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June 30, 2023

If you ever wonder who the Democratic Party really represents these days, here’s a reminder:

After three New Jersey school districts adopted new policies strengthening parental rights, such as informing parents if their kids started using different names or pronouns or the opposite sex’s bathrooms, Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration filed a lawsuit against the school districts to force them to drop the policies.

The parents are not backing down and say this is purely political; that Murphy is suing his state’s own parents and taxpayers and they will counter-sue. I won’t bother repeating Murphy’s justifications for this because it’s the usual hysterical “trans” activist rhetoric that you’ve already heard ad nauseam; i.e., let the state mutilate confused children behind their parents’ backs or they might kill themselves – a great argument for anyone who’s trying to convince you that they don’t really have a mental issue. You can read all the details at the link.

As for the claim that it’s “medically necessary” to give body-altering drugs, hormones and surgery to confused children or they’ll kill themselves, a landmark study out of Denmark sheds some new light on that. Denmark keeps a medical database on all its citizens, which means a massive 6.6 million person study pool. The study identified around 3,800 people with gender dysphoria, or 0.06% of the population. And it’s true that among them, there was a 3.5 times higher suicide rate and a 7.5 times higher suicide attempt rate than among the general population.

Unfortunately, this study didn’t look at whether the people involved had any “gender-affirming” treatment. But it did note that “Denmark is considered to be one of the best countries in the world for LGBT people.” So despite having a remarkably supportive environment, which I assume includes access to these quack medical procedures, gender dysphoria sufferers still have far higher suicide rates. It’s almost as if gender dysphoria were a serious mental condition whose symptoms include suicidal tendencies and that can’t be cured simply by everyone around the sufferer “affirming” it.

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