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April 18, 2021

With President Biden wreaking havoc by reversing all of Trump’s pro-American executive orders, Republican Rep. Ashley Hinson of Iowa (Huck PAC-endorsed and newly elected by the way) has introduced a bill to make five of Trump’s executive orders permanent, to protect American businesses from ruinous regulations.

I appreciate the sentiment, but it’s a little too late. The time to have codified pro-American executive orders into permanent legislation was during the first two years of Trump’s term when Republicans held the White House and both Houses of Congress. Instead, we had never-Trump Republicans blocking issues they had claimed for years to support, because Trump was proposing them. They frittered away their opportunity, and now, Biden is erasing Trump’s legacy, just as Trump erased Obama’s

Let’s all hope that Republicans take power again (very soon), and that they will have learned their lesson, knock off the in-fighting, come together and permanently erase the legacy of leftist lunacy that Biden is leaving.

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  • Jeannette Mospaw

    04/19/2021 02:44 PM

    How can you make something permanent that Biden has already done away with with his executive orders? There was so much that could have and SHOULD have been done during the last 4 years. I don't think the rhinos will get it until everything is taken away!


    04/19/2021 12:34 PM

    You're exactly roght. Maybe this time around we can get some republicans wit some backbone. Bigist bunch of do nothing people I ever saw. I think they were in cahoots with the Dems


  • Audrey LaRue

    04/18/2021 11:37 PM

    I hope you are successful.