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September 13, 2023



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Mike Huckabee

A CIA Whistleblower

A senior-level CIA officer turned whistleblower told House investigators that during the pandemic, the CIA paid six analysts to change their conclusion that COVID-19 originated in a lab and say instead that it jumped from animals to humans.

According to the whistleblower, there was a seven-member team of “experienced officers with significant scientific expertise” who analyzed the origins of COVID. Only one believed it came from animals, while the other six wanted to issue a “low confidence” assessment that it was created in a lab. The CIA allegedly gave the other six “a significant monetary incentive to change their position.”

Two House Republican committee chairmen are requesting all documents, communications and pay info related to the CIA’s COVID Discovery Team by September 26. I’m especially interested in seeing those pay stubs. I’m curious to know the price for someone selling out their integrity to lie to Americans about a deadly virus in order to help the CIA discredit and silence doctors who were telling the public the truth.

This sounds familiar

Another Democrat has been mugged by reality and is starting to sound like a Trump Republican. Today’s example: New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who has now realized that open borders are a bad thing for a lot of reasons, one of them being that they let terrorists walk right in.

Racism talk

Over the past few years, the term “systemic racism” has become a leftist cliché, tossed out to prove racism where it can’t otherwise be found. If there’s no evidence someone was a victim of racism, then just claim the entire system is racist, and you can’t see the racism because it’s baked into the system. It’s very convenient for people who make big bucks teaching diversity seminars and other DEI scams because, as one fed-up former DEI consultant told Jesse Watters, the job isn’t to find and combat real racism, it’s to look at every situation and find some way to inject racism into it.

Please note this caveat: I’m not saying there’s no such thing as racism, or that there haven’t been systems that were racist. All those Democrat-created Jim Crow laws are a perfect example. But are all of America’s government/legal/employment/policing and other systems rigged to be racist, even those that are forbidden by law to discriminate? Who came up with this idea?

The answer to that question is that it came from Eric Stewart, criminology professor at the University of Florida at Tallahassee, whose studies “proved” that US law enforcement is systemically racist. His studies have been cited over 8,500 times by other researchers.

But as the Post Millennial reports, he’s now that school’s FORMER professor because he’s been fired for “extreme negligence and incompetence” in his research, which has “been shown to contain numerous erroneous and false narratives.” The school said that “the details of problematic data management, false results, and the numerous publication retractions have negatively affected the discipline on a national level.” Stewart’s research is so slipshod that it undermined recruitment, harmed their faculty’s chances of getting published in ethical journals, and caused damage to the reputation of the criminology department that might be “catastrophic” and “unalterable.”

Among his studies that had to be retracted were ones claiming that whites wanted longer sentences for blacks and Latinos, that white Americans perceive blacks and Latinos as “criminal threats,” and that whites want longer sentences for Latinos because they’re becoming more successful and their numbers are increasing. For divisive falsehoods such as these, Stewart has received over $3.5 million in grant money, including taxpayer money from government agencies such as the National Science Foundation.

Stewart’s response: he claims he’s the victim here and that the researcher who proved his studies were false “lynched me and my academic character.” I suspect this is why DEI proponents have declared logic and the scientific method to be “white supremacy.”

Good News Update:

A judge granted a temporary injunction blocking enforcement of Illinois’ new SB 1909 law that’s clearly an attempt to shut down pro-life pregnancy centers. The bill allows these centers to be sued for “deceptive acts or practices” for not providing information about how to get abortions. The judge called it “stupid and likely unconstitutional.”

But Attorney General Kwame Raoul said (forgive the baffling syntax), "This bill is intended to protect the individuals to access the full range of reproductive healthcare and make fully informed decisions including the right to use or refuse reproductive healthcare."

Actually, what it’s meant to do is force pro-life activists to promote abortion, a clear violation of the First Amendment, and to bankrupt them with lawsuits for expressing their personal views on abortion. As Wirepoints founder Mark Glennon notes, the law restricts pro-life pregnancy centers from passing out literature while placing no liability on pro-abortion people doing the same thing, which is “viewpoint discrimination,” a “clear red line that legislators cannot pass, and that really irritated the court.” He believes no judge would back this law as written.

As that article notes, the Attorney General has yet to decide whether he will even appeal the injunction. He might be afraid of what the Appeals Court would say about it. If it’s any comfort, instead of thinking of the law as being killed before it was even born, he could just consider it “reproductive legal care.”

Memo to Anti-Trump Republicans who think the Democrats’ lawfare will stop once they destroy Trump, then we’ll go back to business-as-usual:

No, if they succeed in perverting the legal system to destroy Trump, anyone else who stands in their way will become a target. Want proof? Check out this case:

Washington, DC, attorney general Brian Schwalb has launched an investigation into Leonard Leo. Leo is the co-chairman of the Federalist Society, a leading figure in the movement for conservative originalist judges, and he helped with the nominations of Trump’s three Supreme Court nominees, so that’s why the left has hung a target on his back. 

