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July 6, 2021

Another massive cyber-attack, likely timed for the July 4th weekend when IT departments are short-staffed, struck hundreds of businesses, schools and other organizations Friday. It’s a ransom-demand attack believed to be from a Russia-linked cybercriminal gang.

I don’t know how this could have happened. President Biden gave Vladimir Putin a list of places Russian hackers had better not target. Maybe none of these were on the list. Or maybe this was the list.

Wait, you mean there might be financial consequences to backing out of an expensive international agreement for no reason, like getting sued for $15 billion by people who relied on your legally-binding contract? Why didn’t someone tell President Biden this before he arbitrarily killed the Keystone XL Pipeline project?

After a police stand-off with some armed men in militia garb in Wakefield, Massachusetts, the usual contingent of leftists rushed to Twitter to leap to race-based and anti-cop conclusions that turned out to be false. When will "anti-racists" ever learn that being racist is stupid?

The Army is considering returning to gender-specific fitness standards after their experiment with unisex standards failed miserably, with nearly half of female soldiers facing potential removal from service because they can’t do the same things physically that men can do.

Wait, you mean men and women are different physically?! Someone alert the International Olympic Committee!

I guess that declaring everything to be racist must be losing its effectiveness, because now, everything is “insurrection.” Latest example: states securing their own borders when the federal government refuses to do its duty. Oh, it’s still racist, too, of course, but now it’s “insurrection” as well. Wake me up when it's "treason."

How does an Olympic athlete who’s about to represent America get both the right and the left to turn on her? It’s a difficult maneuver, but Gwen Berry may have stuck the landing.

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  • Margaret Zurn

    07/07/2021 04:20 PM

    Gov Huckabee what can I do as a 80 year old to wake up our Republicans in Congress and get them to have some balls and fight all this stuff that’s going on. We voted them in to represent us but they are not doing their jobs. Please how do we push them and the media.

  • Peter Burnham

    07/07/2021 03:00 PM

    Gwen Berry should be fired, the job of running for the USA should be treated as well as if she told her boss no, I won't do that. Insubordination at work. She should have a black mark by her name for her stupid erroneous attitude. I'd like to take all those people that hate the flag and take them to Cuba, to Liberia, etc. All those that kneel should be scooped up and dropped off at Cuba, Venezuela, etc.


    07/07/2021 01:53 PM

    WE think Gwen Berry should be thrown out of the Olympic team ASAP! All she is trying to do is to make a name for herself, and then thus use that publicity to enrich herself. IF she dislikes this country so much, then LEAVE IT! She, and all her other cohorts who feel the same way she does!

    Re global warming, it is so much garbage and rubbish!! To think that people like AOC and that ketchup guy can change God's world, rather "fix it" is beyond conceit and pride! IDIOTS!!!

  • Deborah Jurgensen

    07/07/2021 01:43 PM

    I just love your newsletters. First I wait anxiously to see the message from our Lord and then I read the info from you. Your style of writing is so very enjoyable and I know what you tell us is factual. Thank you so much !!!

  • tommie clark

    07/07/2021 12:49 PM

    yank anyone who wont stand for the flag or national anthem off the team this is America same thing with schools who won't listen to parents close the school, let them decide where to send them CLOSE THE BORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW QUITE GIVING THE LEFT TALKING SPACE ANSWER PLEASE

  • Bobby james Jarreau

    07/07/2021 12:34 PM

    If Miss. Berry can't respect what the flag stands for she shouldn't be allowed to represent us in the Olympics.


    Bobby Jarreau

  • Philip G. Dixon

    07/07/2021 12:25 PM

    It seems to me that many of the responders to links you've included have little or no knowledge of our Constitution. They keep calling for Biden and Harris to be removed from office - don't they realize who is next in line? I don't like much of what is presently happening but I sure don't want her as my President! Seems to me that ever now and then somehow the line of succession in our Constitution should be mentioned to let those folks know what they are really asking for! I well remember when Speaker of the House, Lyndon Johnson, became President so I know it can happen and wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that if Harris does replace Biden that Nancy already has a plan to get rid of her!

  • Nancy Cornillie

    07/07/2021 12:21 PM

    I think Gwen Berry is making a complete fool of herself, and as an individual should be allowed to continue, and face the consequences.

  • Daphna Yurfest

    07/07/2021 11:24 AM

    The reason democrats want to enrich the labor union is self serving, the unions make very large donations to any (D) causes and DNC.