April 10, 2019

When Attorney General William Barr begins his examination of how the FBI “Trump/Russia” probe got started --- he said on Tuesday in testimony before Congress that he’ll be looking into that --- he’ll have a great jump-start: a deluge of information from others who have been doing groundwork for close to three years.

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One of the newest sources is a bit more obscure than the ones we’re already familiar with, as it’s just now coming to light. This arises from yet another FOIA case, this one involving numerous previously-unknown James Comey memos. It seems that, in an apparent attempt to cover his behind, Comey documented virtually everything the FBI was doing to investigate Donald Trump --- the meetings, the events, the conversations and much more.


If I understand correctly, we can thank DC Circuit Judge James E. Boasberg --- who is, interestingly, also a FISA judge and an Obama appointee --- for asking the FBI to file an opinion about releasing the Comey memos to the public. He was asking not just whether the memos could be released, but also whether the prior sealed FBI arguments in favor of withholding them could be released.


In a filing Monday night, David W. Archey, who was the lead FBI investigator for the Mueller special counsel, said that with the end of the Mueller investigation, the EXISTENCE of some of the Comey material may be acknowledged, but much of the memo CONTENT and background material from the FBI should remain under seal.


So who is David Archey? It says in this filing that he was selected by Robert Mueller in August of 2017, at the time the special counsel took over the investigation from FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok. He had worked as an FBI agent for about 17 years and was described by his colleagues as sort of a “utility man.”


When the Mueller investigation closed up shop, Archey was moved, becoming head of the field office in Richmond, Virginia.


There are two parts to the filing. “Exhibit A” supports a continuance of a prior court order to keep the Comey background material under seal.


“Exhibit B” is the meaty part: it includes the original argument from October of 2017 that supports keeping the Comey memos under seal. This is where we learn that Comey essentially documented the whole FBI investigation as he went along. The argument was that release of any part of the Comey memos could “adversely affect the entire Russia investigation.” Since Comey was a potential witness, the memos could be considered witness statements and therefore evidence in the special counsel probe.


(News flash: The special counsel probe is over now.)

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Apparently, Comey even made notes that revealed sources and methods, which, of course, are classified unless and until someone de-classifies them. Indeed, Archey argued that the memos discuss highly sensitive details such as the identities of witnesses, an investigative target, and even a confidential source, information that Comey had not revealed in testimony.


Since all of this information was likely contained in other FBI files pertaining to the “Russia” investigation, it seems probable that Comey was retaining it to cover himself if he ever needed to. Archey’s filing argues that if the extent of Comey’s note-taking were known, it might affect the testimony of other witnesses. Reading between the lines, it seems obvious that Comey WROTE EVERYTHING DOWN.

In the next section, it becomes even more obvious what Comey was writing down, and it’s all the stuff we’ve been wanting to know: who the FBI’s confidential sources where, exactly how they engaged with FISA warrants initiated by the FBI –- even details about foreign intelligence sources, including the specific foreign governments and officials were assisting the FBI (!). Archey made the case that such disclosure “could reasonably be expected to affect the United States’ relationship with those countries.”


I’m wondering: Could this be a reason why President Trump, after saying he was ready to declassify everything, pulled back? In addition to telling us what the FBI was doing, Comey’s memos might also confirm our general suspicions that officials in countries such as the UK and Australia (who who knows where else?) were helping the FBI (and the CIA).


In sum, in attempting to cover his own behind, James Comey may have inadvertently given us a finely-detailed picture of the inner machinations of the FBI and its collaborators as they attempted to take down Trump. This is contemporaneous documentary evidence that likely tells the entire story. The arguments in favor of keeping it under seal are part of the story as well. And now that Mueller has closed his investigation, those arguments no longer apply. LET’S SEE IT.

