Evening Edition - November 17

November 17, 2020 |


A reminder to all the Californians and other out-of-staters who are talking about moving to Georgia temporarily, just so they can vote in the runoff and steal the two crucial Senate seats for the Democrats: it’s illegal. Claiming you’re becoming a resident of Georgia just to vote in an election when you’re only there temporarily is a felony punishable by a $100,000 fine and up to 10 years in state prison. So either way, you’d better be planning to stay a while in Georgia.


The web hosting site WordPress/Automaticc seems to be looking with envy at Facebook and Twitter. It just deplatformed the popular blog The Conservative Treehouse, ordering them to find another host.

When pressed for a reason, WordPress/Automaticc issued a vague statement saying that TCT had consistently violated their terms of service on prohibited ads and calls to violence. The site’s creators reply that in 10 years, they have never been told they were violating any terms of service and have never advocated violence. They say they will move to a new platform.

I would say that if I had a lot of money, this would be a great time to launch a new webhosting platform, social media site or women’s magazine that didn’t think of itself as a leftist propaganda organ first and a for-profit business second.


Along with cheap gas, standing up to China and peace in the Middle East, here’s something else you’ll never see again if Biden gets into the White House: wage growth.

A study by the Foundation for Economic Education found that despite the left’s claims of stagnant wages and the economy leaving the working class behind, wages soared under Trump. From 2002 to 2015, there was no growth in wages, adjusted for inflation. But between 2016 and 2019, real median income grew by nearly $6,000 to $68,703 a year. In 2018 alone, the median household income rose by $4400, more than in the previous 20 years combined. By comparison, “in 2016, real median household income was $62,898, just $257 above its level in 1999.”

The two major factors fueling this explosive wage growth were Trump’s deregulation push and the corporate tax cut, two things Biden has vowed to reverse immediately.

But I’m sure he won’t send any mean tweets, so it’ll be worth it, right?...


The editors of the Washington Post think it’s time to get rid of the Electoral College because too many people in non-urbanized states still have a say over who their leaders are going to be, and that should only be decided by people like the editors of WaPo and the swells they attend cocktail parties with. I paraphrase, but that’s the gist.


News That Absolutely Nobody in Government or the Media Will Pay Attention To: Even as some officials are ordering new lockdowns and canceling Thanksgiving and Christmas, the New England Journal of Medicine published a joint study of the spread of COVID-19 by Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the Naval Medical Research Center. It involved 1,843 young, healthy Marine volunteers and took place on a Marine campus tightly controlled by the military.

The recruits were tested and put through a 14-day quarantine to insure they were not infected at the start. They were then put through rigorously-enforced prevention measures, including wearing double-cloth masks at all times except when sleeping and eating, washing their hands, maintaining 6 feet of distance, using bathrooms and dining facilities regularly sanitized with bleach, avoiding personal electronics and other items prone to surface virus transmission, taking classes and exercise outdoors, undergoing daily temperature checks and more. Their instructors were also restricted to campus and put under similar precautions.

Result: Despite all those precautions, after two weeks, there were 51 infections among the 1,843 recruits, a 2.8% infection rate. Interestingly, there were fewer infections among a control group that didn’t follow all the strict measures (26 out of 1554, or a 1.7% infection rate.) It’s speculated that overuse of masks in the first group increased infections because of recruits touching them more and viruses growing in masks that are worn too long.

The full report can be accessed via this link, but because it’s pretty dry science reading, I’m linking to a summary of it by historian and science blogger Robert Zimmerman.

Aside from providing scientific evidence that the virus, like all viruses, is going to spread no matter what we do, the study also notes that almost all the infected recruits were asymptomatic and wouldn’t have known they had it if they hadn’t been tested constantly. Again showing that the disease is not a death sentence for younger, healthy people, who are still being forced to follow all the economy-, job- and freedom-destroying mandates that this study suggests are pointless and might even make matters worse.


The Rev. Franklin Graham had a perfect response to Jake Tapper’s claim that “Christmas is not gonna be possible this year” because of the coronavirus.

I don’t really expect a lot of people in the media these days to understand Christians or Christianity, but did they not at least learn as kids from the Grinch TV special that Christmas is not something that comes from a store, Christmas means a (whole lot) more?


I mentioned recently the rumors about CNN possibly coming up for sale if they don’t have Donald Trump to badmouth 24/7. Here’s some more background on that possibility, including that their parent company has $150 billion in debt and needs to cut costs and unload losing businesses. My suggestion is that Trump buy it in a clearance sale and rename it “Trump TV.”


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to be under the impression that the Democrats lost their majority in the House.

