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May 4, 2022


Happy Wednesday! Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Russian defense contractor tied to Bidens avoids sanctions
  • Russia-Ukraine War Update
  • The dumbest and most hysterical reaction to Roe leak
  • And much more.


Mike Huckabee


Be still, and know that I am God;

I will be exalted among the nations,

I will be exalted in the earth!

Psalm 46:10

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2. Russian defense contractor tied to Bidens avoids sanctions

As much as the left wants to use the issue of “reproductive rights” to direct the national conversation between now and November, some news outlets, such as the New York Post and the U.K. Daily Mail, are actually continuing to unearth important, jaw-dropping stories that have nothing to do with that.

The same news outlets that screamed from the rooftops the fake story that Trump colluded with Russia will ignore the Daily Mail’s latest report about Biden Family Russian connections. In fact, until this March, when The New York Times and Washington Post finally admitted the laptop was real, one had to go looking to find the reports about it. Google and Facebook certainly weren’t going to bring them to you. As you know, even the newly-appointed head of Biden’s unconstitutional bad joke, the “Disinformation Governance Board,” roundly dismissed it as “a Trump campaign product.”

But in their latest update, the Daily Mail has emails showing that in 2012 and 2013, Hunter Biden courted a Russian oligarch with very close ties to Putin --- Vladimir Yevtushenkov, 73 --- to seal an investment deal, meeting with him in Moscow, at the Ritz-Carlton in New York, and in Washington, DC. Hunter’s now-jailed former business partner Devon Archer wooed him as well, laying the groundwork in 2011 with his own trip to Moscow, staying in luxury hotels and eating bear meat (“yummy”) while talking real estate investment with the oligarch.

Though this man first made his fortune in Russian telecoms and later in oil, he moved into defense, owning a company called Sistema that, according to other reports, supplied Putin’s army with the drones that are now being used to bomb and kill Ukrainians. Until last year, he also owned Russian defense contractor RTI.

Sources close to him say he’s the brother-in-law of Russian billionaire Elena Baturina, whose name will be familiar because a Senate investigation determined she had wired $3.5 million to Rosemont Seneca Thornton, one of the companies connected to Hunter. Yevtushenkov denies he’s related to her, but it does appear that she’s the one who introduced him to Hunter.

The deadly consequences of this man’s business are coming home to roost now, with Ukraine being turned to rubble and countries such as the U.K. and Australia adding Yevtushenkov to their sanctions list. Last week, a leaked audio recording allegedly captured him talking with a Georgian oligarch about how to circumvent international sanctions arising from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. But so far, he has been untroubled by any such sanction from the United States. Somehow, this man remains untouched, one of the handful of oligarchs who haven't been sanctioned by the Biden administration. This could be coincidence, I suppose, but it’s extremely unfortunate that we’re put into the position of having to speculate. That’s why conflicts of interest need to be revealed BEFORE elections, not censored by social media and hidden from voters.

As the Daily Mail reports, “Hunter’s multiple meetings and apparent business deals with him are the latest in a troubling web of his connections to Putin-linked mega-rich individuals which has emerged from his abandoned laptop." Their story sorts out the meetings that took place around the globe and that certainly give the impression of a tight business relationship with the Ruskies.

One of the businessmen in this circle, Kazakhstan banker and “fixer” Marc Holtzman --- also very closely tied with “Vladimir” --- was at the now-infamous secret meeting at Cafe Milano in 2015 that was organized by Hunter and attended by then-Vice President Joe Biden. Recall that the White House first denied that Joe Biden had been there but had to own up after photos emerged. The President has lied repeatedly about not having anything to do with, or even any knowledge, of his son’s business ventures.

This is the murky water the Bidens were swimming in. As we’ve said before, it was common for influential people in Washington to have a dip in it –- and sometimes total immersion –- as dealmakers and lobbyists for shady foreigners. Paul Manafort did business in that world, and Trump’s political enemies tried their hardest to tar Trump and HIS offspring with that, when there turned out to be nothing of concern. But those same adversaries of Trump continue to turn a blind eye to the Biden Family’s blatant influence-peddling and very real business ties to rich, powerful Russians, even as one of them appears to be avoiding sanctions from the United States.

