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January 14, 2021

Wednesday, to nobody’s surprise, the House voted to impeach President Trump a second time, on grounds that he incited the violent protesters who stormed the Capitol. They were in such a rush to impeach him before he leaves office that they didn’t take time for the standard legal procedure of presenting evidence and letting him defend himself.

The vote was 232-197, with 10 Republicans joining the Democrats against Trump.

One Republican, Rep. Liz Cheney, was particularly outspoken, declaring, "The president of the United States summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack. Everything that followed was his doing."

However, the FBI later announced that they had picked up evidence of plans for violence at the Capitol as early as January 5, the day before the attack, and they suspect some of the participants left the Trump rally early to pick up supplies and meet at the Capitol.


If so, that would mean that Trump’s speech, while it might have been irresponsible, did not incite the Capitol rioters, who planned their attack in advance and left before his speech to launch it.

This could mark the second time the Democrats rushed to judgement to impeach Trump, only to have their efforts collapse once they left the hyper-partisan House because they substituted partisan anger for solid legal evidence. This article explains how a Senate trial might not even happen.

Joe Biden seems to have cold feet about continuing this impeachment trial in the Senate, at least judging by his statement yesterday reminding Senators of “other urgent business” and his suggestion that they split their time between that and other things.

The fact is that by pulling this final rebuke of Trump, the House may have undercut Biden by handing the Senate a divisive, time-wasting responsibility (a trial to remove a President who’s already left office) just as Biden will be coming into office and wanting to fast-track his agenda. Mostly because they hope to ban Trump from running again, which it's doubtful the Senate has the power to do. It also tells us that for all their vilification of Trump, they still fear he might beat them in 2024.

Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats seem to think that they have put a real super-duper stain on Trump by impeaching him twice, but more so, they’ve stained themselves as rabid partisans and permanently devalued impeachment. Being “double-impeached” without proper procedure of evidence as he’s leaving office anyway is as hollow as Dean Wormer warning the frat boys in “Animal House” that they’re on “Double Secret Probation.”

Impeachment of a President is the most drastic of all remedies for the most serious of offenses. It’s a grave Constitutional crisis that should be undertaken with the utmost seriousness. By talking about impeaching Trump from the moment he was elected, then impeaching him over a phone call and having the Senate throw it out -- and then impeaching him again when he’s leaving office over a riot incitement charge that not only wouldn’t pass legal muster, but if it did, the people accusing him of it would be as guilty as he is -- they’ve reduced that most solemn of last-resort responsibilities to a nakedly partisan political ploy.

Want proof? A Georgia Republican Representative announced that she plans to introduce impeachment articles against Joe Biden the day after he takes office, over corruption related to China and Ukraine.

Of course, it won’t go anywhere in a Democrat House. But as satisfying as it might be for Republicans who’ve had to put up with Trump being attacked from day one – and now accused of attempting a coup by the same people who enabled the Russian Collusion attempted coup, and of inciting violent rioters by people who’ve spent the past year defending violent rioters – do we really want a banana republic-style nation where impeachment is just a meaningless political weapon that every President can expect to get hurled at him by the other party, like a mudball?



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Comments 1-25 of 196

  • jamie

    01/17/2021 01:21 PM

    Didn't the Demshaviks violate the Constitution regarding due process.

  • Cynthia waddill

    01/17/2021 09:18 AM

    Does this not fit their narrative to remove Biden to get Harris in place? They don’t have to involve the 25th they can let the republicans do it. I do feel that he should be held accountable for his business practices etc

  • Elaine Knudsen

    01/17/2021 05:24 AM

    How can Pelosi get away with these kind of actions, that even the NYT recognizes and reports on:

  • Janice McKnight

    01/16/2021 12:40 AM

    Thank you Mr. have helped me so much by explaining and revealing truth in your daily newsletter. I am a staunch Republican the great great grand daughter of original members of the Whig party...and my family have stood on Godly values ever since. I am a born again Baptist who stands first on the Word of God.. I enjoy your newsletter, I agree with your stance on the issues and I am so glad you keep us informed about the ups and downs of Washington D.C. Thank you for your Voice of Reason in a crazy political society.


