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June 2, 2021

Last week, Miranda Devine broke the news in the NEW YORK POST that emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop confirm that then-Vice President Joe Biden dined with his son and a number of foreign business associates at a Washington, DC, restaurant. The dinner had been arranged by Hunter three weeks before. Invited guests included a now-deceased former mayor of Moscow famous for his corruption and also his wife, who happens to be the Russian woman who wired Hunter’s business $3.5 million for...well, something.

In case you didn’t see our report, here it is.

Since then, the story has gotten worse. Again, I want you to imagine how this would be reported if it involved Donald Trump and any of his offspring. There’s no need to tell you --- you know exactly how it would be.

In a follow-up report, the NY POST said that Joe Biden was a “regular” at Cafe Milano, the Georgetown restaurant where he dined with Hunter’s associates and which bills itself as the place “where the world’s most powerful people go.”

President Biden has repeatedly said that he's never even had a conversation with Hunter about his foreign business dealings, that there was “a wall” and that he knew nothing about them.

In an update, there’s actually a photograph that was taken of part of this group --- Joe Biden included --- and the background matches other interior shots of Cafe Milano. The image was posted in 2019, with no word on where or when it was shot, but the April 16, 2015, dinner Hunter arranged is almost certainly it. The photo shows a smiling then-VP Biden, flanked by Kazakhstani oligarch Kenes Rakishev and Karim Massimov, former prime minister of Kazakhstan. According to the DAILY MAIL, Hunter worked with Rakishev to find U.S. investments for his $300 million-plus fortune between 2012 and 2014.

Here’s the story, with the photo. (Note: the story says the “Bidens” are in the picture, but do you see Dr. Jill Biden, Ph.D? I don’t.)

Anyway, the media have ignored this story just as we knew they would. Over the weekend, Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed the media for failing to pick up on the NY POST report. “Joe Biden lied to the American people again and again,” she said. “He told us that he never talked to his brother, never talked to his son about their businesses, and yet now we have photographs of him, now we have that laptop. And, by the way, they never denied the authenticity of that laptop. And so now Big Tech comes in, along with the media, to say we’re not gonna let the American people hear about this. I mean, can you imagine if it were a Trump that went over there and then they brought back a $1.5 billion from China or $3 million from the widow of the Russia?"

That's the question I've been asking, but, again, we all know the answer. FOX & FRIENDS WEEKEND host Will Cain also sounded a lot like me when he compared the media's blatant lies about this to the lies they've perpetuated about the Wuhan lab and COVID-19. Recall that Twitter even suspended the account of the NY POST over its Hunter Biden laptop story, because they dared to suggest that Hunter’s dad knew more than he let on about his son’s foreign business activity.

But now it’s clear that the hyper-politicized social media “fact”-checkers were wrong, not the NY POST. Even so, those “fact”-checkers have the power to determine which accounts are going to be demonetized, frozen, or otherwise given black marks. Time after time, reality turns out to be diametrically opposed to what they tell us it is. As far as I’m concerned, the only thing they should be looking into at this point is their own nether regions. They’re not qualified to check anything else. I wouldn’t ask them to check my oil.

An excellent interview segment featuring Harris Faulkner and guest Will Cain is at the link. It includes a video montage of the times Biden has denied knowing anything about Hunter’s business.

“I think every single one of us would have to our television screens and ask ourselves, what is our appetite for manipulation and lies? Because you have been manipulated and lied [to] blatantly --- not even...surreptitiously, but blatantly --- for more than a year. And...the Hunter Biden laptop story arc, follows very neatly, Harris, with the ‘COVID came from the Wuhan lab’ as a conspiracy theorist idea.”

This is from their playbook, he said, the way they call these ideas “crazy talk” and “Russian disinformation” (which I would add is really getting old) even though they’re true. Cain asserted that the way both of these stories –- Hunter’s laptop and COVID –- were dealt with by the media actually manipulated a Presidential election.

Oh, no, he just gave the “fact”-checkers something else to call crazy. But it's true.

