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January 25, 2024

The January 6 pipe bomb story continues to develop, like a photo in the darkroom that is slowly coming into full view.  Reporters at REVOLVER NEWS continue to sniff out problems with the narrative like bloodhounds, Julie Kelly contributes her own considerable January 6 knowledge, and Dan Bongino, with his background in the Secret Service and current law enforcement contacts, fills in some of the gaps.  We’ve been among the handful of media outlets that have (so far) been talking about it.  And today, there’s more. 

By way of someone he describes as “my buddy...a law enforcement contact,”  someone who “operated at the highest levels of law enforcement” and an expert in video security, Bongino has gained an understanding of how particular types of security cameras are used.  Recall that the wide shot of the “man with the backpack” informing the Capitol Police and Secret Service of the pipe bomb in front of the DNC headquarters suddenly pans and zooms in on the park bench where the pipe bomb is.  Bongino’s camera expert verifies that this means someone in the Secret Service or DC Metro has called the Joint Operations Center and alerted them to the location of the newly-discovered “device.”  The camera starts looking for it; this tells Bongino’s friend that this camera is a PTZ, short for “Pan-Tilt-Zoom.”  The significance:  Those cameras are installed only when they’re going to be manned 24 hours.

In other words, there always would’ve been someone training a camera on the area where the bomb was.  Someone would’ve seen the bomber walk into the area and place the bomb the night before the rally, if that’s what really happened.  And it would’ve been recorded for posterity on high-quality video.  Where IS that?

An additional guarantee would’ve been the fixed cameras that are always used in combination with the PTZ, to ensure they still get a wide shot even when the PTZ operator is panning and zooming.  The placement of that bomb would’ve been lovingly captured on video.  So why did the FBI show us a grainy, glitchy, old-fashioned (and apparently doctored) security camera tape that showed neither the act of placing the bomb nor the identity of the so-called bomber?

It seems likely that the two bombs weren’t placed when the FBI says they were.  The one in front of the DNC, especially, was in a spot where it could hardly avoid being noticed, if not by a passer-by then certainly by Secret Service agents who swept the area prior to Kamala’s arrival.  Agents would be fired if they missed a bomb during a sweep, so Bongino would “bet anything” that the bomb, which appears to have been a dummy, was placed after the sweep.  (As we’ve asked, if it was so obviously a dummy that agents let children walk right by it, why did police bring in the bomb-defusing robot?  Was that just for show?)

The other thing we can’t get past is the fact that Kamala Harris was at the DNC building that day instead of at the Capitol building, right at the time when she was scheduled to be certified as the first woman --- the first black woman, in fact --- to be Vice President of the United States.  One would think she’d have been surrounded with fawning media attention and glory that day, that cameras would’ve been following her the entire day, documenting the historic event.  But no, she suddenly just left at 11:25, before the riot started, to go to the DNC for some nonspecific meeting.  It makes no sense.

And the way this was ignored in the weeks and months afterwards makes no sense, either.  To recap, the new administration, even Kamala herself, hid the fact that the Vice President-elect had been at the DNC when the pipe bomb was found and had thus experienced a brush with death concocted by mysterious domestic terrorists.  Bongino played an interview clip of Kamala speaking of her whereabouts vaguely:  “I was at the Capitol that morning, and then I was, um, in a meeting, and I was told that I should leave, and then I was taken to a secure location.”

So, there was NO PARTICULAR REASON why she should leave?  Kamala completely left out the part about the pipe bomb and how close she happened to be to it at the time.  By omission, she implied that she was at the Capitol during the riot.

This is bizarre, too:  Even in a Tweet sent out by Kamala on January 6, just a few hours after this experience, she said nothing about it.  She mentioned only “the assault on the Capitol.”

Can you think of a legitimate explanation for the Democrats passing up an opportunity to tell the story of Kamala almost getting blown to smithereens by a pipe bomb no doubt left by a Trump-supporting domestic terrorist on January 6, perhaps in an assassination attempt?  We can’t, either.  Normally, they would go wild with that story.

Bongino discussed the outstanding Julie Kelly piece we linked to a couple of days ago about Kamala being MIA at the Capitol at the very time her election as Vice President was to be certified.  In case you didn’t see that, here it is…

Anyway, the pipe bomb story is just not holding up.  Here’s how this looks to Bongino:  “I think this was a plot.  Whose plot, I don’t know --- obviously someone who hates Donald Trump.  I think they were so afraid that some of the malfeasance in the election was going to be exposed by the January 6 certification process, in front of the entire country, that they needed a distraction, even if they had to create the distraction themselves.”

Knowing the Secret Service as he does, he sees no chance that they were in on this.  “Someone was trying to frame MAGA people to make it look like they were assassinating the Vice President,” he said.  “That has to be the reason she was there.  Nothing else makes sense.”

He believes what we’ve also suggested, that this was a back-up plan to interrupt the certification process in case the riot didn’t materialize (and they had ways of helping that along).  Once they had the riot they wanted --- again, we call ‘em as we see ‘em --- this other story could go away.  But the certification process had to be derailed somehow because concerns about the security of mass mail-in voting --- concerns that everyone knew were legitimate --- were going to be brought up to challenge the 2020 outcome.

He asks media people who are skeptical of this to “go debunk it” by asking Kamala what she was doing at the DNC that day.  (No one ever has!)  And ask the DC Metro Police about the PTZ camera that was obviously used and would have captured the bomber.

Bongino has “exactly zero doubts” that the pipe bomber deception is the biggest scandal in politics.  “I’ll bet you my career on it,” he said.  “I’ll bet you my entire livelihood on it...that they were trying to set someone up, and it broke bad.  It broke really bad.  And now they’re covering it up.”

Worse, he thinks they’re already working on a similar “Plan A-Plan B” strategy to mess with this year’s election, probably something violent they can blame “MAGA” for.  As we always say, don’t take the bait!

Here’s the full podcast, very powerful stuff.  His shredding of the pipe bomb story starts 16 minutes in.

And if you’re inclined to dismiss this because it’s not from an “official” source, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, who deserves thanks for getting the “pan-and-scan” pipe bomb video released, is all over this, too.


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  • JanC

    01/25/2024 01:45 PM

    I have said all along that this was a set-up to prevent the certification process from going forward. When one is confused about truth, one merely has to ask, "Who benefited?" One will find an answer.

    Good for Massie! But I still don't like him.

    Thank you, Dan Bongino!!!