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November 12, 2023



Blessings on you and your family from all the Huckabee team! 

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8 It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

Psalm 118:8


Friday, Moody’s Investors Service kept the US government’s credit rating at AAA, saying they expect the US to “retain its exceptional economic strength” for the near future. But Moody’s lowered its ratings outlook for the US from stable to negative. They cited rising risks to the nation’s financial stability, including high interest rates and no effective policies to reduce deficits or increase revenues.

The Biden White House denied Moody’s findings, claiming the economy is doing great, and Biden spokeswoman Katrine Jean-Pierre blamed Moody’s negative outlook on the economy on “Congressional Republican extremism.” You know, the only people in Washington who are actually trying to reduce deficits.

Hey, totally unrelated to all that, I’m sure, is the news that, thanks to high interest rates and out-of-control spending, the interest alone on the national debt will top $1 trillion this year for the first time in history.

“Huckabee” Preview

Join me tonight for a brand-new episode of “Huckabee” on TBN! Former Trump aide Peter Navarro will reveal how he was swept up and arrested in the unprecedented lawfare war aimed at Trump and his associates. I also have lots of great entertainment for you. Actress Leigh-Allyn Baker will give us a sneak peek at her funny and inspiring new Christmas film. We’ll visit “Our Kind of Town” and enjoy the ventriloquism and magic of the amazing Brynn Cummings. We’ll top it all with a salute to our veterans by the best finger-picking guitarist in Nashville (or anywhere else), the incredible Doyle Dykes.

It all starts tonight at 9 EST/8 CST on TBN. To find out how to watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on “Channel Finder” on the top menu. You can stream previous episodes, highlights and online-only “Digital Exclusives,” including extended interviews, “In Case You Missed It” and “Facts of the Matter” segments, plus extra performances by our great musical and comedy guests and links to all their sites, at You can also find past shows, highlights and digital exclusives on YouTube and my Facebook page.

FBI seizes NYC Mayor’s electronic devices

In a stunning turn of events, the FBI ordered New York Major Eric Adams’ security to stand aside at a public event as they entered Adams' SUV, presented him with a warrant and seized his electronic devices. It’s reportedly part of an investigation into his 2021 campaign. Seven people who fundraised for Adams have already been indicted on various counts. This, along with the generally terrible state of New York City, is sparking calls for Adams to resign.

On the other hand, this aggressive action, along with leaks about the case to the press, are also fueling speculation that this could be more weaponized lawfare by the corrupt Biden FBI against a political enemy. Adams is a fellow Democrat, but he’s also dared to slam Biden for the open border that’s unleashed a flood of illegal aliens into the Big Apple.

Before anyone accuses us of spreading “conspiracy theories,” let me make it clear that I’m not accusing the FBI, I’m just reporting that a lot of people are voicing these suspicions. Personally, I wish that the FBI still had such a sterling reputation for being impartial and incorruptible as to make such speculation absurd. The fact that it no longer does, and that it’s so easy to question its motives, is a result of FBI leadership destroying the agency’s reputation. Don't blame the messenger; they did that all by themselves.


Strike three

After Tuesday’s electoral disaster for Republicans, the latest in a string of losses despite the Democrats being truly horrible at running anything, RNC chair Ronna McDaniel is facing angry calls to resign from a number of prominent Republicans. She was nearly ousted before, but Trump’s backing saved her, so now there are calls for Trump to use his experience at saying, “You’re fired.” So far, McDaniel is refusing to resign. She dismissed her critics as a “divisive Twitter mob” and denies blame for the losses. But her critics accuse her of spending RNC funds as if they were her own instead of spending to turn out voters in key races.

One of the worst losses came in Virginia, where Republicans hoped to win the Senate and not only failed, they also lost their Assembly majority. It’s now the center of a mystery: McDaniel claimed the RNC didn’t get involved there at Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s request, even though the Democrats outspent Republicans by $8 million. But Virginia state GOP chair Rich Anderson claims he asked McDaniel for funds weeks before the election and was denied. If the Republicans had turned out just a couple thousand more votes, they would’ve won.