3. Russia-Ukraine War Update

Here is today’s link to Fox News’ continually-updated feed of Russia-Ukraine news:

Some recent developments: Ukrainian President Zelenskyy said Russia has resorted to attacking civilians because its leaders know they can’t beat Ukraine. He thanked Italy for providing arms and for putting sanctions on Russia, including an oil embargo. He also warned Poland’s President that Russia has already started an "energy war" with the whole of Europe.

If only there were some other nation that had the energy resources to replace that Russian oil! But who?!

4. The dumbest and most hysterical reaction to Roe leak

It’s always hard to choose the dumbest, most hysterical reaction from the left to any news story that doesn’t go their way, but it’s a safe bet that the best place to start is with Rep. Eric Swalwell. Although to be fair, he’s not the only one to make the jaw-droppingly stupid claim that “the Republicans won’t stop with banning abortion. They want to ban interracial marriage. Do you want to save that? Well, then you should probably vote.”

That’s about the most succinct example I’ve seen that the Democrats intend to demagogue the SCOTUS’ Roe ruling to the hilt in a cynical attempt to get people to vote for more of the misery that having them in power inflicts on us all. I would never insult anyone by assuming they’re dumb enough to actually swallow (or Swalowell) this tripe, but for the record:

The Alito draft decision makes it crystal clear that this decision applies solely to the uniquely incorrectly-decided Roe v. Wade ruling on abortion and not to any other ruling or right.

One of the conservative Justices concurring in the opinion is Clarence Thomas, who is in an interracial marriage. He would probably agree with the outrage expressed by a number of other black Republicans at the idea that they want to outlaw their own interracial marriages.

Also worth noting: polls show that 94% of Americans approve of interracial marriages while 71% want abortion banned or restricted. Why are the Democrats attacking our democracy?

5. Primary winners

Yesterday, primary elections were held in Ohio and Indiana. Here’s a link to results of all the races:

While many of the races were uncontested, a couple made big news. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine won the GOP nomination for a second term, defeating three Trump-supporting candidates who challenged him from the right.

But the biggest story was the Ohio GOP Senate primary, where venture capitalist and “Hillbilly Elegy” author J.D. Vance, an anti-establishment populist, topped a five-candidate field with 32.2% of the vote. He’ll face Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan for the seat being vacated by Republican Sen. Rob Portman. Ohio has been trending redder, and it went for Trump by 8 points. Republicans plan to hit Ryan for talking like a moderate who bucks his own party, but who has voted 100% of the time for the Biden/Harris agenda.

Vance had former President Trump’s endorsement, and he’s embraced that fully, saying in his victory speech, "I have absolutely got to thank the 45th President of the United States." As recently as a few weeks ago, Vance was in fourth place in some polls. Many are saying this shows the clout Trump still has with the GOP base, despite the Democrats’ and the media’s (same difference) efforts to bury him.

In fact, all 22 candidates Trump endorsed won on Tuesday. Added to the 33 winners he endorsed in Texas, he now has a perfect record of 55-0. What really matters, though, is how many of them win in November, so keep working and don’t get complacent.

6. Overturning Roe won't have the impact on voters that Democrats think it will

Some Republicans are worried that what appeared to be a blowout victory in November may be derailed by a fired-up Democrat base returning to the Party due to Roe v. Wade being overturned. It’s definitely an unexpected turn, but I doubt it will have the impact that the bellowing loons in the liberal media are hoping for. There are several reasons:

1. As I’ve been telling people for decades (liberals really should read my newsletter and watch my shows), overturning Roe v. Wade will not mean abortion is banned. It will just return it to the states to be decided by the people’s elected representatives (“our democracy!”) Some states will limit or ban abortion, but Republicans are likely to win those states anyway. Other states are already passing pro-abortion laws that I’d call infanticide, and thanks to Roe, there was nothing stopping them from doing that for 49 years. They’re already lopsidedly blue.

2. As usual, the left is wildly overplaying its hand, taking things too far, and crying “Wolf!” through Led Zeppelin’s old wall of amplifiers. They didn’t have the sense to wait until just before the election, they had to leak the decision and start ringing all the alarm bells now. By the time November finally arrives, voters will have realized that it really didn’t make that much difference and be focused on other issues, like $7 gas, empty store shelves, their deflated 401Ks, and all the illegal immigrants pouring in by the thousands. What they’ll remember about this moment is all the people running for important offices screaming like lunatics on cable TV as their supporters ran wild in the streets, threatening Supreme Court Justices and calling for “burning it all down.”

