November 17, 2020

November 17, 2020      

Good afternoon! Today's newsletter includes:

  • WHY did Pfizer delay vaccine announcement?
  • Durham probe UPDATE: Sean Davis says, "Never mind."
  • Open questions about the election
  • ICYMI: Exciting news
  • Voting security


Mike Huckabee


To everyone who has been suspicious of Pfizer’s delay in announcing their new vaccine –- waiting until six days after the election although they reportedly knew in October –- and even telling Biden’s people about it first, here’s some information about a Biden-Pfizer connection that might go a long way towards explaining that.

It’s in a report about a “charity” –- I’m very sorry to have to use the quotes around that word, but I think I do –- called the Biden Cancer Initiative, which, incidentally, gave out ZERO grants and spent ZERO money on cancer research.

(By the way, the DAILY CALLER story I linked to above falsely refers to Biden as “President-elect,” while the NEWSMAX story correctly does not. Just giving credit where credit is due, and that would be to NEWSMAX.)

In the NEW YORK POST’s report on this same story, there’s a lovely two-shot at the top of the page, showing Joe Biden on the right and a man named Greg Simon on the left. It’s from 2016, and at that time, Simon was the executive in charge of Obama’s “Cancer Moonshot Task Force.” That was shortly before this healthcare lobbyist went to work for the Biden organization, where he did very well for himself. Simon was paid $429,850 in fiscal 2018, and that was almost twice what he made the first year of their operation for fiscal 2017. The Biden Cancer Initiative spent most of its donations on salaries and, let me stress, gave out NO research grants.

When asked about this, Simon defended it, saying the main point of the charity was not to give out grants (!) --- that its goal was to find ways to accelerate treatment for all, regardless of their economic or cultural backgrounds. Oh, I see, he’s saying its goal centered around identity politics and “access” to treatment, not fighting cancer per se.

Simon might want to look at the stated goals of the organization, which are to “develop and drive implementation of solutions to implement progress in cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, research and care, and to reduce disparities in cancer outcomes.” That last thing, “reduce disparities in cancer outcomes,” refers to the more identity-politics aspect, but what about the “research” and all those other goals? Are they just there to implement the implementation? I’ll bet people who donated to the Biden Cancer Initiative thought their money was going to fund research grants.

Anyway, here’s how this possibly ties into Pfizer choosing to delay its announcement until after the election: Greg Simon is a former top executive for...drum roll, please...Pfizer Inc.

Pfizer took federal money to be part of President Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” and create a vaccine as soon as humanly possible, and then when it said it had one, initially even denied it was part of that project. Later, this had to be corrected.

Incidentally, NEWSMAX pointed out that Joe Biden’s tweet congratulating “the brilliant women and men who produced this breakthrough” and “the frontline workers who are still confronting the virus around the clock” failed to give any credit whatsoever to President Trump. The goal is no doubt to have President Trump written out of the narrative entirely. I apologize if it turns out that Biden has thanked the President elsewhere, but if he has, I haven’t seen it.

But back to the main point. Now, I hesitate to criticize something called the “Biden Cancer Initiative,” especially since it reportedly was inspired by the death of Joe Biden’s son Beau from brain cancer and because it has also been reported that Simon himself is a cancer survivor.

But one doesn't have to look very far to see how political Biden’s “charity” was. Millions taken in, millions paid out in salaries and travel expenses, with absolutely no money given out in grants. The man in charge, a “longtime healthcare lobbyist” as described in the NEW YORK POST, making close to half a million dollars in one fiscal year.

Greg Simon goes way back with the Democrat Party. He was chief domestic policy adviser to Al Gore from 1993 to 1997. A blurb from Wikipedia describes him as “an American political aide who supported Joe Biden and Al Gore. His private sector work is concentrated in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and telecommunications sectors.” He was on the Obama-Biden transition team and then joined Pfizer as a senior vice president in charge of policy and patient advocacy.

When we looked him up on Wikipedia, we saw to our great interest that his page had last been edited on November 15, 2020 (just the night before). That in itself doesn’t tell us anything, but it does make us wonder what might have been changed.

According to, Simon was also the lead staffer for the Clinton-Gore administration for the development and passage of the Telecommunications Reform Act of 1996 as well as development of the National and Global Information Infrastructure. (Hey, maybe he helped Al Gore invent the internet!) Before joining Pfizer, he represented Gore on the National Economic Council, helped negotiate the U.S.-Russia agreement on the International Space Station, and oversaw a number of key programs etc. etc.

Would it surprise ANYONE that in the weeks leading up to the Trump-Biden election, a company that had just developed a vaccine effective against COVID -19 –- with money from President Trump’s initiative –- might have delayed announcing it until six days after the election? Especially if someone very tightly connected with this company was a highly political supporter of the Democrat Party and, specifically, Biden for President?

Anyone at all?

As we reported yesterday, the CEO of competing pharmaceutical company Moderna, which has just announced a vaccine of its own that's proven in stage-3 trials to be 94.5 percent effective (Pfizer’s was 90 percent), specifically thanked Operation Warp Speed.

I can’t help but wonder if the announcement of a vaccine BEFORE the election might have garnered Trump some thankful votes, for the fulfillment of a major promise. (That’s Trump: “Promises made...promises kept!”) I certainly get the impression that some associated with Pfizer assumed it might.

We’ll never know, but recall the recent survey that said 36 percent of Biden voters didn’t know about his and Hunter’s business dealings with China before the election, and if they had, 13 percent of them (4.6 percent of Biden’s total) said they wouldn’t have voted for him. That's enough to change the outcome.