Schwalb is a former Clinton DOJ attorney, legal director for the leftwing Alliance for Justice and a longtime critic of the conservative legal movement. Schwalb’s investigation of Leo is based on a complaint by the misleadingly-named leftwing activist group “The Center for Accountability,” funded by the shady dark money alliance Arabella Advisors.

The complaint against Leo is that he violated some laws in connection with a non-profit charity he oversees, but the complaint included no direct evidence of the charges. Still, it was enough of a pretext for Schwalb to launch an investigation, even though – brace yourself – neither Leo nor any of his organizations are based in DC.

Imagine having to deal with groundless, partisan investigations launched by vengeful local prosecutors from all over the country, in places where you don’t even live, just because they hate your politics and want to destroy you. Well, welcome to Trump’s world. The cases against him are just the nose of the camel prying open the tent flap. Republicans had better realize that if they don’t kick the camel out of the tent, hard and fast, it will take over the tent.


Jailed in Finland for holding traditional Christian beliefs

Anyone who thinks that the left will stop at jailing people for holding traditional Christian beliefs needs to take a look at Finland, where they’re already trying to do it.

Former minister of the interior Dr. Päivi Räsänen is on trial for the SECOND time and could face up to two years in jail and a heavy fine for sharing Biblical teachings related to homosexuality. She was acquitted the first time, but the prosecutor appealed and made arguments in court that should send a chill up your spine. For instance:

Since many Protestant churches accept gay relationships and same-sex marriage, her own interpretation of what the Bible says is not legitimate…She was accused of “hate speech” and writing that some people are inferior to others, which she never wrote, but she said, “The prosecutor said that it is not important if it is true or not, but if the interpretation is insulting, then it is criminal” (that is, she could go to jail for what the state claims she said, even if she didn’t say any such thing)…The prosecutor also argued that she’s allowed to “believe in her mind whatever about the Bible, but it is illegal to express it outwardly.”

Räsänen called this “dangerous” and “like Medieval Times” and said if she’s convicted, “It would start the time of persecution of Christians in Finland” and have “ramifications to other European countries.” She urged fellow Christians to use the attack on her as inspiration, saying, “I pray that this would wake up Christians to be courageous, to be open about their faiths and worship. [I hope] it would also encourage people to read the Bible, and, so I, I pray for awakening of our society.”

And if you think that can’t happen here because we have the First Amendment, then try praying for her on the grounds of a public school.

Speaker McCarthy announces impeachment inquiry

Tuesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced that he was launching an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. He laid out who would be in charge and listed some of the evidence, from the phone calls with Hunter Biden’s shady foreign business contacts that Biden denied knowing about to the $20 million in suspicious payments shuffled around through multiple bank accounts of shell companies before being paid to Biden family members.

It’s worth pointing out that this does not mean that Biden will be removed from office. It just gives the investigators more tools to demand evidence on which the Biden Administration is stonewalling them.  Even if the narrow GOP House majority votes to impeach him, the trial would happen in the Senate and require a two-thirds vote, and I doubt that any Democrat would vote for it. It’s astounding to me that Democrats claimed that Trump asking about the Bidens' Ukrainian corruption on a phone call was an impeachable offense, but the actual corruption isn’t. I also recall how horrified they were when Trump joked that "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters.” And their attitude toward Biden is different how?...

In fact, the most entertaining part of this story is watching Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) wail, spin and harumph about this impeachment being nothing but an attack on a political opponent and how outrageous and unprecedented that is (unless you count the two times they did it to Trump.) They’re also attacking McCarthy for not putting it to a vote, just like Nancy Pelosi didn’t put Trump’s first impeachment to a vote. Some are even accusing McCarthy of being a hypocrite because he criticized Pelosi for doing that.

Yes, he did, because he warned that it would set a terrible precedent. She did it anyway. And now, it’s no longer unprecedented. Funny how that works. I guess they’re counting on the media to rewrite history for them. Oh, and look: The New York Times obliged!

The Times is also trying to push the narrative that poor old Joe was deceived into taking those phone calls because he’s just such a great dad who cares more about his son than his political fortunes. And they say the Times doesn’t have a funny pages section!

Another Democrat/media talking point is that there’s “no evidence” of any wrongdoing by Biden. Rep. Scott Perry wasn’t in the mood to take that nonsense from a smug reporter, and he slam dunked her. When she replied that the American people don’t see any evidence, he shot back, “It’s because you don’t report on it.”

Katie Pavlich at traces how the Democrat narrative about this scandal has continually shifted since the early days of “Joe never even talked to Hunter about his business” to today (“There’s no actual video of a foreign oligarch handing Joe a big bag with a dollar sign on it!”)