3. The idea that women (whose rights have been under such assault by Democrats that until this week, they refused to admit that the concept of a “woman” even existed) will vote based entirely on protecting unfettered abortion is highly oversold. Recent polls show that while a majority of Americans didn’t want Roe v. Wade overturned (and I think it’s because they’d been misled about what that would mean, which will soon be cleared up for them), 20% want abortion banned entirely and another 50% want at least some restrictions. That leaves only 30% who want the kind of unlimited slaughter of babies in the womb that the Democrats are selling. That’s not a winning coalition, and most of them already live in districts where, as Nancy Pelosi once said, a glass of water with a (D) after its name could get elected.

4. Besides, the liberal media talking heads overlook the fact that this decision will also rally and galvanize millions of pro-life Americans to vote. They don’t think about them because they’ve never actually met any of those people.

I could go on with more false narratives currently being pushed, but Athena Thorne at PJ Media wrote an excellent piece on that, so please give it a read:

7. Hallway of Hysteria

Other liberals took the ball from Swalwell and (understandably) ran fast and far, all the way down the Hallway of Hysteria.

According to them, if abortion goes back to the states to decide, Republicans will next ban interracial marriage, then gay marriage, then consensual sex, then contraceptives, then school desegregation (Uh, guys?...You’re the ones bringing back segregated schools (, then…I don’t know, the internal combustion engine? No, I forgot, that’s also their ban.

The Daily Signal has a handy list of six outrageous and nonsensical claims the left is making about the SCOTUS and Roe v. Wade. Welcome to Bizarro World…

And Legal Insurrection looks at their unhinged rants about expanding and stacking the Supreme Court.

Law Prof. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit had the perfect suggestion: “Expand the Supreme Court? Yes, let each Governor appoint a member.”

8. Democrats have no use for Democracy

Over the past few years, the Democratic Party has allowed itself to be taken over by a far-left fringe that operates almost entirely on emotions. That’s why their stances on various issues have no intellectual consistency: their principles shift radically, depending on whatever it is they want at the moment. Because of this, they’ve destroyed many of their own arguments. When they bring up some well-worn justification for whatever issue they’re defending, it’s now easy to throw one of their other stances at them that completely negates it.

For instance, all of a sudden, all they care about is the right to abortion. They think this will be a winning issue with women voters, so they’re using the old trope of Republicans waging a “war on women” and wanting to take away a “woman’s right to choose!” But hold on: just last week, weren’t these same people telling us that men could get pregnant? A month ago, their Supreme Court nominee claimed not even to be able to define what a “woman” is. And in an attempt to attract “trans” money (there aren’t that many trans votes), they’ve been waging their own war on women by forcing them to compete in sports against men who “identify” as women and are twice their size.

They can’t chant, “My body, my choice!” anymore and claim to be defending body autonomy after forcing people to wear face masks and inject their bodies with a vaccine they objected to, on threat of losing their jobs and their civil rights. Barack Obama just declared that “there are limits to how much the government can encroach on our personal lives,” apparently forgetting that his Party wants to encroach on everything from our vaccine decisions to our social media posts to our free speech rights to where we’re allowed to pray.

They excoriated anyone who didn’t mouth allegiance to Black Lives Matter and put the BLM logo on their social media pages. But how can they say, “Black lives matter,” when they’re defending legalized abortion? Roe v. Wade ushered in a veritable genocide of black babies, with black victims far out of proportion to their population numbers.

The left’s favorite writer of historical fiction, “1619 Project” creator Nikole Hannah-Jones, predictably tweeted that the pro-life movement started as a pro-segregationist movement, and tried to paint abortion opponents as racist. But I didn’t show my belief that black lives matter by giving money to racially divisive hustlers to blow it on mansions. I defended black lives by opposing the actual destruction of millions of black lives, as well as babies of all other races, because I believe (more heresy!) that all lives matter.

The most laughable of all their unthinking clichés that I’m hearing everywhere now is the claim that overturning Roe v. Wade is an assault on “our democracy.” They keep using that word, but I don’t think they know what it means. The Justices in Roe took the right to decide abortion policy away from the voters. Returning that decision to the voters of the individual states would restore democracy.

If you want a quote from someone who really has no use for democracy, try this: “I’m not prepared to leave that (abortion laws) to the whims of the public at the moment.” – President Joe Biden.

