August 7, 2018

Think of all the time that must have been spent by our intelligence agencies in behind-the-scenes maneuvering to manufacture a pretense for investigating Trump.  (And, yes, we’re on to them; we’re still working on getting the last few puzzle pieces, but we know they did this.)  The many millions of taxpayer dollars spent on prosecuting attorneys skilled in the ways of ruining lives in order to win cases.  The show trials designed to intimidate and “flip” a former campaign associate whom the judge knows would otherwise be of no interest to them. The immunity deals.  The strategic leaks.  The close collaboration with major media outlets, through former government officials such as John Brennan and James Comey, to reinforce a chosen narrative while twisting like a pretzel to excuse blatant examples of lawbreaking by the President’s political enemies.  The endless redacting of documents for no good reason other than covering their tracks.  So much time, so much money, so much effort.  What is it all for?



Just that.  If the people doing these things don’t get rid of Trump, through impeachment or resignation or going after his family or whatever it has to be, then all of their careful strategizing and hard work will have been for nothing.  And that is why Trump absolutely must not sit down for an interview with the special counsel.  The goal of the questioning will be to get him gone --- even through catching him in the tiniest and most innocent misstatement or mistake.  Everything they’ve been doing for months –- years now –- has been leading, in their minds, to this.  So they've been working like fiends to figure out how to do it.


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The President’s attorney Rudy Giuliani has said a decision will be made “in the next day or so” regarding whether or not Trump will agree to an interview with Robert Mueller.  Negotiations continue, and word is that the special counsel is open to reducing the number of questions and allowing some of them to be answered in writing.  If Mueller tries to issue a subpoena, assuming he even has the authority to do that, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow says the team will fight it.  Sekulow says it would be a first, that such an argument has never been made in court but that there are writings and precedent in Trump’s favor.  His attitude seems to be “Bring it on.”


David Rivkin, former White House counsel under both President Reagan and George H. W. Bush and a constitutional law attorney, said Monday in an interview with Melissa Francis on FOX News that it’s not enough just to limit the number of questions relating to obstruction.  “The entire obstruction inquiry is fundamentally illegitimate,” he said.  “The President cannot constitutionally engage in obstruction of justice while exercising the core constitutional powers of his office.”  (Example:  Firing FBI Director James Comey; Trump had ample reason and the unquestionable power to can that guy’s sanctimonious behind.)  Thus the questions would have to be limited to collusion-related matters, with obstruction off the table.  Also, in order to have an interview at all, the special counsel would have to show why it was necessary, considering that essentially all documentary evidence that the special counsel has asked for has been turned over.


Rivkin said he was troubled by media reports saying that the special counsel has said it wants to issue a report on obstruction first, when the official mandate was to investigate collusion.   (My thought:  they don’t want to have to report that there was no collusion if the plan is to get Trump on obstruction.  What, pray tell, would he be guilty of obstructing if there was no crime?)


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Rivkin was outspoken about the infamous Trump Tower meeting, too:  “As far as the collusion is concerned, I think...such a meeting may have been politically damaging, but the notion that a politician running for office is interested in exploring the possibility of getting some dirt on his or her opponent, I mean, that’s as old as the Republic itself...What do you think the DNC and the Hillary campaign were doing...engaging (through) a law firm a foreigner, a former British agent who went out and hired a bunch of Russians to get dirt on Trump?”


If this were a real investigation into Russia making inroads into our electoral process, the prosecutors would be looking at the Democratic side, too.  But it isn’t, and they’re not.


And as Jonathan Turley points out, the President complicates matters when he issues expansively-worded tweets in which the details sometimes change or are inconsistent with statements from his lawyers.  That happened Sunday morning with a tweet about the meeting that included Don Jr. at Trump Tower, intended to defend his son but..not helpful.  In fact, it was the opposite of helpful.  Perhaps he doesn’t think the details are all that important, and in the normal world they might not be, but this is the world of politics.  The opposite of normal.  In this context, he’s just creating more problems for himself.


