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February 17, 2023

Yesterday, we reported that the Biden family financial “empire” --- what we know of it --- has expanded to include the Middle East, where brother Jim Biden was concentrating his money-making efforts, and a total of about a dozen countries, including Saudi Arabia. Here’s an interesting take on that story, theorizing that Jim might be even more dangerous to Joe than Hunter is.

Today, updates show that the hunt for Biden classified documents has expanded as well.

According to FOX NEWS, the FBI recently searched the University of Delaware twice for classified documents that President Biden would’ve had to have transported there. This report also features video from an earlier interview with legal expert Andrew C. McCarthy, who points out how President Biden has contradicted himself on his knowledge of what these documents are. If he’s been advised by his attorneys not to look at the documents and doesn’t know what they are, how can he say they go back to 1974? How would he know that?

The NEW YORK POST has a more detailed story.

It’s been reported that two truckloads of documents had been brought there by Biden, many of them likely dating back to his earliest Senate days. According to Tucker Carlson, the FBI is “still assessing” whether or not classified material was there at the university.

Follow-the-money reporter and author Peter Schweizer was a guest on the show, and he said that to look at the Bidens’ activities in China, it’s necessary to go back to “the Chinese state,” meaning the CCP, and also “Chinese intelligence.”

Hunter Biden got not one but three big deals in China. Some of the money was shared with Jim Biden, and some potentially went to other family members as well. Recall from yesterday’s story that private investigator and former U.S. Treasury official Thomas Sullivan said “multiple” family members were involved. According to Schweizer, “If you get all three of the businessmen that made those deals happen, those ties are there.”

We’ve discussed the ties, but Schweizer gets into more detail and names names. The first tie was to a man named Che Fang --- nicknamed “The Super Chairman” --- who helped set up Hunter for a private equity deal with Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) that netted Hunter’s company “perhaps $20 million, based on estimates.”

Che Fang had a business partner who has been identified through Hong Kong corporate records as the vice minister for state security in China, the intelligence official responsible for “foreign recruitment.”

Another deal set up for Hunter was through Henry Zhao, who transferred $5 million into one of Hunter’s accounts. At that time, Zhao was partners with the daughter of the former minister of state security, the intelligence official “who ran the entire spy apparatus of China.”

Chairman Ye Jianming of energy company CEFC had previously worked for Chinese military intelligence.

Schweizer was ahead of the pack on this reporting, telling the story a little over a year ago. We related it then, but in light of all that’s currently going on with China, his report is a must-read, or a must-read-again.

“So when you’re talking about money coming from China to the Bidens,” Schweizer said, “when you’re talking about concerns about classified records, when you’re concerned about ‘what did the Bidens do in return for that money,’ these are all very serious, legitimate questions that I don’t have much confidence at all that the Department of ‘Justice’ is going to look into.”

To make it clear how egregious this is, Schweizer takes us back in time to the Cold War with Russia, perhaps during the Reagan or Carter administration: “Imagine if Ronald Reagan’s family or Jimmy Carter’s family took, you know, tens of millions of dollars from Russian businessmen linked to the KGB. Would there be any question at all that this requires serious investigation? Instead, what we’re getting from a lot of people is, ‘Well, you can’t prove that a crime was being committed…’ It’s an absurd standard that needs to be looked at.”

In fact, Mark Levin pointed out Wednesday night that “we are in a Cold War right now, not of our choosing.” The CCP is led by a “ruthless, genocidal dictator, who takes out people whom he thinks challenge him and has a firm grip on his society. And he’s aiming at us.” To hear Levin talk about how militarized the Chinese are compared to our defenses is truly scary. And in China, “the fusion between the civilian side and the military side is so complete,” it’s hard to gauge their strength. We’ve pared our own military way down, while giving a great deal to Ukraine. Levin said the Chinese are looking for a battle, “cruisin’ for a bruisin’.” He also pointed out that “there’s a reason” the Chinese have the contracts that run both sides of the Panama Canal, as well as a military base on the West Coast of Africa.”

“...This country is on a straight line to either take us to war or to choke us off economically.” And war is an unholy disaster. “We are not the provocateurs; they are.” We need to “clean out the Pentagon” and build back what Reagan advised: peace through strength.

Anyway, seeing the Biden family connected in any way to the Chinese Communist Party is disconcerting to say the least, especially with what we’re dealing with now. We ARE in a Cold War, and the man in the Oval Office does seem to be what some critics have called him: “the Manchurian President.” As Sen. Joe Kennedy said Tuesday, “I wouldn’t turn my back on President Xi if he were two days’ dead.” He added, “That’s just an unfortunate reality, and the Biden administration needs to accept that.” It takes his breath away, he said, when the Biden White House says we can trust President Xi. This is serious, he said, “as serious as an aneurysm,” and the American people deserve answers.

Kennedy learned through briefings from the White House --- though it’s “like pulling teeth,” he said, to get information out of these --- that for FIVE YEARS, China has been sending sophisticated spy balloons “that can stop and start and take detailed photographs over our military installations.” Sometimes we’ve known about this; other times, we’ve not. He wonders, “If the most recent balloon had not been reported by a civilian to the media, would the Biden administration have told us about the balloon?”

I think we all know: they’d choose to leave us blissfully pig-ignorant. It’s the same with everything that comes out of the Biden White House, including information about the Bidens’ dealings with the very people who’ve been spying on us for years, perhaps reflected in those documents the President has squirreled away here and there.

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