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December 10, 2022

Democrats no longer even bother to try to hide their abuse of government power to target political opponents, as Elon Musk is learning. The more truth he exposes and the more free speech he allows, the more he’s being threatened with government “investigations.” But the latest bullying attempt is eliciting nothing but derisive laughter.

Musk has been providing some beds in empty Twitter offices for workers who are putting in long hours and want a place to take a nap without having to drive home. That inspired San Francisco’s leftist Mayor, London Breed, to threaten to send inspectors to look for code violations on these unauthorized sleeping places.

That earned some very well-deserved mockery online. As Kira Davis notes at the link, the inspectors would have to pass vast homeless camps and dodge drug needles and human feces just to get to the clean, safe building where they’re demanding stringent adherence to rules about sleeping places. Some commenters observed that by putting a few beds in empty offices, Musk created more affordable housing than San Francisco’s leaders have in 20 years. San Francisco is now a place where it’s fine to sleep on a dirty sidewalk, blocking a store’s doorway, but illegal to sleep in a bed in Twitter’s luxurious headquarters.

The answer to this is obvious, but since San Francisco voters will seemingly never come to their senses, Davis has the perfect plan B: Musk should move Twitter to Texas. Some of his other operations are already there. Why continue to live in a blue nightmare where he pays exorbitant taxes that fund radicals who are trying to destroy him when Texas is waiting with open arms? That's a question a LOT of San Francisco residents (or former residents) have been asking themselves lately.

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  • Carol J Mathews

    12/10/2022 09:39 PM

    Agree take the business out of California and move anywhere else. If you will bring conservatives, come to GA. We certainly need more conservatives who will vote. Stay away from the big cities wherever you go. All are corrupt and full of crime being run by Democrates.