Glenn Greenwald has a great Substack primer for liberals on the history and purpose of the Supreme Court. Spoiler alert: it’s not to ensure that majorities (or people who scream the loudest) get whatever they want. On the contrary, it’s to prevent majorities from passing laws that violate the Constitution.

Greenwald notes that leftwing activist Waleed Shahid tweeted a quote from Lincoln, that “if the policy of the government, upon vital questions affecting the whole people, is to be irrevocably fixed by decisions of the Supreme Court, [then] the people will have ceased to be their own rulers.” He cluelessly failed to realize that that’s the exact argument we on the pro-life side have been making against Roe for half a century.

He also includes a stunningly oblivious quote from’s Ian Millhiser, claiming that if the Supreme Court overturns Roe, it will mean “five unelected aristocrats” acted “undemocratically” to decide the legality of abortion. As Greenwald asks, “Who do they think decided Roe in the first place?” The unelected black-robed aristocrats of the Court in 1973 assaulted democracy. If Roe is overturned, it will be a long-delayed victory for democracy.

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  • Janice L Decker

    05/07/2022 04:38 PM

    Would you or someone from your office please answer a question for me that many others may also be wondering about. It has become clear from more than one source of incontrovertible evidence that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent. Steps have been taken to prevent this ever happening again. Yet, the false president remains in his seat at the White House, with more than half of the term to come. He continues the awful damage he has done to this country.
    Why is he still there?? Why is the rightfully elected President not in power?? I understand this has never happened before, so there is no process to follow… what?! We have lawyers… let them figure it out! Our country is worth saving! There’s too much at stake!

  • Robin Rebhan

    05/05/2022 09:41 AM

    RE: "Russia-Ukraine War Update". If only the EU and others had listened to President Donald Trump a few years ago, Europe would not be in this mess. I suspect political corruption led the EU into this horrible mess. Even without President Trump's warnings common sense and European history would have drawn the same conclusions.

  • George Trever

    05/05/2022 08:26 AM

    In reality, Democrats FEAR interracial marriage. In the long run, it will be very hard to charge one with being racist without a distinct race to point at. Perhaps the Republicans should make it a crime for a couple of the same race to marry.

  • Charla R. Eitel

    05/05/2022 06:47 AM

    Thank you so much for this newsletter explaining much of what is happening around us. You and your staff are such a blessing!

  • Anne Turner

    05/05/2022 01:13 AM

    In order to preserve this country as the Republic it was intended to be, we must elect a Conservative majority Congress. This extreme madness must stop. It is my strong belief that we were given a wonderful gift from God when this country was established. Most of our founders, and those who came to these shores early, were profound believers in Him. It was not perfect; slavery and lack of rights for women were the customs of the times but were, nevertheless, very wrong. Over time steps were taken to correct these grievous evils. But, despite this there had never been a country established before that granted so many rights to most of the people. Now there are those bent on destroying this, primarily for their own gain in wealth and power. Our culture has descended into one of moral depravity. I have concluded that we have only one way out and that is pray mightily to our God for help. Along with this we must clean up our act. There are countless examples of the destruction of vibrant civilizations when the people have descended into immorality and become self possessed.

  • Judy Nurkkala

    05/04/2022 06:24 PM

    I just watched a speech by Kamala Harris where she repeatedly said, "How dare they! How dare they take away my right to my own body!" My reply to her: "How dare you! How dare you take away my right to my own body by forcing me to get a vaccination!"

  • Judy Hults

    05/04/2022 05:22 PM

    In reading all these things regarding elections, I had seen an article that Soros gave $750,000 to Wisconsin for the November election. My thought is the cheating is being set up. This sort needs to be stopped.

    It would appear the steal is on for November….

  • David Seaman

    05/04/2022 05:10 PM

    RE: Student Loan Debt Forgiveness and Taxes

    Honorable Gov. Huckabee,
    I've not heard any discussion of taxing those who receive forgiveness of their student loan debt. What a surprise for some when they are required to acquire new debt to pay the taxes on the forgiven debt or take on the wrath of the IRS.

    I appreciate your newsletter. Particularly that the staff allows the news time to ferment prior to publishing.

  • stephen russell

    05/04/2022 01:57 PM

    Disinformation Board:
    Why create one when they have Facebook, Google, YouTube, other for censorship?
    Whose running scared?
    I guess Musk Twitter buy spooked them.

  • stephen russell

    05/04/2022 01:43 PM

    defense contractor:
    How many more are under Biden & NOT sanctioned?