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So if Bill Barr is ready to conduct his own investigation into the origins of the FBI investigation into Trump “collusion” with Russia, he’s got plenty to go on, courtesy of Jim Comey. One thing he said in Tuesday’s hearing before the House Appropriations Committee made it very clear that he’s planning to do that: “I am reviewing the conduct of the investigation, and trying to get my arms around all the aspects of the counterintelligence investigation that was conducted during the summer of 2016.”


It’s highly unusual, perhaps even a first, for the attorney general to open an investigation while the inspector general is already conducting one. We knew the IG was preparing a report (Barr said in the hearing that it will probably be out in May or June), but also that he doesn’t have the power of the AG. He can’t indict, and he can’t compel anyone to testify who isn’t currently working in the government. Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Lynch, and many more are no longer government employees, having been very justifiably fired or otherwise retired from public service. Barr carries the full weight of U.S. law enforcement, and he can go much broader.


On Tuesday, Barr was treated shamefully, even abusively. Outside the hearing, Sen. Chuck Schumer flat-out accused him of being untrustworthy. Inside, Democrats accused him of lying about the Mueller report to make it seem less damaging to the President. (This was supposed to be a budgetary hearing; I would imagine Jerrold Nadler [Judiciary] and/or Adam Schiff [Intelligence] had met with committee members before the hearing and handed them prepared statements to read for the record that had nothing to do with appropriations. Barr has gone absolutely by the book in his dealings with the special counsel, only to be given grief about not taking ENOUGH time in formulating his conclusions and taking TOO MUCH time in releasing the report. Partisan critics will never be satisfied, and he knows it and doesn’t care. Steady as a rock, he’s just doing his job and doing it right.


In related news, when I wrote about Devin Nunes’ preparation of eight criminal referrals to send to Barr, the reaction I got most was “What, only eight?” Of course, I had quoted Nunes as saying there might be as many as two dozen before he’s through. North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows reiterated this in a tweet, saying there will be “more criminal referrals to come. And certainly more deserved. Overwhelming evidence shows multiple FBI + DOJ executives abused their power to undermine a duly elected President Trump. They will be held accountable.” We’re getting there.



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  • Rosalie Gilliland

    04/11/2019 04:49 PM

    The Democrats must be very distracted by fear and dread of possible consequences for their actions, because they are doing everything to ensure a bad outcome for themselves. Disrespecting the AG is not a good idea.

  • Kelvind Kao

    04/11/2019 12:46 PM

    Dear Mr Huckabee,
    I would be most greatful if you could pass this video to President Trump's attention. Very urgent vitally important. Thank you so much.
    Yours truly

  • Bella Gray

    04/11/2019 12:03 PM

    It came out long ago the UK and Australia were involved in the coup. Likely Trump would have not liked that known, but it was already out there.

  • Alan Doud

    04/11/2019 06:38 AM

    It appears we may be looking at treason and the very conspirators, like Haman, have built their own gallows. I think few people realize how dangerous this witch hunt really was and that punishment is essential to stop future attempts of internal overthrows of US government. I was a full ticket democrat and am appalled by what appears to be a democrat party attempt to completely control our government. Without checks and balances of at least two parties that would resemble a dictatorship.

  • Donna Yates

    04/10/2019 07:31 PM

    Let the chickens come home to roost. I believe President Trump having left the investigation go on like he did has only benefitted to show how many were/are involved in overthrowing our own president.

    It's unbelievable how the Democrat party has become unlawful, treasonous politicians. If JFK were still alive today he would be shocked. He also would NEVER have allowed Pelosi to be given the Profiles in Courage award. She and her cohorts in CA have done nothing to better the lives of their constituents. Many of the Democrat ran cities are laden in homelessness and the filth that goes with it.

    These city leaders do nothing to prevent or help deter homelessness. Not alone turning away companies offering new job growth opportunities.

    Democrat politicians care nothing about US citizens and only care about allowing illegal immigration giving them government funded programs to house and pay them to be here.

    I hope AG Barr finds more than enough proof to indict these people with treason. They should have their days in court and then off to prison.