    01/15/2021 05:07 PM

    My friends living in Europe tell me that all of Europe knows Biden is a Criminal. We know it, they know it, but he is a Democrat and nothing ever happens to Democrats- they break the law over and over, and let China win everything. President Trump, according to my Chinese friends, is the first American President to understand what China is doing to us. He is the best President in my life time, and I am in my 80s. I pray for him and his family and for America and our constitution and Bill of Rights every night and will continue to do so as long as I live.

  • Kay Bennett

    01/15/2021 03:56 PM

    I cannot understand why you would say " while the Presidents speech may have been irresponsible". I listened to and read the whole speech. What was irresponsible about it? Didn't he have the right to address is supporters? He didn't say anything that would incite a riot. Even if some of the rioters were his supporters, he did not tell them nor would he want them to riot. Disappointed you would say he was irresponsible. ??

  • Ana Figueroa Commella

    01/15/2021 02:39 PM

    Thanks so much for your honest commentaries. Honest question. What was so irresponsible about President Trump speech? Thank you.

  • Linda Mack

    01/15/2021 01:00 PM

    I think that both Biden and Harris should be impeached for their dirty deeds. Also, Pelosi, Schumer, Maxine Waters, Swalwell, Nadler, and everyone else who incited violence over the past 4-5 years. The republican congress and senate needs to start doing their job for “we the people.” There are a few of our republican senators and congressmen and women who have stood up for what’s right. There needs to be more to do so.
    Thank you Mr Huckabee for all you do and for your honest and fact reporting. Also, I love your sense of humor that you bring to us. I thank God for you and others who are standing up for truth.

  • Shirley Lyons

    01/15/2021 11:28 AM

    President Trump needed a filter for his mouth a longtime ago and while he needs a reprimand for his behavior since election, we know impeachment is partisan hate!

  • J Chris Rombough

    01/15/2021 10:46 AM

    I am really having trouble deciding whether you are for or against Donald Trump, or are you just playing middle of the road? You say he didn't incite an insurrection, but his Jan 6 speech was "irresponsible". How so?
    Just YOUR opinion? I really like you a lot, Huckabee, but your double edged rhetoric is beginning to resemble the whimpering of democrats.

  • Greg Wadley

    01/15/2021 10:37 AM

    To a great Patriot

    I have been watching all the live briefings in the States and on Capitol Hill of the Homeland Security election committee meetings. Over 70% of the electorate believe as I do that the election was fraudulent and many votes were created without a connected live voter, double votes, phantom votes, percentage computer votes, input tabulation votes that almost all went for the Democratic Side of the Isle. I went to sleep on election day feeling good about how far the Republicans were ahead and woke up the next day unable to believe what was happening. We need to fix this for the bedrock of our Republic to be trusted again! I believe that Mr. Trump got the popular vote after listening to all poll workers who have testified. Verify or never certify! We need paper ballots and tabulation audits as this election has been a travesty and some people need to go to jail. Never, in the future should we have mail in ballots other that absentee. Never should this all be connected to the internet. I am afraid that I will wake up January 20th and for the next four years I will not have a President. I will turn off the TV or change channels anytime anyone in the Biden Administration comes on to say anything and will when at all possible fight and speak out against these people who stole an election…

  • Shay Freeman

    01/15/2021 10:24 AM

    I cannot get info about the Greek cruise. Help.

  • Pearl Rains

    01/15/2021 10:03 AM

    Good to hear someone is filing impeachment of Biden for corruption when he takes office , since "Hunter" is no longer in any media talk.


    01/15/2021 09:12 AM


  • Willie Smith

    01/15/2021 08:49 AM

    Good read Governor Huckabee, and thanks for the suggestion to subscribe to your news letter. And you and I along with my wife Joyce are on the same page. President Trump's agenda was beneficial to a large number of Americans, he widened the party and they the Liberals are afraid of him. They also need a new group of poor people to be dependent on them, because more people of color are waking up to the failed policies of the liberal left.
    Thanks for your leadership

  • Howard D. Richardson

    01/15/2021 08:09 AM

    The Democrats, once again, have gone on half-cocked and created a mockery of the whole process. It should be even easier now to remove a president from office who has profited, financially, from foreign governments as a result of selling favors by virtur of his elected office.