EPOCH TV has put together an outstanding video called “Hunter Biden Is Back in the News: A Look at the Media’s Cover-Up of His Laptop Scandal.” It’s a great refresher on the whole story, and it also looks specifically at the impact of the media’s coverage (or, I would say, lack of coverage, and outright censorship) on the 2020 election. It runs just under 17 minutes and is well worth your time.

As you’ll see in the video, NPR’s Managing Director for News Terence Samuels said of the Hunter story, “We don’t waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste our listeners’ and our readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.”

I wonder, how many times on NPR over the past five years have they pushed stories somehow linking Donald Trump, and/or Trump’s family, and Russia? How much of their listeners’ time has been wasted on story after story that turned out not to be true?

Another great point: Joe Biden himself tried to rely on the “Russian disinformation” story as a cover during two of the presidential debates when Trump brought up Hunter’s laptop. He had to be well aware that this was a fabrication.

Finally, Matt Taibbi has a great piece about the media’s suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, calling it even a bigger scandal than the actual story.

Taibbi shows exactly what the social media “fact”-checkers are up to, how they scrub or de-rank the real information in favor of the slanted “explainers,” which are pure propaganda. For when you have time (it’s long), his piece is one of the best choices of reading material you could make on the the subject. Aside from this, of course.

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  • Roy Turner

    06/21/2021 09:47 AM

    I for one am sick and tired of the media lying and covering for liars. I think it is about time we as consumers start to boycott advertisers that advertise on those media sites. CNN is the biggest bunch of liars on T.V. , I won't but anything advertised on that channel. My wife a liberal democrat watches CNN most of the time and that is how I know what is being said and being advertised.

  • Kathy Wingate

    06/14/2021 11:36 PM

    FYI,, Gov, Google has censored the videos at the link just above your link to make a statement.
    The Biden videos won't play...Thank you, Google.

  • Roger Stewart

    06/14/2021 07:21 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, all this evidence is well and good but to date it has gone nowhere. How can we rely on our justice system if people like the Biden’s just thumb their noses to the law and get away with it. As a proud conservative I am losing faith in our lawmakers. What can be done? Best Regards,
    Roger Stewart

  • Linda LuGene Williams

    06/14/2021 03:34 PM

    Our media is no different than what the Soviet Union had.

  • Alan Kent

    06/14/2021 10:35 AM

    Jill Biden is NOT a Ph.D. She is an Ed.D. (which is a watered down form of a "doctorate"

  • Nicholas E Brown

    06/13/2021 11:57 PM

    AOC is one step away from, "if we just didn't have any laws, no one would have to go to prison or be arrested! Prison overcrowding and police brutality problems solved!"

  • Samuel Clawser

    06/13/2021 11:51 PM

    True Americans should start a petition demanding an investigation of hunter/joe laptop coverup and publicize the full results for the American public to decide if joe should be impeached and President Trump be reinstated due to illegality of joe's status. Please respond to me.
    Thank you.
    GOD Bless <><

  • Judy Johnson

    06/13/2021 10:08 PM

    Why didn’t the Trump administration do more to the Hunter Biden story investigated when they had control of the senate?

  • Mike Cimino

    06/13/2021 10:05 PM

    Me. Huckabee, I’m an avid supporter of President Trump and you! I’m a retired cop who served 30 years in New Orleans and I thought politics was bad in Louisiana. I am totally disgusted with the mountains of evidence that has been exposed and no one is in handcuffs. If that evidence had been against you or me we would have been buried! I blame both parties because I’m beginning to believe they both are totally corrupt. Of course there are many exceptions but they are silenced and given little or no media time!
    Is justice dead? Does the guy in the white hat ever have a chance to win?
    Rant over! Keep spreading the truth!

  • cody u Watson

    06/13/2021 09:49 PM

    So what do we do about the Hunter-Biden laptop? What ever happened to Durham's supposed report. I heard General Flynn speak Friday night. He attributed prayers to his being able to come to Birmingham. He also mentioned the term "buyers' remorse" and that we are at a tipping point.