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December 7, 2023

On Tuesday, IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler gave closed-door testimony once again to the House Ways and Means Committee, the only committee that can deal with confidential tax info and vote to make it public.

After hearing the testimony, the committee voted to release “56 new pages of evidence showing that then-Vice President Joe Biden used multiple email aliases and private email addresses to communicate with his son’s business associate and main financial architect.”  According to their press release, “The President appears now to not only have had knowledge but also been intimately involved in Hunter Biden’s business dealings.  The material released today further corroborates the previous testimony of IRS agents Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley highlighting the incredible level of access Hunter Biden and his business partners had in Joe Biden’s public office while working for foreign businesses.”

These pages “directly refute previous public statements the President has made that he had no knowledge of his son’s business dealings.”  I’d venture to say that, regardless of whether they’d admit it publicly or not, at this point EVERYONE knows he’s a liar.  That might apply especially to his lying allies in Congress and the “Justice” Department.

Committee Chairman Jason Smith gave the two whistleblowers well-deserved credit for their work through “months of testifying for hours [14 hours] and producing hundreds of pages [1100] of documentation.”  And then it wasn’t over, as they testified publicly before the House Oversight Committee.  The two have been attacked mercilessly --- Ziegler, who is a Democrat and gay, remained anonymous as long as he could --- but their story has never changed and their credibility is intact.  “The same cannot be said for President Biden,” Smith said.

According to Smith, VP Biden “appears to have treated Air Force 2 like a corporate jet, traveling to Ukraine and Mexico, to advance Hunter Biden’s business interests.”  And the documents they saw in Tuesday’s hearing show that “right around the time of the international trips like those to Ukraine, Joe Biden was emailing his son and his son’s business partner from private email accounts and using aliases while Vice President.”

The IRS investigators had put together a document with data on 327 emails showing the VP’s correspondence --- via email aliases --- with “a key Biden business associate,” identified as Eric Schwerin, whom Chairman Smith describes as “the architect of the Biden family shell companies.”  The frequency of “alias” correspondence between Schwerin and Joe Biden “increased dramatically,” Smith said, “during times when Vice President Biden traveled to Ukraine.”  This was during the time Hunter was on the Burisma board.

Materials presented at the hearing show that Kevin Morris’ $2 million “fix” of Hunter’s delinquent tax bill came in February 2020, just weeks before the Super Tuesday Democrat primary election, “in an attempt to clear up one of the single biggest political liabilities of the Biden campaign.”  One email from Morris to a Biden family accountant expresses the need to reconcile Hunter’s tax bill because it posed a “considerable risk both personally and politically.”  So, what would the Federal Election Commission say about this?

The Ways and Means Committee also looked at Joe Biden’s relationship with Hunter’s Chinese associates, specifically CEFC’s Patrick Ho, whose documented role at the company “was to bribe world leaders to advance the company’s interests.”  His conviction in 2018 was for doing that very thing in Uganda and Chad.  The IRS whistleblowers provided documents that showed Mr. Ho gave Hunter $1 million “for legal services that were never provided.”  And when Ho was arrested in 2017 for the aforementioned bribery of African officials, his first call was to the President’s brother, James.

The press release goes into more detail and even has some handy charts with revealing timelines.

Ziegler testified about the mysterious financial relationship between Hunter Biden and Democrat donor Kevin Morris, who paid Hunter $4.9 million for “personal expenses” starting when Joe Biden was running for President.

It was supposedly in the form of a “loan and gift.”  Well, which?

Ziegler said that starting in 2014 with his Burisma income, Hunter “appeared to follow a pattern” of avoiding taxes by falsely claiming his income was a loan to him.  (Recall that the DOJ conveniently let the statute of limitations run out on the 2014-2015 tax years that covered his lucrative time on the Burisma board.)

Later, he tried to claim millions in income from Hudson West III was a loan to him, but his own tax accountants drew the line.  He was following the same pattern in 2020, 2021 and 2022 with the money paid by Morris, a wealthy Hollywood lawyer/producer who has been described as Hunter’s “sugar daddy.”

Morris also paid Hunter’s delinquent tax bill, reportedly approximately $2 million.

As reported by JUST THE NEWS, Ziegler and Shapely “have alleged that the U.S. Justice Department interfered with the investigation and thwarted some of the action they were ready to take based on several leads.”

Morris stepped in at one point to pay $160,000 of Hunter’s delinquent taxes from 2015 because it was “a point of contention” between Hunter and his ex-wife.  Ziegler testified that “Hunter may have been in breach of his marital separation agreement and Hunter’s ex-wife at the time was having an issue renewing her passport due to the delinquent tax debt.”

Here’s the full report from JUST THE NEWS…

The House Oversight Committee has been busy, too, releasing bank records that tell more of the tale.  JUST THE NEWS reports that these offer more evidence, both direct and circumstantial, that Joe and Hunter Biden co-mingled their finances, during Joe’s time “in and out of the White House.”

On Monday, Hunter’s attorney Abbe Lowell pushed back on the story of Joe Biden receiving monthly payments of $1380 a month from Owasco PC, an entity that was receiving Chinese funds paid to Hunter.  Lowell said it was to pay his father back for the use of a Ford Raptor truck that Hunter had been using during a period of financial struggle.  But Lowell, in classic slick-attorney fashion, is sidestepping the issue.  As JUST THE NEWS explains, “Lowell’s explanation for the payments does not address the origin of the funds or about the possible flow of foreign funds between son and father.”

The first payment to Joe was made September 17, 2018, which is also the date of one of the final payments made to Hunter by Hudson West III, a joint financial venture between Hunter and Chinese energy tycoon Ye Jianming.  It was shortly before this payment that Wells Fargo started asking questions about Hunter’s accounts.  “The accounts for Owasco PC and Owasco appear to fund primarily personal expenses --- what is the purpose of the accounts?”

“Payments from Hunter’s business entity to Joe Biden are now part of a pattern revealing Joe Biden knew about, participated in, and benefited from his family’s influence peddling schemes,” Oversight Committee Chair James Comer said in a statement on Monday…

Marjorie Taylor-Greene put it more bluntly on Tuesday, saying of the monthly payments, “Joe Biden claims this was a loan repayment.  Everybody knows what this is.  It is literally the most simple form of money laundering.”

JUST THE NEWS has much more detail about the various transactions and examples of the Bidens’ financial co-mingling, even including the expenses on upkeep of Joe Biden’s lakefront home, which Hunter was paying.

Comer’s report about the monthly payments to Joe Biden was predictably trashed in the media.  MOTHER JONES writer (I won’t call him journalist) and MSNBC “analyst” David Corn swallowed Abbe Lowell’s comment hook, line and sucker and dismissed the payments as “a loan for a truck.”  The WASHINGTON POST also went with the story that Comer had mischaracterized a car loan payment.  CNN, too.  NEW REPUBLIC claimed it was a “huge, hilarious mistake.”

We get the impression that the banks and IRS investigators see this quite differently.

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