This is why the media try so hard to control the narrative, and why we have to do everything possible to stop them.


On Sunday, investigative reporter Sean Davis tweeted that a source had told him U.S. Attorney John Durham was dropping his investigation into the phony “Trump/Russia” probe, saying this was out of concern of a “Biden backlash.” We reported this in Monday’s newsletter.

As Davis is a highly reliable reporter, that tweet from him caused quite an uproar. We were dismayed and even disgusted to see it, not just because justice still needs to be served up in big, hearty portions, but also because Biden isn’t even the official President-elect. Whether Biden ascends to the Oval Office (heaven forbid) or not, Trump is still President for (at least) the next two months, and Durham needs to fulfill the responsibility he was given before he possibly IS shut down.

But now the good news: ten hours after tweeting that a source said Durham was shutting down, Davis is essentially saying, “Uh, never mind.” Here’s what he tweeted on Monday: “Another source familiar with Durham’s investigation rejected entirely the characterization that Durham is dropping his probe: John Durham’s investigation remains at full-speed ahead.”

Thought you'd like to know!


It’s now two weeks since the election, and despite what the media tell you, it’s still not settled who is the President-elect. We’re hearing conflicting reports of President Trump’s intentions, with some media outlets claiming Trump has resigned himself to losing, but nothing that’s coming from his team signals that. One thing we learned from the “Anonymous” debacle and countless fake news stories is not to believe liberal media outlets’ claims of having “highly-placed sources” in the Trump inner circle.

We’re hearing a lot of claims of his team finding overwhelming evidence of fraud, but is it admissible evidence, or just anecdotal or statistical? Even if it will stand up in court, is it enough to reverse election results? Will Democrat judges even allow them to come to court, or will Democrat officials comply with court orders if they do? Will Republican legislatures step in and insure their votes are valid?

All of these are still open questions, even as the media and the Democrats (I know) continue their rush to declare Biden President and dismiss all concerns about election integrity as “lies and disinformation.” As I’ve said before, I’m perfectly willing to accept that all these claims of voter irregularities are just mistakes and Biden won honestly -- after an open and transparent investigation. But it would be a lot easier to believe all the reassurances that everything was on the up-and-up if the people in charge of the ballots would stop fighting like rabid badgers to keep anyone from examining them.

Maybe there is nothing but smoke and no fire, but if so, then this election was smokier than a KISS concert in Beijing. In the meantime, I will wait until the election is actually settled before calling anyone the winner.

We don’t send this newsletter out often enough to keep up with all the developments in the ongoing Presidential election campaign battle. But just to touch on a few:

President Trump highlighted as a big story Clark County, Nevada’s, decision not to certify one of its local races due to discrepancies that made it impossible to determine the winner. But this was a very tight local race, and to affect the Presidential results statewide, it would have to be accepted by Democratic voting officials as a sign of a wider problem, which isn’t likely.

The Georgia recount turned up over 2600 ballots that went uncounted in Floyd County, not enough to change the outcome, but definitely an eyebrow-raiser for those who argue there shouldn’t be a recount.

But what good is a recount if the people doing the recounting are allegedly calling Trump votes for Biden?

In Pennsylvania, a lawyer representing the Trump team asked the court to sanction the law firm representing the Secretary of State, alleging that an attorney at the firm has been subjecting her to continuous harassment with abusive and threatening emails, texts and phone calls, even accusing her of treason for representing the President.

This write-up has more details on that story, plus a story about the Washington Post's report that the Trump team has dropped a claim that nearly 700,000 ballots had been processed illegally and secretly in Pennsylvania. The Trump camps says the lawsuit was restructured, but that is still part of it.

Finally, a story whose veracity I can’t vouch for, but you can’t say it isn’t interesting. I said just after the election that some of the claims sounded like a Martin Scorsese movie, and now, the image is complete.


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Even some pundits who support President Trump’s legal fight are now saying that the issues we’re seeing need to be investigated even if they won’t affect the Presidential race, because this is about ensuring honest elections in future races, and not just at the top. Already, some of the weaknesses in voting security are becoming frighteningly obvious.

For example, Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Victor Joecks decided to test Nevada’s signature verification process for mail-in ballots, since he was hearing reports of mailed ballots popping up all over, and some local races are won by as few as 24 votes. To keep from committing fraud himself, he got nine people to help him using their own legal ballots. He wrote each of their names in his own handwriting, and they copied them onto their ballots, so they were legally signed by the voters, but their signatures looked nothing like the ones the state had on record.

Result: only one of the nine ballots was rejected, meaning Nevada’s signature verification system has a failure rate of 89 percent.

To all the media and social media outlets trying to brush off the very idea of vote fraud, let me put it this way: I think we’d all agree that this election has been a roller coaster. Would you get on a roller coaster whose safety screening had an 89% failure rate?



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  • Jerry Korba

    11/17/2020 02:13 PM

    If this country's people believe that Justice or truth will come out about the crime coming from the Congress, the FBI, Senate Judicial Investigations, the CIA, Facebook Twitter and the rest of the Offices you might as well look for the asteroid to hit the earth neither will happen soon, the Reason for all the corruption in Government so many members have been connected for 20 years or more and during those years Billions of dollars have tied each other to each other. The truth will never come out because of the Honor among thieves is the strongest bond these people have nothing else matters as Chief Justice John Roberts has shown in the past and will dishonor the Supreme Court again just like Peter from the Bible had done. John is a coward he will not hang himself thats the difference between Roberts and Peter the betrayer.