January 20, 2020

Saturday was the annual Women’s March, but there were far fewer participants in anatomically-correct headwear than in the first couple of years.

Megan Fox at PJ Media has a round-up of some of the more ridiculous protest signs (warning: lots of offensive language) at this link:

And Kathy Grimes at the California Globe describes the march festivities at the Ground Zero of leftist irrationality, the California state Capitol, summing it up as “nothing more than screaming, angry female leftists demanding rights they already have.”

A few observations: this thing originally started out of a combination of fury over Hillary’s loss and hysteria over the delusion that Trump was going to crush women’s rights and make “The Handmaid’s Tale” reality (he actually had a long history of hiring and promoting women in his companies; he’s since appointed more women to high-level executive branch jobs than any other President and presides over the lowest female unemployment rate in over 70 years, while women are now a majority of the workforce – 50.04% - for the first time in a decade.)

The dwindling number of diehard paranoiacs dutifully made protest signs about how they demand the right to speak, then took to the streets to make their voices heard, and as far as I’ve been able to ascertain, not a single one of them was arrested. As Ms Fox points out, when have any of these women ever not spoken? There’s an increasingly obvious contrast between the left’s cartoon image of Donald Trump as an authoritarian tyrant/Nazi dictator and the way everyone who believes that exhibits no fear whatsoever of denouncing him in the most public ways (and usually gets rewarded, never punished or silenced.)

Finally, speaking of glaring contrasts, note all the pro-abortion signs mixed with all the poster imagery of the currently hot “Star Wars” character, Baby Yoda.  Did it ever occur to these protesters that mixing images of an adorable baby with pro-baby-killing messages doesn’t advance their cause?  Thinking logically, they’re not!

I predict that this week’s March For Life will dwarf the turnout for the Women’s March (maybe they should call it the March For Death.)  To learn more about the national march in DC or local events near you, visit



On the other hand, if you want to see what real abuse of power and crushing of citizens’ rights look like, cast your eyes toward Virginia. There’s a big rally scheduled today in Richmond to oppose the Democratic government’s anti-gun push. In the last election, the Democrats won power over the Governor’s seat (Ralph “Blackface makeup/debate letting post-birth babies live” Northam) and the legislature.  Even though their Senate majority is only two seats, they’ve embarked on a far-left blitzkrieg that has 90% of the state’s counties in revolt and declaring themselves Second Amendment “sanctuaries.”    

Democrats there have already floated the possibility of arresting law-abiding citizens for possessing guns that were legal when purchased, and even trying to use the state guard as their goon squad.  When today’s pro-Second Amendment rally was announced, Northam claimed to have info that some militia-style elements might make trouble, so he declared an emergency and banned the carrying of guns at a pro-gun rights rally.  Organizers called that unconstitutional, but the state supreme court allowed it.

As you can see at the link, one conservative state senator is warning participants that they could be getting “set up” for arrests and being branded as terrorists if they carry their legal firearms or wear military-type attire – even those who were in the military.  Imagine getting arrested, branded as a terrorist and banned from owning firearms just because you dressed as the veteran you are and spoke up for your Constitutional right to own firearms.  Now, THAT’S what oppressive government really looks like.

I hope you’ll join me in praying that today’s rally is peaceful, that all sides show restraint, and there are no injuries or arrests.  Also pray that rational thinking returns to Virginia, both among those currently in power and among voters when they return to the polls in November.

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  • Suzanne Utts

    01/20/2020 05:56 PM

    I've been praying since last night.