Unlike some conservatives, I’m not going to make fun of her. I’ll just congratulate her on her ability to see two years into the future.


We have far too many people in America today, and even in government, who have been miseducated into believing in socialism. Fortunately, we’ll have some new Republican House members in January forming their own “Squad” of immigrants and children of immigrants from socialist nations who know only too well how toxic it is.

One of them is Victoria Spartz, who grew up in Soviet-dominated Ukraine and who was just elected in Indiana’s 5th District. Here’s a great interview she gave Monday to Fox & Friends, expressing her concerns about the rising embrace of socialism in America by people who don’t understand what it really is and what it leads to. As she ominously put it, “I was born in a country that doesn’t exist anymore, for good reason.”


We could all use a non-political Huck’s Hero story right now, to give us some inspiration. So how about a big salute to Chris Nikic?

Born with Down syndrome, he had to undergo painful operations, and was once too weak to swim a single lap. But with determination and his dad helping train him to pursue his dreams, Chris just entered the Guinness Book of World Records. He’s the first person with Down syndrome ever to finish the Ironman Triathlon. He swam 2.4 miles, cycled 112 miles and ran just over 26 miles in 16 hours, 46 minutes and 9 seconds. Learn more about this extraordinary young man at the link.

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Comments 26-50 of 79

  • Errol Collins

    11/18/2020 02:32 AM

    Dear Mike, Considering recent revelations regarding Dominion Voting Machines, it makes me wonder if there are democrats who lost in primary elections because of Dominion fraud. Why are these democrats who were all more qualified than "Sleepy Joe" not outraged?

  • Renee Kendrick

    11/18/2020 02:21 AM

    Since Biden spent 47 years in Washington, he should concede and wait for the election of the 47th US President. Sounds fair to me. The numbers would line up so perfectly for him at that time!

  • Renee Kendrick

    11/18/2020 02:16 AM

    I agree that Trump's corporation should buy CNN! Keep the same letters and rename it Conservative News Network! Fire every liberal and start from scratch!

    Honestly, Trump Corp should move out of NYC! The way Cuomo has cut down the President during this crisis, they shouldn't hesitate any longer! There's plenty of southern states that would welcome them with open arms!

  • John W. King

    11/18/2020 12:40 AM

    All you said is okay.
    I saw an article thru Google in the Washington Post, BBC and CBS.
    Christians in Mozambique are being beheaded by
    When does America pull its head out and do something about wiping out Islamic terrorism?

  • Wanda Barrett

    11/17/2020 10:18 PM

    How do you stop them? So far, they don’t abide by our laws and seem to do very well. Feeling very disgusted in Tennessee.

  • Cheryl Breon

    11/17/2020 10:11 PM

    So, FOX announced that tomorrow Georgia would be called for Biden. Is this one like when they called AZ way early for Biden? I sure hope so! My husband told me today that he thought Lin Wood was on the case in Georgia and that the attorneys have divided the states and Sidney Powell took another one. If we don't get to the bottom of those communist voting machines, this will only keep happening. And just because we had mail-in votes this year, they assume we have to have them every year! WHY?? Are the Chinese going to send us a virus every year? I was also told that the Governor and Secretary of State have financial ties to China which is why they are not cooperating with the recount. Is it the tribulation already? I mean it is supposed to come like a "thief in the night" which is what happened in 6 states on Nov. 3rd.

  • Renee Kendrick

    11/17/2020 10:10 PM

    As long as the state I live in and the neighboring state to which I will be traveling remain open, I will be going to see family members for Thanksgiving! (Yes, even the ones I have no desire to see.) Who's to say which one of us will head into eternity before November 2021? I've been around most of them over the course of this year so seeing them next week shouldn't make much of a difference. Precautions will be taken just like other visits.

    As long as the DIM politicians in their respective states/districts practice what they demand (they don't deserve the word "preach" to be used here), then people will have no reason to balk. The DIM politicians should be on camera all 24 hours of Thanksgiving Day so people can tune in and see what they are doing! They are trying to see what they could get away with!!!

    Oh yeah, are they canceling Black Friday shopping, too?

    As for folks gathering and the police checking the number of vehicles outside people's homes, the local folks can drop off the family at the host's home, then have a person follow them back to their house and park their vehicle. Then go get it when the gathering is over!

    That way the family can gather as needed and vehicles are at home! Be sure to leave lights and TV on at your house so it looks like there's someone at your house.

  • Dee

    11/17/2020 10:05 PM

    I will celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas and whatever other event I wish, wherever, however, and with whomever I wish. (And I won't be wearing a worthless mask!!!).

