July 21, 2021

On Tuesday, at the request of one of our readers, we expanded on the testimony given in June by Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in which he --- just like the DNC, coincidentally --- blamed the breach at the Capitol on January 6 on Trump supporters’ “white rage” and anti-constitutionalism.

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Tuesday evening on TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT, Tucker included a segment on something we’d discussed in our commentary, the focused military indoctrination currently going on within the ranks. “Biden has gone much farther than any other President,” he said, “to politicize every federal agency, and that includes, terrifyingly, the military.”

The Defense Department has been ordered to direct its attention at American citizens, including our own military, as Biden’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin states outright that some of our enemies “lie within our own ranks.”

The contractor with whom the Defense Department is working to stamp out these domestic “white supremacist” enemies is called Moonshot CVE (“Countering Violent Extremism”), a contractor based out of London. If you would like to read in great detail about how they operate, here is a long article, for when you have time. Warning: it might keep you awake at night.

The folks at Moonshot are the ones who have been looking into the online history of American soldiers to ferret out “extremist” views. So, what exactly are those extremist views?

Tucker reported what we had said, that they searched for phrases such “the truth about Black Lives Matter.” “If you wanted to know the truth about Black Lives Matter, you were, by definition, a white supremacist, and an enemy of the United States,” he observed.

You see, no one is even supposed to ASK about BLM. Yesterday, we dared suggest that it deserves the same scrutiny as any other organization, which, I suppose, makes us –- at least to Moonshot CVE and the new leaders of the U.S. military –- incorrigible, detestable, deplorable RACISTS.

“The outcome is contrived,” said Tucker’s guest, radio host Vince Coglianese. The only reason they’d include a question such as that would be to rig the outcome of a study, he said.

Moonshot CVE, he said, showed us what they’re about when they released a study in June about white supremacy in the United States, as determined by search trends. In that study, they happen to have included that same phrase, “the truth about Black Lives Matter.” This is something that anyone, of any skin color or political persuasion, might be searching for, for a variety of reasons.

In fact, my own researchers, given that they look high and low for information on just about any topic you could think of –- from any perspective that might possibly be weighing in –- would be very likely to search a phrase such as this. If they had, would that make them white supremacists?

No. Just no.

It would make them...inquisitive, curious, interested. Anybody looking at the varied online search history of my researchers would be mystified as to their personal political proclivities. But if Moonshot wanted to take some searched-for phrase out of context and tar them falsely with extremist beliefs, they certainly could. And so they could with our soldiers.

In fact, when one of us did a search on “white supremacy u.s. military,” this is the first article that came up. We include a link to it for illustrative purposes only; the article itself is a big steaming load of leftist propaganda about how the U.S. military is full of white nationalist extremists. It says that white supremacism in the military is “a problem that threatens both to compromise the integrity of the military and endanger the society it purports to defend.” Feel free to be as offended as we are by this statement, especially if you are in the military or have loved ones who are. If soldiers hate anything, it might be the attempt --- by those they are sworn to defend --- to paint them as racists and domestic terrorists.

This is far from the only article of this type, either, as we checked out articles in THE NEW YORK TIMES and VANITY FAIR. We’ll spare you --- you would thank us, believe me.

We prefer this take on the subject from THE DAILY CALLER NEWS FOUNDATION.

As Coglianese suggested on Tucker’s show, doing an online search for such a phrase might even mean you’re a member of Black Lives Matter yourself, trying to find out where on earth $90 million that was raised by the national organization disappeared to. Does that make you a white supremacist? No, it makes you fiscally responsible.

Maybe you’re just wondering about the ideological beliefs supporting BLM, after hearing one of its leaders speak of being a “trained Marxist" or others among its leadership express support not for the Cuban people but for the Communists trying to keep them in their place. In other words, it likely has nothing to do with race at all.

Coglianiese said he’s never seen anything like the current politicization of the military and says it’s “completely out of control.” Asking questions = extremism. Free inquiry = extremism. “It’s getting worse,” he said.

In order to further the left’s narrative about white supremacy in America, they have spread it worldwide, with the Biden administration, through Secretary of State Antony Blinken, even saying it wants the United Nations Human Rights Council to get involved in investigating our country’s “systemic racism.” In case you weren’t aware, some of the new members of the Human Rights Council are (get ready) China, Russia, Pakistan, Senegal, Malawi and Cote d’Ivoire (the Ivory Coast). Does this strike you as a little...infuriating? The fact that China and Russia are even ON the Human Rights Council makes no sense, let alone that they, to the delight of the left, are being put in the position of judging our country. And our current leaders actually want that.

