is saying that Trump has no team to fight for him!

  • Vernon Thompson

    11/07/2020 01:04 PM

    The quest for power and control knows no bounds. Provide a system with open opportunities to cheat and they will. Our Senator tried to tell us in NV that there was no fraud in the Primary because no one reported it. I said maybe that was because the Postal Worker and Ballot Harvester didn't report themselves and neither did anyone else!
    Well! If the Republicans hold on to the Senate they can block the most egregious proposals of the Progressives that require legislative action. If the Dimocrats take the Senate we are headed down the path of Socialism at a break neck speed! Dementia Joe and his Socialist Minders can do quite a bit of damage by Executive Order. Pray for us!

  • Sue Palik

    11/07/2020 12:46 PM

    Fox has lost me. Their attempt to redeem themselves for their call on Arizona so early, it is not working with me. For their words of "where's the proof - we can't find any" by Bret B. and Martha M., I have no confidence in you and lost respect. John Roberts showed himself with his outburst on live TV. TNow I know who he is. The proof is there of the corruption ... out in front...Open your eyes...bluntly before your own eyes ... you know it, we know it and you just don't want to be on the bad side of the new Pres. We will now see who is two faced. Fox talking heads never made any serious mention of it all to say ... hey folks...we are losing our country...they are no better than CNN. Dana, THIS is not the end of the Clinton era...just an extension of it...same old corruption swept under the rug and the old republican elite network of the elitist Bush era elites who you worked for still reigns. None of these people in this so-called elected administration will ever be able to replicate the accomplishments of the President Trump. They all missed the boat with Israel. This will be the most failed Biden/Harris administration in history, the most power grabbing to a point I expect them to "eat their own" in the end. Fox will go with the flow to have access to the White House. Fox talking heads are just politician in a different form...they will all go with the wind. No one has the guts to stand up to anything anymore on Fox. Where's O'Reilly! Hannity and Laura...stand up and say it like it is. You always do, but don't cower under pressure now because you work for Fox. I'm turning off Fox now until Tucker comes on. If a new cable news forms, Fox will be toast...Didn't like the Jedidiah on the couch today either...Many supporters of Fox are leaving.
    WE need a new Cable Network...the Real New Network (the RNN). Agree with everything everyone has posted. This isn't sower is a true outrage of what is happening in our country toward socialism/totalitarian rule, and the taking away of our freedom and constitution. There is too much at stake now. What a farce and pile of lies told to the American people and shut down of free speech by news media, tech companies that bought the White House. They will now "control" every politician and government. They will be the New World Order power behind it all because the Pelosie's of the world can't control them now or they will be out of office. But Lord, Lord, I prophesied in your name...Depart from me.. I never knew you. Justice Roberts needs to have a serious conversation with the Lord. At this point, his place in history has a large black mark on it that is not going away. The Lord sees...

  • Kay DeWitt

    11/07/2020 12:11 PM

    Since I see where you allow people to post more than one comment, after I sent you my comment, a few minutes ago, I decided to send you this second one because, upon my reading the comments that were submitted to your November 5th Morning Edition, I saw that MY comment was NOT submitted and I couldn't help but wonder WHY it was not....since my comment was ABOUT Christ's love...

    AND because of the topic OF "love", IN one of these articles, I am going to re-submit, BELOW, the comment I wrote the other day and if, one more time, it is NOT submitted, it will serve to remind me of the "truth" I heard years ago that "you can't mix politics with 'religion'"...My grief OVER this truth..and its end-product nightmare we are witnessing....authored the below comment;

    Your article helps validate for me, personally, that, when all is said and done, it will be the LORD Who decides Who HE wants to be the winner of this election for HIS purposes....the scope OF which we cannot begin to know...HOWEVER, what we CAN know....for His truth you closed your letter to Biden with...when you stated Mark 8:36: “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” AND IT IN VIEW OF THIS TRUTH THAT....

    If God allows Donald Trump to serve this country for another four years it's high time for Christians to take a stand FOR this truth and combatting the evil of the hatred between the political parties with never a thought as to how that hatred bears witness to the fact that they DON'T bear witness to the "fruit" of Christ 's love that Jesus said would identify who REALLY was His disciple and, BECAUSE that one WAS His disciple, he would NOT "lose his soul!"

    If anyone claims to BE a Christian, I pray, Mike, they will be moved to want to give the same kind of "love letter" you wrote to Joe Biden to the politicians they claim TO love...even at the risk of that politician not RECEIVING his "love letter" AS a letter authored by love ! And any politician who CANNOT receive a letter...or spoken word...of concern FOR the destiny of his soul, AS one's being motivated BY love for him, does not have a clue as TO the REALITY OF losing his soul...or can't imagine that he is at risk FOR this kind of losss....because, afterall, he IS a "good" person!

  • Kay DeWitt

    11/07/2020 11:35 AM

    In response to your article entitled, "LEFTIST LOVE IS..." _ do I submit MY article entitled "LOVE IS.....". Jesus Christ, period! Because THE only real love IS Christ's AGAPE love because it is the only love that is selfless and unconditional and loves the person for who he is, WHATEVER he is.....which is WHY he who loves WITH Christ's love IS able to love one's enemy as HE so commands we do.

    Yes, I know that there IS a legitimate "human" love known as FILEO and EROS, nevertheless, to say that this election is about our choice between love and hate makes a mockery OF the real meaning of the word love because NEITHER party has borne witness to loving his opponent party...his "enemy!"

  • Darla Faulks

    11/07/2020 10:57 AM

    GovernorPLEASE tell me the watermark on ballots story is true!!!