  • Renee Kendrick

    11/17/2020 09:43 PM

    Talk about the devil going down to GA!!! Charlie D passes away and all hell breaks loose with the devil dealing the ballots. Johnny and a lot of fiddle players needs to show up and give the devil his due! Fire is on the mountain! Vote, boys, vote! Granny, make sure your dog bites, too!!!

  • Darrell McKinnon

    11/17/2020 09:27 PM

    I have a comment and a question about Georgia’s election. My wife and I received applications for mail in ballots. We both completed them. My wife who had recently turned 65 received a mail in ballot but my 65th birthday was in August and my application was rejected. A woman from the elections commission in Coweta County Georgia called me and told me that I could not get a mail in ballot because I was not 65. I explained to her that I would be 65 before the election but she told me that I had to vote in person if I wanted to vote. My question is, how in the world did so many people get mail in ballots when I could not! Was it voter suppression because I voted as a republican in the primary? Georgia’s election was obviously flawed.

  • Linda Radosevich

    11/17/2020 09:03 PM

    No, no! ENCOURAGE liberal Californians to ‘move’ to Georgia! I’d love to see them get slapped with $100K fines and thrown in jail!

  • Jack Ayres

    11/17/2020 08:57 PM

    These new Republican women outnumber the few Democrats that make up the "Squad"...
    so they should call themselves the "Platoon".

  • Sandra Blake

    11/17/2020 08:51 PM

    I think if the fraud cannot be proved, (and I hope it is,). President Trump should gracefully meet with Biden to "clue him in" on what's going on and what he needs to know. we do have until Dec. 14th for the electoral college vote, but he should meet with him soon after that if worse comes too worse.

  • Katherine Waldon

    11/17/2020 08:50 PM

    What a wonderful young man Chris Nikic is, an inspiration to everyone! Never give up, Never give in!

  • Connie

    11/17/2020 08:42 PM

    Love the thought of Trump TV and why not!!!!

  • Vaslav Nijinsky

    11/17/2020 08:11 PM

    We have been regularly posting your twice-daily newsletter to Gab. We hope this meets with your approval.

  • James Drury Jr

    11/17/2020 08:00 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff.

  • George Reynolds

    11/17/2020 07:48 PM

    Jake Tapper responded to the barrage of tweets declaring Christians celebrate the birth of Christ by saying, "But sure, attack the Jew. Nice work, everyone." Who knew that he was Jewish??? Is this another way of leftists playing the "race card"? I didn't see anyone attacking Jews in their responses, just one misguided individual.

  • Michael Kamrath

    11/17/2020 07:46 PM

    Where is the link to the summary of the virus study?

  • Floyd A Unger

    11/17/2020 07:43 PM

    Hmmmm...CNN..... I wonder if some of those folks are a little bit nervous ??

  • Ronnie Brack Jones, Sr.

    11/17/2020 07:42 PM

    Thanks for reporting on all BAD news on CNN. We’ve also pulled the plug on ALL FOX channels and affiliates, so thanks for telling us about Brian and Steve, since they are straight-shooters(not so much for the Christian girl from SouthCarolina(tried to use little “c” but computer wouldn’t allow it). We really miss Gregg Gutfield and Tucker Carlson maybe they’ll soon be on a non-Fox channel. Speaking of Christians, I have come up with 2 ways to spell their title based on their fruit: Some will earn title of CHRISTIAN while the others will be spelled with a “little-c”. And they only get to use the little-c if they at least go to church and waste their hour each Sunday. True CHRISTIANS are still trusting the prophets who said that God has given Donald Trump 8 yrs in office. We are still praying that God allows Donald Trump 4 more years. If it doesn’t happen, hopefully, the rapture occurs.

  • Barbara A Zwetzig

    11/17/2020 07:33 PM

    Thank you, Mike, for a good read for my evening. Clear headed news and non-hateful language is just what I need at this time. Left FB and Twitter and don't miss them, though I miss the contacts. Appreciate conservative sensibility.

  • Rick James Burge

    11/17/2020 07:27 PM

    When is somebody gonna stand up for what's right and stop talking.

    We act like slavery just happened last week. There isn't.

    People wear masks, even though they don't do much.

    Washing hands used to be good hygiene not a means to fight thechina virus.

    The media is fake yet nothing happens, etc., etc.

  • JC Holland

    11/17/2020 07:18 PM

    Mike, if Ukraine has a felony warrant out on Joe
    then why hasn't he conceded?

  • David N. Gordon

    11/17/2020 07:14 PM

    We love you, Mike. You are a source of sanity in a world teetering on its unraveling.