  • Floyd Kimmel

    04/10/2019 06:03 PM

    Well, this Russia saga plays out like a mini TV series from fantasyland (AKA Hollywood), and it gets you really wondering just how
    long this has been going on probably longer than I have been around. And once again the Democrat's showed their true colors
    Muller investigating we must protect Muller's investigation must stop Trump from firing him and closing investigation. Muller's done
    didn't find anything we must find out what he investigated and really read that report. Trumps is truly guilty because of Nadler and
    Schiff saying so. Well now on to Barr.

  • Will Williams

    04/10/2019 06:01 PM

    This gut Comey sounds more like a Serial Killer than anything else.
    Like souvenirs kept after a kill, he writes down the things he believes will prop him up and tear others down .
    He must have been doing this for years and even decades. I have a feeling that if all of his "notes" were looked through
    many other crimes would surface that he had a hand in and that within he also named his fellow conspirators.

    I would actually look in his Basement and Back Yard for things buried there, not in writing, but in other evidentiary worth
    and ways.

  • Jerry Korba

    04/10/2019 04:48 PM

    Note to AG Barr Just like the deck of cards they used to label the war criminals Sadam Hussian as the ace of spades you should set up the same structure starting with our own Hussian Obama and working your way down. Brennan Comey Clapper etc. PLEASE do not forget our glorious queen Hillary I have not got over Bengayzi yet, 4 murders their should be no teflon applied to Holder Lynch as well. As for the two stooges Schiff and Nadler ignore them I do not want to disrespect the title they hold they have disrespected the title given to them from Soros sponsored Pelosi. Why would she appoint some one like Schiff to a chief I believe Schiff is protected by Soros otherwise he would stay in his mouse hole he knows the big cat Soros will protect him he is nothing without Soros. Well a bag of lies is all he is I will give him that. I have mentioned before give these misfits enough rope they will hang themselves although my patience was growing thin I now believe the rope is getting shorter and they are running out of rope get the gallows ready. If any libs read this that is code for prosecute the bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rodney burke

    04/10/2019 03:27 PM

    no, Jim Comey is NOT a smart man OR he thought none of this would EVER come out as Hilary would be elected. Speaking of cutting his own throat? When someone gets a hold of all he documented, it will be bad, really bad. We will have the whole sordid story and crimes up the wahzoo will come out. Comey is in this whole thing so deep he'll never dig out. Wow! thanks Jim.

    As for Nunes, throw the book at them, take the gloves off and start swinging. It is past time for some real accounting. The media has to learn the hard way that slander and libel against member of congress who are telling the truth, will NOT fly anymore. we are about to find out how big this house of cards is, who the players are and what they have done. It's gonna be a rough election for dems. Especially when the indictments come and arrests are made. Bring it on!

  • Robert McFate

    04/10/2019 02:32 PM

    I've noticed of late there are some who have began to call this what it is. I've been saying for quit some time that these act are treason because it was an attempted coup which under the definition of treason is clearly pointed out.

  • garry pollack

    04/10/2019 01:54 PM's okay for the UK or the Aussies to interfere in our elections...only not the russians...

  • Nina Lockard

    04/10/2019 01:23 PM

    You know, it hard to get (and keep) your hopes us. We have been disappointed for so long with this two-tier form of justice. If it all comes out, and people go to jail, I will be surprised. Of course, the main person I want to see in jail is Hillary!

  • Patti Berg

    04/10/2019 12:34 PM

    I love reading the Mike Huckabee newsletter but there is a big error in this article where it says: "Keep in mind, this filing actually dates from October of 2017; Comey was still FBI director, as he wasn’t fired till the following May." James Comey was fired May 9, 2017, not in 2018.

  • Gary Serio

    04/10/2019 12:00 PM

    I will be amazed if Democrats allow any information to surface which would portray them unfavorably. They have built a wall.