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March 3, 2023

I’m sorry to have to report that Isaiah Washington, a terrific actor and outspoken black conservative, announced that he is retiring from acting. He says his current Western series “Corsicana” that he directs and stars in will be his final project on screen. And it’s the leftist politics of Hollywood that convinced him to hang it up.

He said that after 12 years of fighting the good fight on Twitter, he’s tired and feels the “haters, provocateurs and the Useful Idiots” have won. “I’m no longer interested in the back and forth regarding a ‘color construct’ that keeps us human beings divided nor am I interested in politics or anything vitriolic. I will be traveling this great country before it falls into Socialism and then Communism.” From now on, he says his only public appearances will be posting pictures of his “retirement shenanigans.”

I certainly wish him all the best, and I can readily understand why anyone with his head on straight might want to get out of Hollywood for good. But I hate to see him go, not only because he is such a terrific actor and positive force, but because America desperately needs more conservatives in the arts and entertainment fields.

The unbridled woke leftism of Hollywood not only is poisoning the culture at large, it’s also ruining entertainment. Hollywood used to serve the entire audience because they wanted their products to make money. These days, they seem content with losing billions of dollars putting out flop after flop, as long as it pushes the woke agenda. Latest case in point…

Meanwhile, indie artists in movies and music are having growing success at serving audiences that are starved for entertainment that either has a more conservative or Christian viewpoint, or that’s neutral in viewpoint but is just fun to watch or listen to. I hope Isaiah Washington considers putting his talent to use there before packing it all in. He could yet get the last laugh on the liberal cry-bullies of Hollywood.

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  • Ed Thompson

    03/07/2023 03:56 PM

    Not only is Hollywood digging a hole for itself in the garbage they call movies these days but the latest batch of remakes of popular series from years ago have been turned into political announcements and agenda pieces that have made watching these shows uncomfortable at best and unappealing for viewers who remember the original ones. Night Court used to be funny now it’s just a commercial for the View and woke social issues pushed on the viewer. “Ghosts” is already starting to fall “victim” with its characters spouting platitudes about social justice issues etc and so on. It’s like everything that seems interesting and innocent of political correctness bias eventually becomes a platform for the characters to espouse on what passes for intelligence these days among a group of individuals who have an agenda to push on everyone else. I am so glad that there are still repeats of shows from the past years to watch and enjoy without fear that there will be a subliminal message to feel ashamed of being religious or straight or someone who enjoys eating meat and hunting without being lectured from an actor about using my truck or burning my fireplace or using a paper straw for gosh sakes. Let them all go bankrupt and let someone who doesn’t have a political agenda make shows and movies that actually entertain without pushing their own views on everyone else.

  • Shauna dickerson

    03/06/2023 12:55 PM

    I appreciated Isaiah Washington's work as an actor. He did Dr. Burke in Grey's Anatomy to perfection!! When I saw him in an interview a few years ago as he talked with common sense and Real Class about the political climate our country was sinking into with Pelosi in her haggling over Trump and his agenda, that was when I knew why I liked him. His "class" outshone his Dr. character on Grey's. I support him in his decisions because he was a forever example. Have fun Mr. Washington.

  • Robert Martynowski

    03/06/2023 12:53 PM

    I can understand Mr. Washington's battle fatigue and wanting to live his life peacefully without the attacks. I just wonder how much support he has received from our side or as he felt alone in fighting the good fight.

  • stephen russell

    03/06/2023 11:11 AM

    Can set up his own Production Co in other state?
    Link to Hallmark?
    Go Indie

  • Robert Holstein

    03/06/2023 09:35 AM

    Suggest you start pushing The Chosen. I've watched the first 2 years episodes; they are very uplifting and positive shows about the life of Jesus.

  • Marilyn Crowley

    03/06/2023 09:02 AM

    He will truly be missed.

  • Marilyn Crowley

    03/06/2023 08:59 AM

    He will truly be missed.

  • Gayle Hamilton

    03/06/2023 05:52 AM

    Sorry to say I've seen this coming for years and it's been years since I and my husband have gone to the movies. We don't watch a lot on TV also. I spend my day mostly watching Gunsmoke (I'm surprised they haven't taken it off the air.) It is terrifying to think what is to come if we, as Christians, don't stand up for our beliefs.

    I'm guilty, in the past, voting for some bad people. I was just young and didn't know any better. Now I feel like each time I vote it really doesn't matter because of all the cheating. I know what they say on TV but I saw two videos on my local station showing a lady stack and run that same stack of ballots threw twice. They were playing this video over and over again until January 6. After the sixth we never saw that video again. I know cheating was going on and it breaks my heart.

    My dad served in WWII, my uncle was a POW during WWII and my son and nephew served for eight and a half years for this once great country. My dad and uncle would be so heart broken at what this country looks like now. Even the Bible says, "Obey the laws of your land."

    I'm glad that when I grew up and went to grammar school we stood each morning, said the Pledge of Allegiance, said The Lord's Prayer, and our teacher read from the Bible before we began our school day. That, along with my parent's raising helped me to become a person that cares and still loves the United States of America. I hate to think, when all of us baby boomers are gone, what is going to happen - I think I will be better off not knowing!

    I was encouraged when your daughter, Sarah won her election! It gave me some hope for our future and the future of our children. I wish to live long enough to see Sarah as our President - what a wonderful world this would be! We need more people, with common sense, to run and get elected.

    May God continue to Bless you and your family and I pray that God will continue to Bless The USA.

  • Jerry D Brown

    03/06/2023 04:21 AM

    Where is the Bible verse of the day???

  • Karla Kennedy

    03/05/2023 09:55 PM

    I agree, it is a shame that we are losing a Very Good actor!

    One of the problems, as I see it, is that as long as billionaires help subsidize the loses to/of the "entertainment businesses" in the spread of ruining our Country, they will continue the agenda of division; whether it is race, economy, sex, religion, politics, etc as long as it divides and increases hate.

    I love this Country and pray that we can & will see through the junk of their fake concern for us. They only care about their agenda and the tearing down of this Country.