Our country should be the bastion of freedom right now. We should be welcoming those who risk their lives to escape Cuba, as they would be political prisoners if they returned. We should have a well-functioning legal immigration system with rules that everyone understands and respects. We should be pressuring China to stop their blatant human rights violations, their enslavement and persecution of religious minorities. We should be known as the nation with a military that fights to preserve freedom for all, regardless of skin color (which is what they DO). In other words, we should be that shining city on a hill. And we could be, if only…


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Comments 11-19 of 19

  • Pam Riggins

    07/22/2021 07:50 AM

    First let me thank you for all that you do and explain to the rest of us struggling to find the truth. What do we do? That is my daily question. As a single retired woman, who grew up in a fabulous era of freedom, I am at a loss. It seems like all that gets done is a lot of talk. I pray daily for God to show us how to get rid of the evil, but is seems to be spreading everywhere and it is alarming to find all this erroneous thinking in our own military who is in charge of keeping us safe. How is it that we continue on with a puppet and mentally unstable President? It makes no sense that the previous President fought impeachment twice while still carrying forward with his Constitutional duties and this one just eats ice cream and undoes good things already set in place, from the wall to the police? I love the song, Am I the Only One? because we know we are many. How do the walls of Jericho come down, and why won't my iPad allow me to capitalize Jericho?......yes, I am about ready to throw anything Apple in the trash, but I need to read your emails and hear your voice.

  • Helen M. Bohm

    07/22/2021 07:29 AM

    I am terrified at what is becoming to all areas of our Country and especially now even our Military. I feel helpless to make a change. Our Country truly is being dragged down from "within". Our President is a Puppet. Most of all I am afraid now that even our votes will be taken from us....and I do feel they were taken from us this last election!!!! Thanks for listening. I pray.

  • R Reedy

    07/22/2021 12:02 AM

    Julie Kelly has interesting comments and comparisons about intrusion events in

  • william appelt

    07/21/2021 09:54 PM

    This sickness has to be stopped!
    This is further proof that the election was rigged and only evil forces want this to happen.
    It goes way beyond the pale(called it racist! if you want) that we appear to have NO control on a conveyer belt to destruction and nobody can stop it!
    I served my four years in the US Navy, including receiving combat pay while aboard the ship that sailed up the middle of the Gulf of Tonkin in 1972. Stayed aboard the same ship, survived 3 West Pac cruises which were mostly peace time endeavors. We did encounter some racism when something stirred up on board ships. Not a good time for the tension. One aircraft carrier even had a riot(no where to go at sea)!
    Having enlisted, instead of being drafted, still was miserable due to everyone waiting to be a "short timer" and get out.
    Sorry about rambling but this white supremacy is just horrible on any level of our society and nothing good can come from it. Our kids will need the parents to rescue them from schools but what about the adults?
    Big money, name the source, is behind this and Congress knows full well how to benefit. But as communism works, they benefit for a little while and then become a victim eventually, it happened in the French Revolution...
    Wish we knew how this will pan out.... God knows!

  • Rene Venuto

    07/21/2021 07:57 PM

    Thanks Governor for all the information I really love the way you explain the whole situation,great work as always.

  • Scott Pickens

    07/21/2021 07:34 PM

    Three words that come to mind are disgusting, disappointing, and frustrating. Besides voting and actively supporting candidates at all levels that loudly reject this nonsense, what are other actions we can take as American citizens and veterans who risked our lives so these idiots could spout this treasonous drivel?

  • Carol Ann Smith

    07/21/2021 06:10 PM

    HUCKABY, you are hilarious!! I love this news letter. Truth and Jokes (other than our present administration) go well together. Keep it up!! Please!!

  • charles e reasoner

    07/21/2021 05:00 PM

    So Moonshot is a British company looking for US extremists? Didn't they do that
    same thing a couple of hundred years ago?

  • dave allen

    07/21/2021 10:53 AM

    so a dishonorable discharge from the current US military that dishonors everything this country stands for....would in reality be a very honorable discharge...