Turley is hard on Trump’s tweet about the meeting, and also on those who took the meeting in the first place.  “If stupidity were a crime,” he says, “Trump Jr., Manafort and Kushner would serve life sentences for doing so.”  But it isn’t, and Turley explains why obtaining damaging information on one’s opponent, in and of itself, is not illegal.  An exchange of information is NOT a campaign contribution.  The non-lawyers blabbering on CNN that the Trump campaign broke federal election law are part of the effort to GET RID OF TRUMP, and they’re just too full of rage to see how wrong they are.


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  • Thomas J. Humphrey

    08/20/2018 10:26 AM

    Thank God we have Trump as President and not a gun-banning criminal-kissing Democrat!

  • Marie Coppola

    08/17/2018 08:51 AM

    Good morning, MikeHuckabee - thank you for this site.
    I am more than dismayed over what the liberal online sites are doing to our President. I was an active member of Twitter and supported @POTUS by correcting or explaining from what I hear on Fox News what the 'real story is'. I had almost 1,000 followers and they usually joined in.

    I was noticing that Trump's supporters weren't putting their comments & support like they were - and then Twitter banned my Tweets. I no longer can read Trump's remarks (I see them on Fox News) and am dismayed because his supporters negated the obvious 'opinion' and damaging comments made by liberals. (Whose Tweets, by the way, were rude & coarse - why weren't they banned?) We feel we have lost our contact with the president and that is My concern is this: If the fake news is now the 'only news out there' and social media (including Facebook, Yahoo & Google) don't allow 'true' remarks by our president to be read by his supporters - where do his supporters find out what he's saying to offset the fake news. This is alarming somehow - I feel suppressed and being 'controlled' by liberal progressives who want us to 'think' like they do. No thanks.

    We need a social media for those who support Trump. The opposition is getting louder and what's next - armbands for us 'deplorables' --- I don't mean that to be funny. The 'fake news' repeats the same idiotic news over and over - and folks may start to believe them. If Fox News goes liberal - we will not know what is going on -- and thank YOU for your input on Fox. In my heart, I believe (and hope) the Trump supporters will vote him in again -- but we are on a slippery slope and hope there is no more violence created by it.
    Has George Soros bought our news stations? Why are we just on Fox News? They have more and more liberals giving their views - who needs more of them? Yes I sound upset --- and yes I am when I watch what is going on. It's in God's Hands.

  • rodney burke

    08/11/2018 10:57 AM

    a fitting response would be for DT to punch Mueller in the mouth for his behavior and blatant violation of his GIVEN mandate. Mueller deserves nothing less that the utter contempt of The law profession, the FBI and the American people. He and Rosenstein should be on trial NOT Manafort. Apparently Mueller is unaware that he indirectly works for the President. Apparently he holds the president in contempt and should be treated as such. No he is NOT a man of honor, he is a man of utter dishonor, and should be treated with utter contempt every where he goes. And NEVER again should there be a name sign that says "honorable" Evidence proves he has not been honorable since before his days in Boston.

  • Gertrude Rugland

    08/10/2018 07:21 PM

    I read your comments and articles. Trudy Rugland

  • Carol Duncanson

    08/09/2018 06:52 AM

    I cannot believe our President's ego is stronger then following the commonsense legal strategies of the excellent lawyers he has retained...warmest regards...

  • Bonny A. Small

    08/09/2018 12:16 AM

    I do not think President Trump should agree to be interviewed! For one thing it would NOT be an interview, it would be an interrogation. I would liken it to Jesus and Caiaphas, the High Priest, and Jesus and Pilate. Not because Trump is sinless but because Mueller isn't looking for truth, his goal is to crucify the President. Also, Jesus knew when to speak and when to keep his mouth shut. President Trump does not seem to have this gift or skill. Of course, most of us lack in this area too, but President Trump can be exceptional at times. I am so thankful to God that Donald Trump is our President and I think he should stay as far away from this as possible. That is my opinion and it seems to be the opinion of other President Trump supporters that have been commenting on Facebook.

