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May 12, 2022

Last night, Tucker Carlson put together a long, looooong list of people and things that incoming White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has publicly declared to be racist. A small sampling:

Fox News is racist (partly because they called COVID 19 the Wuhan virus, just like CNN and MSNBC used to when they were telling the truth about it); voter ID laws (supported by 69% of black voters and 75% of Hispanic voters) are racist; Brexit (the movement among Britons to leave the European Union) is racist; Republicans who criticized white Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam for being photographed in a KKK outfit are racist for some reason; and most surprising to me, as Tucker put it, “Mike Huckabee. He seems nice…but he’s RAAACIST!!”

This sort of kneejerk accusation of racism appears to be a habit with Ms. Jean-Pierre (she also seems to be, by the Democrats’ own definition, a conspiracy theorist, disinformation peddler and insurrectionist.)

Just as our new Disinformation Czarina likes to sing the score from “Mary Poppins,” I can imagine her warbling the “Avenue Q” ditty, “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist.” Only in this White House, it wouldn’t be a solo number, it would be a chorus.

Still, I never imagined when I was a young pastor risking a job I desperately needed by telling my church’s biggest donors that they could find another church if they didn’t like me welcoming black people to our congregation that one day, the official spokesperson for the White House would declare me to be a racist. Believe me, after decades of preaching that racism is a deplorable sin against God, in whose image we are all made, it was as big a shock to me as it was to you to discover what a big racist I am.

But then, you have to understand that, like people who refer to every political opponent as a Nazi or “literally Hitler,” the left has shamefully devalued the word “racist” by applying it to everyone they disagree with. This practice is disgusting because there are some words that should retain their powerful, odious meanings and be used only when truly justified. For instance, I don’t go around calling everyone on the left a “communist,” even though the term fits some of them so well that they proudly adopt it themselves.

Sadly, in political circles, toxic words like “racist” (and the rest of the Modern Dem Quartet: “sexist,” “homophobe” and “transphobe”) have become empty syllables to be thrown like custard pies at anyone you want to humiliate in public. I suppose I should consider it a weird kind of reverse honor, like this Administration’s version of a Presidential medal. It means I’m making arguments that they consider to be a threat to their power, but they have no rational or evidence-based response, so they try to hang the “Racist” medal around my neck to prevent people from listening.

No, thanks. I revile the word and reject the allegation, but I do appreciate your acknowledgement of my effectiveness.

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  • Anne Turner

    05/20/2022 10:50 PM

    All white people are racist, haven’t you heard? I had someone I work with on a volunteer basis imply that’s although I explained .I had had a .Japanese nursemaid and teacher as a young child and am the product of military family, I should still have to examine myself and accept my racism in order to overcome it. I lived in the Deep South as a senior in high school. In the lunch room I mentioned watching a certain variety show on TV. On of the girls screamed for all to hear that I was a G-D n …. Lover. I worked in a store and told a fellow older clerk that a colored lady and her daughter came in and ask for her. I was screamed at and told never to call a nigra a lady again. So don’t you think maybe I have examined my conscience. Oh how I hated those white people in that city. Don’t you think those who believe Black and .Hispanic people are to dumb and helpLess to get an ID might just be a bit racist? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame people of color for resenting the slights they have endured, but how does it help them to say that because their ancestors were slaves that they are incapable. It is disrespectful

  • Jim Greer

    05/20/2022 12:59 PM

    C’mon Gov, you know it’s a cold hard fact that being white and denying you’re racist proves you are racist… l’m sure there’s logic somewhere in that??