As John Haughey at the Epoch Times points out, since Trump appointed her in 2017, her salary has tripled while the GOP “lost the House in 2018, the presidency in 2020, the Senate in 2022, and everywhere but Mississippi and Louisiana in 2023’s limited slate of off-year elections.” I don’t know the truth about this particular “he said/she said” mystery. But I do know that even the highest-paid baseball player only gets three strikes before he's out.

Texas Archbishop is removed

Pope Francis has abruptly removed Texas Archbishop Joseph Strickland from his duties in the archdiocese of Tyler for, as far as I can tell, committing the sin of being an actual Catholic.

Veterans day is for promoting Veterans

Sounds as if this Washington State elementary school’s officials could use a reminder of how important Veterans’ Day is, and that it’s far more important to honor our veterans than to promote UN propaganda and DEI doubletalk.

Here is today’s page of continually updated news on the war in Israel from Fox News…

The IDF reported this morning that since the offensive in Gaza began, they’ve targeted more than 15,000 terrorist targets and destroyed or confiscated over 6,000 weapons, including firearms, rockets, anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft missiles and explosive devices. I would add that all of these dangerous devices were being hidden in close proximity to Palestinian civilians, but it’s supposedly Israel that doesn’t care about the safety of the Palestinians.  

Here in America, the Biden White House announced that Israel had agreed to a daily, four-hour “humanitarian pause” in its Gaza offensive, a claim that Israel quickly denied. The IDF said they will have “tactical pauses,” limited in time and area, to allow aid delivery to civilians and to let civilians evacuate, but not a daily, four-hour ceasefire, during which Hamas would no doubt regroup.

Leftist elites continue to show their true colors, with a Jewish student building at Boston University being defaced with pro-Palestinian graffiti, and the Washington Post retracting an editorial cartoon that accurately depicted a Hamas spokesman accusing Israel of attacking civilians while shielding himself with a woman and some children tied all over his body. This reportedly caused an “internal uproar” among some staffers and readers, resulting in the opinion editor deleting it and issuing a groveling apology for not realizing it would be “divisive.”

FYI: If you find it “divisive” to speak the irrefutable truth that Hamas are a bunch of terrorists who use civilians as human shields, then you must have a lot of staffers and readers who are divided from reality.

“Beneath contempt”

The shocking anti-Semitism and anti-Israel hatred that’s become apparent on the left is red-pilling a number of Jewish liberals, among them Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz. After listening to former President Barack Obama's moral equivalence/we-are-all-complicit horse manure and his use of the Hamas buzzword “occupation,” Dershowitz has had it.

He called Obama’s equating of Israel and Hamas “despicable” and “beneath contempt,” adding, “Whatever respect I had for you, I have absolutely lost.” He said he believes Obama "has always had a deep hatred of Israel in his heart. He hid it very well." (That's the one thing I'd disagree with him on.) There’s more at the link, and I recommend you read it. His reaction to Obama’s outrageous comments shouldn’t come as a surprise if you saw my recent interview with him on “Huckabee,” which I also highly recommend:

“We are all Jews here”

October 7, savages from the terrorist group Hamas went on a killing spree targeting unarmed civilians in Israel and murdering over 1200 Jews in cold blood.  The barbaric nature of the killings shocked the sensibilities of anyone with a conscience, which means it didn’t shock or even bother such vile antisemitic Jew-hating radicals like Rashida Tlaib or most of the faculty of Ivy League schools like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.  In fact, leave it to the far left to try and blame Israel for the psychopathic behavior of Iran-sponsored Hamas and their Palestinian enablers.

Large rallies in cities across the world like New York, London, Paris, and Washington, DC showed support for Palestinians and ignored the atrocities suffered by innocent Israeli civilians.  The horrors inflicted upon them such a placing live babies in ovens, ripping open the womb of an Israeli woman who was 4 months pregnant, raping women repeatedly and violently in front of their children, or setting elderly people on fire while they were confined to wheelchairs are just some of the acts these precious souls were subjected to.  Some have called the beheading of babies in their cribs as that of animals, but animals don’t viciously kill for sport or for the purpose of causing unspeakable pain.  There is something else going on here.  And it’s not new.  Jews have been targeted for extinction going back to the time of Abraham when God chose the descendants of Isaac to inherit the land and to be designated as God’s chosen people. 

