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February 9, 2023

Corporate media have done an excellent job of censoring and dismissing the Project Veritas undercover video of an allegedly Pfizer executive admitting that the company is mutating the COVID virus, it’s not under strict regulations because people leave the FDA to work at Pfizer, and that he’s worried about what the mRNA vaccine may be doing to women’s fertility. Even with tens of millions of views online, most media outlets have brought down the Cone of Silence, and other outlets have attempted to debunk the video, even though it appears to be the unedited comments of Pfizer's own employee. 

Now, the latest development: Pfizer put out an internal memo to its employees, warning them to beware of revealing any confidential company info to strangers, acquaintances or even friends or family members.

A few interesting points:

The memo does not specifically refute the allegations in the first video, and it seems to confirm that the person in it works for Pfizer (“We are aware of and managing a recent report where one of our colleagues was baited into conversation…”)

Without naming Project Veritas, it refers to them in the most derogatory terms, as “anti-science activists” who “manipulate information, fueling the spread of baseless claims and endangering public health.” Why am I reminded of Dr. Fauci claiming that anyone who questioned him was attacking science? Some might say they are “actual journalists” who “exposed information that should cause serious concerns about public health.” That's what they called it back when shows like "60 Minutes" practiced actual journalism.  

Most hilarious of all: The memo warning employees not to leak any information to groups like Project Veritas was leaked to Project Veritas, which promptly released it to the public. Are they now going to claim that PV misleadingly edited the memo? Somehow, the fact that a giant pharmaceutical company has that much trouble silencing its own employees makes me feel safer.

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  • Dee M.

    02/09/2023 02:16 PM

    Now PV has put James O'Keefe on leave and will decide his future. I suspect the Pfizer goons got to them. If they let him go PV will be singing their swan song.