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February 7, 2024

We’ll have more analysis soon, but in the meantime, Julie Kelly has the full transcript of the hearing if you’d like to read it.

Of course, the rejection by a three-judge panel from this court was expected.  But, as Jonathan Turley explains, just the filing of it did what it needed to do, which was to buy Trump some time.  Even so, he has very little time to file his request with the Supreme Court for a stay --- only until this coming Monday, February 12.  The normal time given for an appeal is 90 days, and he’s allowed to take that long.  BUT if he misses this quicker just-for-Trump deadline, his case will be un-frozen and go back to the District Court, where they can re-start pre-trial proceedings.  And Trump has another big deadline coming up:  February 8, for Supreme Court arguments in the Colorado ballot disqualification case!

Turley notes that Special Counsel Jack Smith’s window is starting to close if he wants to get his case tried before the election.  We would add that this is his goal, of course:  big-time election interference.

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