    On another note, I would like your opinion concerning a different issue. I messaged Sean Hannity approximately 2 weeks ago but I haven't heard anything from him yet. I want to know how to organize a National grassroots "Build the Wall" Campaign for Trump supporters who want to contribute to such a fund. I have read many comments from supporters who want a fund like this and will give into it. I know it would take a great deal of organizing along with the legal aspects to create a fund like this. My sister works for a philanthropist and she said we would probably need a prominent, well-known person or persons to undertake a campaign like this. She's the person who told me to contact Sean Hannity. We Trump supporters love our country and want to do what we can to help "Build the Wall." I am reminded of the "March of Dimes" Campaign when FDR was President. I know people sent their dimes in envelopes I think to the President. I know we can't do it that way now but there must be a way to organize a fund and make it known on a National level. Thank you for your attention to this matter and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Bonny A. Small

  • Anne Lofranco/Channon

    08/08/2018 08:11 PM

    When are the rouge FBI so called TOP MEN going to be arrested for the overreach of their Constitutionally designated job descriptions?? They have all behaved like autocrats, acting as if having more power than the President himself , thereby behaving in treasons manner.?? We are sick of hearing of all the things the FBI has done illegally, how Hillary was negligent in her duties as Sec. of State and no one is made to answer for their illegal actions. I am not a professional so probably did not adequately express myself, but I am sick of all talk and no one is brought to trial for their lies and conspiratorial actions.

  • Marilyn Krivanek

    08/08/2018 01:35 PM

    I'm staying by God's Word " Whoever digs a pit {for another man's feet} shall fall into it himself, and he who rolls a stone { up a height to do mischief }, it will return upon him. Proverbs 26:27 Amplified Bible When God says " touch not my anointed" Psalms 105:15 l Chronicles 16:22 Amplified Bible These people have no idea what thin ice they're on. They're not fighting President Trump they are fighting God.

  • Kathy Wingate

    08/08/2018 01:11 PM

    PLEASE!!!! Ask Giuliani NOT to let POTUS sit down with Mueller!!! Knowing their agenda, to IMPEACH our duly elected POTUS, it would be suicide for him to be entrapped by Mueller. JUST SAY NO, and fire Mueller if he won't put an end to it.

  • Kim Colwell

    08/08/2018 12:28 PM

    It is quite clear that all of these actions are strategic & organized by many individuals, but more importantly with the purpose of avoiding criminal charges & jail. We have had little to no accountability enforced by the Republican Party. Corruption has been rampant. Just one known example- China, Russia & the Islamic countries are at this moment refining their weapons systems with advanced American technology to threaten our interests using information acquired from the former Secretary of States pantry computer. Many current & former officials of both parties are running for cover. Who is willing to stand for American rather than personal or socialistic interests? So, there is great need for diversion from these facts. The superficial answer- attack President Trump. Can you say "smoke screen?"

  • Renee Brown

    08/08/2018 01:42 AM

    "Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good."
    -Romans 12:9

    Amen and Amen! Thanks for the daily verse Mr. Huckabee!

  • Clifford R Totten

    08/08/2018 12:53 AM

    Many can not see the Forest because of the Trees, So they say! At any rate, all things change as time goes by. Even Warfare as we were involved in for some Forty plus year was called the Cold War". But!!! We never heard of such a thing before it actually took place-Right?
    Well welcome to see what is going on right before our very eyes! We are witness to a modern type of overthrow (not a "military coup" per
    say) but essentially the same thing. However, with a major part of our very own government, including some law enforcement, Military, Intel personnel and a big number of the "New World Order boys involved with all the control and resources they can muster. A very slow and methodical procedure taking place and being lead by our elate Rouge Scholar boys on capital hill. Everyone is just looking in the wrong
    direction. Blind in the knowledge needed to understand it all. An Overthrow just the same! .....................Cliff Totten

  • Anita Mae Barker

    08/07/2018 09:31 PM

    ...... THE PRESIDENT should not under any circumstance go anywhere near that snake Mueller!!
    Thanks for all your commentaries, I read and appreciate them and understand better what is going on.

  • Kevin

    08/07/2018 07:00 PM

    My response to Mueliar is “nuts” followed by “I don’t recall”

  • James Thomas

    08/07/2018 06:18 PM

    "The non-lawyers blabbering on CNN"? Mike, news flash -- YOU'RE a non-lawyer!

