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April 10, 2023

Here’s today’s news round-up about the poor, put-upon, defenseless, marginalized “trans” community…

In Colorado Springs, Colorado, 19-year-old William Whitworth, a male who claims to be a female named “Lilly” and prefers to be called by the pronouns “them/they” (I’m not doing that) was arrested after threatening several local schools. He reportedly admitted to police that he planned to shoot up a school and is facing various charges, including two counts of attempting to commit first degree murder. I eagerly await the White House press conference explaining to us how “Lilly” is the real victim here.

Last night at San Francisco State University, former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines was physically assaulted by a mob of violent radical “trans” activists. Her husband said she told him she was “hit multiple times by a guy in a dress.” She was also shouted at, cursed, threatened, and held hostage, as police kept her barricaded in a room for three hours while the mob reportedly demanded money to let her leave. Of course, there were no reported arrests, and as of this writing, the university has yet to take any action.

Gaines has bravely taken the lead in standing up to the push to let biological men take over women’s sports, as she explained during an appearance on my show:

In light of those stories, the Idaho school board member who tweeted profane rants about urinating on the grave of the Governor for signing a bill banning giving puberty blockers and hormones to minors seems almost civilized.

There are so many stories about unhinged, threatening and outright violent behavior by “trans” activists that they are the focus of Stephen Kruiser’s “Morning Briefing” news round-up at PJ Media.

While it’s not fair to tar every person who claims to be “trans” with the lunatic behavior of these people, Krusier notes that it’s impossible not to notice the widening gap between the liberal defenders’ description of them as perfectly healthy victims of mean bigots and their own “insurrectiony” rages and homicidal urges.

In short, they’re not making a very good case that they’re mentally healthy.

The assault on swimmer Riley Gaines by a mob of violent “trans” activists at San Francisco State University shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s been following the downward spiral of San Francisco under far-left rule over the past few years. It was bad enough when it was just homeless people defecating and dropping drug needles everywhere. Then, under a Soros-backed DA, criminals were given free rein and crime skyrocketed.

Understandably, residents are moving out in record numbers. It’s so bad that city leaders are trying desperately to turn things around while somehow failing to understand that the real reason for it can be found in the nearest mirror.

As that story explains, they believe the city is facing a “doom loop” because so many workers started working from home during the pandemic and don’t want to come back to the office, which will spell disaster for downtown. They want to address that by making it more attractive to be in the city, by building more parks, train stations, affordable housing, etc.

First of all, I thought leftwing climate alarmists hated CO2, so why are they trying to get people who are able to work from home to commute? But more to the point, why would anyone be enticed by more parks when they’re just going to be filled with more homeless drug addicts and criminals? Who cares if there’s “vibrant urban culture” outside your door when you’re afraid to step outside? And with very good reason, since as we just learned, even tech millionaires aren’t safe from being stabbed to death on the streets of San Francisco.

San Francisco is facing a “doom loop,” all right, but it’s not because of the pandemic or a lack of attractive infrastructure. It’s doomed because of the endless loop of voters putting loopy leftists into power.

Related: Instead of staying home and doing something about the many crises he’s helped to create, California Gov. Gavin Newsom is on a tour of successful Southern red states, such as Florida and Alabama. He’s pandering to the tiny liberal audience in those states, telling them that it’s their states that are taking away their freedoms (unlike California, where you’re free to do exactly as you’re told and like it, and free to be robbed and assaulted every time you step outside.)

As you can tell from this write-up by a Californian who’s in the process of escaping to Alabama, Newsom’s pitch is not going over well.

This is also a fun read, plus I love the photos comparing the crowd Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis drew in California to Newsom’s “crowd” in Florida.

Florida already has Disney World, so they don’t need Newsom trying to sell them another Fantasy Land. But I do love the comments about how he was really there to fetch all the U-Hauls back to California. His constituents are going to need them.

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