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September 1, 2022

I already mentioned this story before, but it’s worth repeating for its hypocritical absurdity: It’s now the law in New York that you have to show an ID to prove you’re 21 or older in order to buy a can of whipped cream – because teenagers might get high huffing the propellant fumes.

New York: Where you can get into more trouble trying to buy a can of whipped cream than you can stealing it, and where you have to show ID to buy whipped cream, but not to vote, because that’s racist oppression. But what about all the poor black people who won’t be able to buy whipped cream now because, according to liberals like Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman, they aren’t capable of obtaining an ID?

Anne Coulter describes what it’s like in New York City now.

Hint: it’s a lot like it was before Rudy Giuliani saved it, only even worse. The Dems were voted into total control and did to NYC what the ones in DC are doing to America. It’s no longer safe to ride the subways or for a woman (or anyone, really) to be out alone after dark. Homeless people come into restaurants, sit at your table and threaten you. The Democrats let all the criminals out of jail, and now the only thing that’s locked up is all the merchandise in stores (even cans of SPAM), which makes shopping a lengthy ordeal.

Why is it that when I think of the Democrats’ idea of “justice reform” (letting all the criminals out of jail and doing away with bail so they never have to return to jail) and what it’s done to New York, I keep thinking of the obnoxious EPA official in “Ghostbusters” who refused to listen to reason and ordered the ghost containment field shut down, and Armageddon ensued? Any minute now, I expect to hear of a giant marshmallow man in Times Square getting mugged and eaten by homeless people. Well, at least anyone under 21 won't have whipped cream to put on him.

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