October 8, 2017

This strange new practice of treating snarky, leftwing late night comedians not only as public policy experts but also as the “conscience of the nation” got exposed as the folly it is by the revelation of powerful Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s alleged decades-long run of disgusting sexual harassment of female actors, subordinates and even, reportedly, reporters. The late night hosts assumed the worst of non-liberal public figures such as Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump, gleefully ripping them as chauvinist pigs night after night. Yet when it came to Weinstein, you could practically hear the crickets chirping from their writers’ rooms.

Are they just afraid to say anything critical of him, the way much of Hollywood obviously was for over 20 years, joining in a conspiracy of silence against his alleged female victims? Or is this, as Camille Paglia recently noted, just part of the feminist leadership’s sellout to the Democratic Party, which started with excusing Bill Clinton for accusations that they would have gone ballistic over if they’d been leveled at a Republican? Weinstein is a major supporter/fundraiser for Democrats and big pal of the Clintons and Obamas – their advisers reportedly helped draft his public statement on the accusations, he visited the Obama White House 13 times, and Malia Obama even interned for him (which is now a creepy and disturbing thought.)

So much for Hollywood “speaking truth to power!” Save your self-congratulations for your countless awards shows, at least until you can muster the cajones to speak truth to the powers that run your own studios.



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  • Michael Nestor

    10/08/2017 09:45 PM

    Keep it up Mike! You are always right on point, and express the truth in a wonderful and unique way! I am sorry that this truth had to be about a sexual deviant, predator,evil,creature. liberalism brings out all of these qualities in some beings on this planet. I can only pray that the Lord God Almighty intervenes soon, and puts this planet back on track. #inGodwetrust #GodblessAmerica. Can't wait for the second episode of Huckabee this Saturday evening!!!!!!

  • Nancy Carolan

    10/08/2017 12:48 PM

    While I'm not a fan of making jokes about this kind of stuff, it doesn't seem fair that the jokes are always one sided .