The White House is relying on the media to cover for Biden and attack Republicans, and they’re not even trying to hide it anymore. They sent an open letter to media organizations, urging them to “ramp up their scrutiny” of House Republicans “for opening an impeachment inquiry based on lies.” They are right about that: it’s based on Joe’s lies about having nothing to do with Hunter’s shady foreign business deals.

I’ll leave you with this from Kurt Schlichter, from all the way back in Obama’s final year in office in 2015. He was warning the Democrats who were shattering norms and breaking all the rules and traditions to get what they wanted that they wouldn’t be in power forever, and they weren’t going to like living under the new rules they were creating. But they have to now. Apparently, pain is the only way they can learn.


Manhunt ends for Danelo Cavalcante after police capture

Police in Pennsylvania recaptured convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante after a 14-day manhunt during which he stole a truck and a rifle. Cavalante escaped from prison one week after receiving a life sentence for stabbing his girlfriend to death. And despite virtual wall-to-wall coverage, see if you can figure out from this sentence what part of his background the major TV networks never mentioned (I’ll give you a hint):

“A former gang member wanted for murder in Brazil, Cavalcante was in the U.S. illegally when he brutally stabbed Brandao after she threatened to contact authorities when she learned about the Brazilian charges against him.”

The Miracle of Bidenomics 1:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in August, inflation as measured by the consumer price index jumped to 3.7% from one year before, compared to 3.2% in July (for those who might be a little slow, like the President's economic advisors, that's the wrong direction.) The hike was fueled by higher gas prices, which Biden can’t artificially lower again by releasing more oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve because he already released so much that it’s at a 40-year low and with oil prices so high, he hasn’t been able to refill it.

The Miracle of Bidenomics 2:

The US Census Bureau reports that in 2022, median US household income fell by 2.3% (from $76,330 in 2021 to $74,580 in 2022), while inflation rose by 7.8% percent, the highest annual increase since 1981. It’s the third straight year in which incomes fell, and coincidentally, the third straight year of Biden’s presidency. Also in 2022, 65% of women were working full time, the highest percentage ever, which suggests that even women who want to stay home and raise their families are being forced into the workplace to make ends meet.

I’m sure the media headline will be “Biden policies bring more women into the workplace!”

A new attempt to ban Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot

First Colorado, now some Democrat activists in Minnesota have filed a lawsuit seeking to ban Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot on grounds that he’s ineligible due to the 14th Amendment ban on candidates who have committed insurrection against the US. FYI: That was passed during Reconstruction to ban Confederates who actually went to war against the United States.

This ploy is as desperate as it is stupid. Only in the fevered minds of TDS sufferers did Trump "commit insurrection.” He also didn’t call for it, he didn’t incite it, and even the people in the Capitol who actually did riot were not “insurrectionists.” If their intention was to overthrow and take over the US government, I assume they would have actually carried weapons. But it is a testament to just how afraid these people are of Trump being on the ballot (an odd reaction, since they claim he’s so unpopular and would be easy to beat.) It’s a funny way to protect “our democracy,” by trying to deny the people the right to vote for the candidate of their choice.

But I’m not a legal expert, so I don’t have the authority to tell you how groundless and stupid this tactic is. So I suggest you click the link to the story and let law professor Jonathan Turley and the Democrat Attorney General of Minnesota explain why it’s groundless and stupid. Turley also makes the great point that it sets a slippery slope precedent for purging from office every Democrat who ever protested an election. Ironically, that actually might help protect “our democracy.”

Too disturbing for adults, perfectly fine for children?!?

During a hearing in the Senate, Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy responded to Illinois passing a law against “banning books” in schools by reading into the record excerpts from “Gender Queer,” a sexually-explicit LGBTQ book that Democrats want to impose on elementary school children. There was the expected outrage from his Democrat colleagues, and the Illinois Secretary of State objected that “those words are disturbing.”

They always seem to object whenever anyone, whether in the Senate or at a school board meeting, exposes the gay pornography they want to put into schools. Odd how it’s too disturbing to publicly share with adults, but it’s perfectly fine to force it onto elementary school children in secret.

Personally, I suspect they’re just upset because for the rest of their lives, when they read that book, they’re going to hear John Kennedy’s voice in their heads.


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  • Carl E Serkland

    09/13/2023 04:45 PM

    Re: Bidenomics: It would seem that Winston Smith (he worked for the "Ministry of Truth", promoting messages such as "War is Peace", "Freedom is Slavery", and "2 + 2 = 5" in "Brave New World") is alive and well, and working as a speechwriter for Resident Biden's administration (I would give him the "P" if he were on fire).

  • ken moore

    09/13/2023 02:11 PM

    illegal immigrants transportation 5-15 train loads of illegal people to delaware
    any one out there agree

  • Stephen Russell

    09/13/2023 01:22 PM

    Protestors in McCarthys office
    J6 Rerun
    No arrests made
    Did CH Police OK