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January 7, 2023

Paul “Population Bomb” Ehrlich has been predicting the end of humanity since the 1960s, and none of his apocalyptic predictions have ever come close to coming true. So when “60 Minutes” decided to kick off 2023 by bringing Ehrlich on to tell us once again that “the end is nigh!” I assumed that everyone would know to give it no more credence than the guy on the street corner who yells the same thing while wearing a dead squirrel for a hat.

Ehrlich has been predicting for decades that we’re all about to go extinct, yet he’s now 90 years old and still alive and predicting it. I wonder if he sees the irony?

Sadly, some people actually still take this crank seriously (like CBS and Al Gore), so I guess I have to acknowledge it by referring you to a couple of articles that explain why what he’s saying now is nonsense, just like all the other failed predictions he’s made over the past six decades:


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