  • Mary Arunski

    01/15/2021 05:40 AM

    Why have you not done deep investigation into election fraud?
    What happened to the evidence Jovan Pulitzer spoke of at the Dec 30 Georgia State Senate Judiciary Committee meeting?
    Last we heard, committee voted unanimously to allow full audit of Fulton County paper ballots....but within hours those ballots were shredded illegally (since law requires they be kept for 22 months).

    Will anyone be held accountable for the election disaster? In Georgia? In Arizona?

    We watched on live tv as votes actually decreased in a second from Trump.
    Then we saw that same thing happen in the runoff election.

    I doubt we will ever have a fair election in America. The cheating will just continue.
    We have no country left. United States of
    America is dead.


    01/15/2021 04:06 AM

    You don't want a banana republic-style nation where impeachment is just a meaningless political weapon? Trust me you've already got one and after following your emails for a while it's easy to see that the US is basically screwed. I thought the UK was bad enough but the US makes our system look almost legitimate. Our MSM put out nothing but garbage against DT and it's easy to see why they do but this impeachment before they've even taken office is because the Democrats want to get him banned from standing again. Have to say I'm disappointed that DT hasn't managed to overturn the corrupt election but it has shown the world that money and media is the power and that's a sad day for all of us.

  • Carol Mathews

    01/15/2021 02:16 AM

    What nobody is seeing is that there is a growing Isis in the US. Not of muslim race but of persons who truely seek for the US to fall. Piting the Dems against the Rep and even all against the radicals while the subversion is going on unnoticed. The planned attack on the WH and all the cities this summer orchestrated and highly funded from US traitors. Even the traitors maybe duped by the Chinese or any foriegn country. Our country falls from within. How many of those in congress are owned by a foriegn indity or at least influenced?
    Is there any truth to the story from Italy of the guy who signed a confesssion that he changed votes in the software of the Dominion machines? Is this more propaganda too? Where are we going to find the truth anymore? All media lies, social or otherwise, and now even FOX is skirting around the edges except of Tucker, Hannity, and maybe Ingle.

  • Kathleen Fitzpatrick

    01/15/2021 12:49 AM

    There was nothing irresponsible in President Trump's speech. Who can forget the irresponsible 10 Republican (RINO's) traitors? Just a note, I know you know well that Trump supporters do NOT wear gas mask, carry hammers, and dress like slobs. We are very very tired of supposed Trump supporting talking heads who still speak indicating Trump supporters riot. We KNOW who has been doing all of the riots. -Kathy and Gary Fitzpatrick

  • Rachel White

    01/15/2021 12:25 AM

    Wished I knew how to see your answers to questions.

  • Tammie Whisenhunt

    01/15/2021 12:07 AM

    I Very much want articles of impeachment brought against Joe Biden. We have had to watch as our President has been abused by Democrats since day one and Many of our Republicans in office have done nothing to protect and support him. Finally, someone is willing to step out and DO SOMETHING! Joe Biden deserves to be impeached, "He" has actually done things deserving impeachment. I cannot believe there were 10 republicans that voted for President Trumps impeachment this time. I feel disgusted by them. No one would bring charges against the democrats when they were very public about calling for violence and protecting those destroying other peoples properties and lives, yet they now want to blame President Trump for the anger we are feeling. I believe that blame should be aimed at those who have not supported the President we, the people voted into office. I do not condone violence but I do understand the fear and desperation that comes from this evil, lying, self-serving bunch coming to the white house.

  • Judy Seckel

    01/14/2021 11:55 PM

    The Democrats have demeanor the term “Impeachment “, they have tarnished the law that was written to have a president removed when he or she has been a traitor against our constitution. The House had wasted millions of tax payers money and time whereby Congress could have be healing our nation, taking care of our economy that was wasting away due to a Virus that was not the President

  • Bernadette Dillon

    01/14/2021 11:25 PM

    I will take Uncle Joe over Satan's wife Kampala Harris who is far worse than Hilary Clinton or MS. occasionally??

  • John William Randt

    01/14/2021 11:14 PM

    Who is the left going to impeach next,George Washington.If we impeach for stupidity than lets impeach AOC.