  • Buzz Miller

    08/07/2018 06:18 PM

    I am a retired Army MSG and I don’t understand why this foolishness has not been halted completely and why Hillary and Bill aren’t in federal prison along with many other people who have burdened our people with real crimes!,

  • Elaine Liming

    08/07/2018 06:12 PM

    The more I read and hear, I am angry. I think its time for some justice for all the tax payers whose tax money was spent in this fashion. I want my congressman to demand a financial accounting of this whole mess, and for public employees to go through a rigorous process of ethics which involves termination and loss of their pensions when they are motivated by their own politics and motives. If you are a public servant in any government job you have an obligation to serve the people (tax payers etc.) who you serve. The lack of accountability, and the arrogance seen by all of us is disgusting in this matter. I am more than angry; as a teacher I had to uphold the Constitution and do my job to the best of my ability. The example of these men and women are appalling. This will go down in History as the Dark Force at work. We must vote it out in November.

  • Emily R. Bath

    08/07/2018 05:51 PM

    Isn't there anything the average person can do to stop these buffoons? President Trump was duly elected. I had to live through eight long years with Obama and I didn't resort to every dirty trick or low-handed maneuvering to get rid of him. I tried to respect his office, if not the man himself.

  • Dorothy Keene

    08/07/2018 04:02 PM

    Thank you Gov. Huckabee. You are such a Blessing!
    Your help in understanding the Deep State "mess" is so very helpful.
    God Bless You and Yours.

  • Dan Lach

    08/07/2018 03:45 PM

    Dear Mike,
    Someone is guilty of treason against the citizens and our country. It isn't President Trump. It is unconscionable to me that the federal government is being used against the will of the people and their duly elected President and to undermine our country.
    I do not understand why he doesn't end this travesty by firing Sessions and Rosenstein and putting honest people in their place! Can you explain this?
    Mueller probe did what it needed to do, it brought to light how the Russian government was involved in trying to disrupt or change the election of 2016. There wasnt, isnt, and never will be collusion by the Trump campaign or Administration with the Russian government and the more this goes on, the more damaged our country is - which is ultimately what the globalists are trying to do - which is destroy our country and destroy our duly elected President - and put us lowly citizens in our place for having the nerve to vote against them and their selected candidate, the Globalist Elitist CRIMINAL Hillary Clinton. If there is any collusion it was by the Clinton Campaign and DNC in coordination with Obama's DOJ and Intel agencies. If Mueller is working on this, then he best start getting some information out about it and start prosecuting those in the Obama Admin, Clinton Campaign and DNC who are responsible. If he is still trying to connect dots between Russia and Trump, this foolishness needs to end.
    If something happens to our President, there will be hell to pay.

  • Roger Culwell

    08/07/2018 03:00 PM

    Why is all this even being allowed, them stinking Dems broke every law in the book, probably even murdered, but you don't see them after HC or o bama or any other Dem for the many laws they broke including rigging the election, but we have a God who unrigged it, all they do is lie and brake law's murder babies, castrate and mutilate there young, and call for murder and rape of our President and his family, they want Christian killed and old people also, and Mr. Trump is on trial or investigation, does any one else see the real problem here, and it's not Mr. Trump, this mess should have been stopped long ago, it's all about a rigged election they lost, and they are to stupid to and to immature to except defeat, some one need's to stop this mess, it is senseless and no one will gain any thing, they just want Mr. Trump to mess up and say something they can use against him, to trick him any way they can, and believe me they don't want to even try to impeach him, because WE THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD ABOUT ENOUGH OF THERE CRAPP.

  • Lavada L. Adams

    08/07/2018 02:59 PM

    I am so afraid President Trump will cave to the pressure and meet with Mueller. He says he did nothing wrong and I believe him. It would be a big mistake to allow Mueller to have the power to question him when there is no crime. Praying for our President to listen to his lawyers and refuses a meeting. I think we are all fed up with this bogus investigation.

  • Pam De Niro

    08/07/2018 02:39 PM

    I pray President Trump does not fall for their lies! Even though he's innocent they will try to trap him with their lies!

  • carole braden

    08/07/2018 02:38 PM

    to me- if trump sits down with mueller he is giving validity to a clear absurd with hunt

  • William Lichtenstein

    08/07/2018 02:23 PM

    Ironic that the Trump investigation lead us to the details of the Clinton campaign, Fusion GPS, the FISA application and dossier. In the end we should be able to prosecute those responsible for that bundle of illicit operations.