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Today's Commentary --- Gregg Jarrett speaks with startling clarity about DOJ scandal -- ICYMI:  The gender-neutral party -- Remembering John McCain -- Forgetting history -- The Second Fleet returns -- Exccellent article -- Evening Edition - Daily Verse


My thanks to FOX News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett for appearing with me on “Huckabee” on TBN this past weekend. In his bestselling book “THE RUSSIA HOAX: The Illicit Scheme To Clear Hillary Clinton And Frame Donald Trump” and in personal interviews, he has an almost startlingly clear way of pointing out what’s going on with Lady Justice’s blindfold these days, as President Trump stands accused of so-called “crimes” that are actually non-crimes and President wannabe Hillary Clinton is excused for “non-crimes” that are actually crimes. There has never been anything like this in my lifetime.

I’ll tell you who needs to read the book most of all: anyone who provides commentary on CNN, MSNBC or any one of numerous other news outlets that used to be worthy of at least a little respect. They should be ashamed of themselves for committing journalistic fraud in their so-called coverage of these investigations.

On Sunday with Maria Bartiromo, Jarrett expounded on one of the main reasons justice got turned on its head: the odd job performance of Attorney General Jeff Sessions ever since his first day at the DOJ. It started before then, actually, because it’s still a mystery why he took the job in the first place when he decided on DAY ONE that he would recuse himself. I doubt that many of us were aware of this, but according to Jarrett, Sessions “told the Senate Intelligence Committee that he began his recusal his first day in office.” Sessions betrayed the President from the outset, Jarrett said, because he concealed the fact that he was going to recuse himself from all things related to Russia and the campaign. (I would add that the President failed to anticipate the potential problem with appointing someone who’d been involved with the campaign, but even so, Sessions should have brought it up with him before taking the job.)



Mike Huckabee


ICYMI: The gender-neutral party

By Mike Huckabee

At their summer meeting in Chicago, the Democratic National Committee passed a rule requiring “gender-neutral” language and for all committees to have equal numbers of men and women.  Personally, I am OUTRAGED to hear that these so-called enlightened liberals think gender is “binary!” Do they not realize that there are, at current count, at least 57 genders, all of which much be represented equally?  That means each DNC committee must consist of at least 57 persons or self-identifying non-persons.  And if any committee has two heterosexual males or females, then the committee membership must be doubled to 114, to insure equal representation for all genders.

Remember: before you vote for Democrats in November, this is the kind of politicized micro-management they want to impose on the government and society at large.  That’s why, if you think of our economy as a fast-accelerating train, you should think of pulling the lever for Democrats as being the equivalent of pulling the brake cord.


Remembering John McCain

By Mike Huckabee

As you surely know from the weekend filled with tributes, Sen. John McCain passed away Saturday night at 81, just one day after his family announced that he had stopped receiving treatments for brain cancer. 

Since we ran against each other in the 2008 GOP Presidential primary, and I campaigned for and with him after he won the nomination, media outlets asked me for my thoughts and memories.  Of course, he was a courageous warrior who sacrificed much for his country. But he was also a throwback to a time when people could be political opponents and disagree sharply on issues, but still not be enemies. He beat me fair and square, and then we joined forces and never once had a cross word.  He was an incredibly gracious and grateful person, and he put what he believed to be what was best for America above all else.   

I spoke about my experiences with Sen. McCain with Fox News, and this link will take you to that video.  I also want to express my deepest sympathy and prayers to his wife Cindy, his daughter Meghan and all the rest of his family and friends.


Forgetting history

By Mike Huckabee

The latest desperate attempt from Democrats to prevent Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court is to claim that judicial nominees should not be confirmed as long as the President is under investigation.  Two problems with that:

1.  As we now know, Donald Trump has been “under investigation” continuously since before he was even elected, in an undefined, unlimited, based-on-phony-evidence probe that will apparently keep going unto infinity, peeking under every rock and pebble to find a crime, any crime, to justify the investigation. By that standard, no President would ever be able to do anything, which I’m sure was the point, but it has no Constitutional basis.  

2.  The Democrats seem to forget that the Senate confirmed two of Bill Clinton’s SCOTUS picks while he was under investigation for actual crimes and under subpoena.  Even though Republicans disagreed with the liberal views of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Steven Breyer, both votes were hugely lopsided: 96-3 and 87-9, respectively.  Senate Republicans respected that Presidents have the power to nominate Justices and that elections have consequences.  Unfortunately, for most of today’s Democrats, the only consequences the last election held were that it cost them their sanity.


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The Second Fleet returns

By Mike Huckabee

I’ve started to lose count of all the ways that President Trump has stood up to Russia (it’s hard to think of them all with Democrats, pundits and celebrities constantly screaming “Russian collusion!” and “Putin puppet!” in our ears), but I’d say this might be the strongest smackdown of all: Trump has reactivated the Navy’s Second Fleet.  It was established after World War II to keep Moscow in check and deactivated by President Barack (“Reset button/more flexibility after my reelection/here, take 20% of our uranium”) Obama.

After its deactivation, Russia turned more aggressive, invading eastern Ukraine and ramping up its naval activity in the Arctic and north Atlantic. The Trump Administration is not only reactivating the Second Fleet, but click this link to read the incredible resume of the man named to command it, Vice Adm. Andrew “Woody” Lewis, and what he has to say about its mission. It looks as if the days of allowing our military to be directed by poll-taking desk jockeys and liberal academics who’ve never seen battle are thankfully over.


Excellent article

By Mike Huckabee

Excellent article about last week’s media mental derailment over the Manafort and Cohen stories spelling the end at last for that wascally wabbit Trump, and how it proves they never really cared about Russian collusion, they’re just looking for anything, no matter how trivial or peripheral, to tar Trump.  When I saw the tweets from liberal celebrities demanding Trump’s impeachment following the Manafort verdict, in which he was convicted on eight counts of tax-related infractions that even one juror admitted should have been handled with a simple tax audit, I wanted to ask them this question:

“If someone who briefly worked for you were convicted of an unrelated crime that took place years before you knew him, should you be fired from your TV series/record contract/Broadway show?"

Since show business is one of the few industries with even sleazier hangers-on than politics, I have a feeling that would eliminate an awful lot of entertainment.


Evening Edition - August 24

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse

"Cause me to hear thy lovingkindness in the morning; 
for in thee do I trust: 
cause me to know the way wherein I should walk;
for I lift up my soul unto thee"

- Psalm 143:8

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  • VIctoria Campbell

    08/28/2018 07:18 PM

    Go to Mark Levin FB page. Let's help Lt General Micheal Finns legal defense fund. Help him out if you can. A lot of us are donating. We need to stand up for him

  • Michael Ratcliff

    08/27/2018 10:00 AM

    Always enjoy your column
    Just finished Judge Jeanine's book Liars,Leakers and Liberals. Wow, that's a lot of corruption going on. We are with you, Jeff Sessions needs to
    turn in his resignation or be fired. Looking forward to Greg Jarrett's book.
    God Bless, keep it coming.