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May 22, 2023

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  • Charles white

    05/23/2023 10:01 AM

    You talk about but they are arrested or charged. Clinton. Biden Obama. FBI leaders. Etc
    They get away with this. Someone needs to stand and get the info out to the public. I am a Marine and are upset with all of this

  • Priscilla Zimmerman

    05/22/2023 06:36 PM

    Where do we go from here?
    I appreciate you Mike Huckabee.
    Thanks for your patriotic support.

  • Paul Pompar

    05/22/2023 05:26 PM

    When Is anybody in the media going to show the faces of the mothers and fathers of the victims of drugs pouring in through the southern border ? Not to mention the obvious possiblility that the first family is on the take from the Cartel who benefits to the tune of how many billion a month ? I frankly think at least half of the people we think we trust in Congress and the media show a sever lack of reporting initiative. Remember Vietnam and the 25 minutes each night talking about nothing but the war and carnage ? Duh !

  • Paul Pompar

    05/22/2023 05:03 PM

    Well said. But until 50 million or so patriots realize that this travesty wrought by the media, the swamp, and corporate CEO's is actually far worse than the events of 9-11 ever was, and not merely a threat to America, but the actual hallmark of America's total demise with no surviving vestiges of the Founders original intent or freedoms. Sadly there IS nothing resembling the spirit which made this country great to be found anywhere . It is quite possible that the citizenry at large has already surrendered without nary a single meaningful "shot" (figurative speech, you DC swamp hounds ) in Lady Liberty's defense. Please be sure I am not advocating nor implying violence of any kind.

  • Rick Scoggins

    05/22/2023 03:00 PM

    Why would Durham not use the evidence gathered in his investigation to indict & charge those identified for wrong doing in his report?

    Isn’t that what the investigation was for?

  • Paul Kern

    05/22/2023 01:19 PM

    It is a time to truly get righteously angry. Too many church goers still in hiding.