Hating and wishing to annihilate Jews is irrational.  There are only about 16 million Jews in the entire world, making up 0.2% of the world’s population.  Just over 7 million Jews live in Israel and slightly more Jews than that live in the US.  So why would such a small minority of people be so hated and targeted not merely for isolation and harassment, but for systematic elimination?  There is no rational answer.  But there IS an answer:  It’s not political, geographical, economic, or religious.  It’s the result of spiritual darkness that originated in the very bowels of hell.  It’s the ultimate enmity between God and Satan, and we need to see it for what it is and be willing to resist this manifestation of sheer evil.

I’m not a Jew, but without hesitation or reluctance, I stand with the Jews and oppose the attempts to marginalize or murder them.  I recognize that the hate toward them is really hate toward God for having chosen them and blessed them.  Hate crimes against Jews just in the US are up 200%. 

After the Battle of the Bulge in WW II, a group of over 1000 US troops were captured by the Nazis and placed in the Ziegenhein Stalag.   In January of 1945, the Nazi commandant ordered the America Jewish soldiers to separate from the other captives.  The ranking American in the camp was Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds who hailed from Knoxville, TN.  He ordered everyone of the American soldiers to fall out in formation when the Jews were ordered to report.  The shocked Nazi Major demanded that Sgt. Edmonds identify which ones were Jews.  Sgt. Edmonds said, “We are ALL Jews here.” 

The incensed German commander took a pistol and held it tight to Edmonds head and threatened to shoot him if he didn’t identify the Jews who would surely be murdered if identified.  Sgt. Edmonds gave his name, rank, and serial number and told the Nazi Commandant that he could shoot him, but unless he shot everyone of the over 1000 soldiers, he would be held responsible for the war crime and they all knew who he was and he would pay for his crimes when the Allies won the war.  The Nazi officer then withdrew.  The courage of Sgt. Edmonds to declare that all of the soldiers were Jews had saved the lives of 200 of actual Jews in captivity.  Sgt. Edmonds risked his life when he defied the order to identify the Jews and boldly declared, “We are all Jews here.”  70 years later, Sgt. Edmonds would be the first ever US serviceman to be named a “Righteous Among the Nations” at Yad Vashem.  There are now thousands of children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of those 200 Jewish soldiers who instead of being turned over to the Germans to be murdered, were instead saved by the heroic act of a farm boy from Tennessee turned soldier who ultimately came home, led a good life and was father to Chris Edmonds, who became a Baptist Pastor in Maryville, TN.

So as we witness the unspeakable evils being inflicted upon Jews in Israel and around the world, I pray we will all summon the courage to stand with those who Satan has targeted and defy the evil and say, “We are ALL Jews here.”

“You Asked For It”

Our own Laura Ainsworth sadly did not receive the Grammy nomination she deserved, but she is the subject this week of an interview on the podcast of Cadence Magazine, one of the major jazz publications. Laura talks about her background as the daughter of renowned big band musician Billy Ainsworth, her musical influences, her terrific new album “You Asked For It,” and why she’s made it her mission to try to bring some elegance, class and romance back to this ugly, uncouth era. You can listen to the show here:

CMR 090 -Conversation with Laura Ainsworth - Vocalist - Recorded on November 7, 2023 | Cadence Media Podcasts (

Her latest albums are here:

And you’ll find links to all of Laura’s albums and more here:


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  • Connie Allen

    11/12/2023 03:08 PM

    God bless you Mike for not pulling any punches!!


    11/12/2023 02:38 PM

    Psalms 118: AMEN

  • George W. Trever

    11/12/2023 01:27 PM

    We all my be Jews, so it is about time we preach AGAINST Islam. Islam makes us all enemies of Islam, so is it not time to kick Islam lovers out of the US?

  • Carlos V. Bonner

    11/12/2023 12:56 PM

    Dear Mike,
    God bless you and your group for standing for God and the USA and Israel.
    My family and I are so glad you all are on our side!!!
    Yours in Christ,
    Carlos Bonner

  • Rick

    11/12/2023 12:05 PM

    Your story titled, " We Are All Jews Here " Is worth reading everyday and sharing, especially on Veterans Day, Thank you so much, keep, the information coming.

  • stephen russell

    11/12/2023 10:34 AM

    Raid on Adams fundraiser:
    Wheres the SWAT raids seen like Mara Lago & Rodger Stone?