September 5, 2018


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Today's Commentary --- Sessions is too nice and Huber is too slow -- Comment of the day -- The crassness of Trump’s critics -- Nike's stock drops -- The new Woodward book -- Theater is ruining politics -- Evening Edition - Daily Verse


Perhaps one problem with Attorney General Jeff Sessions is that he’s just too darn nice.

I’ve said that although it breaks my heart to acknowledge this, as Sessions is a friend of mine, he really does need to go. (And, yes, as I’ve mentioned before, the President does reportedly have in his desk a signed resignation letter from Sessions. Perhaps Trump is just waiting for what he considers to be the right moment to dig it out.) A lot of theories concerning Sessions have been advanced –- including some dark conspiracy theories –- as to why Sessions hasn’t taken the reins at the Justice Department and guided it towards actual justice, but attorney Victoria Toensing, partner at the law firm diGenova & Toensing, may have nailed it.

“He’s a Southern gentleman,” she said in an interview with Lou Dobbs. “He doesn’t know how to kill at all.” It will take new leadership at the Justice Department, she said, because he’s clearly not fit for the job.

“Republicans have never known how to kill,” she elaborated. “You’ve got to know how to kill.”



Mike Huckabee

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Comment of the day

By Mike Huckabee

My essay about letting Attorney General Jeff Sessions go ("It breaks my heart to say this...") inspired a very thoughtful letter from reader Sevy Gangemi:

My father was a CEO/COO of his company. He sent me to school to become an engineer for his company. I had always worked for him before and he was completely satisfied with my performances. However, when I returned from college, he sensed that I did not have the stomach or the heart for my new role in his company. Basically my father fired me, though he asked me in a loving way to leave. I knew that he was right, I was non performing in my tasks, and everyone would suffer from it. 
I knew that he loved me, and it was a difficult thing to do. My father’s business thrived without me and for the good of all his clientele. I was’nt a bad engineer, just not in the right position. I went on to be successful in my own engineering and business endeavors. 
Jeff Sessions is a good man, and probably a good legal professional, but all of Trump’s love cannot make him fit the job. My father was the greatest father I could of had and we loved each other until he died. I always respected him. Trump has to let Seessions go. It will be better for his own well being and more importantly for the USA.

- Sevy Gangemi


The crassness of Trump’s critics

By Mike Huckabee

I’ll admit there are times when I wish President Trump would go take a long, hot bath before hitting “Send” on his Twitter tweets. But I would contend that the accusation that he, personally, is responsible for the coarsening of political discourse conveniently overlooks an awful lot of nasty rhetoric that was flying long before he ever came down the escalator at Trump Tower, descending, appropriately enough, into the world of politics.

We got an ugly reminder of the crassness of Trump’s critics, and the political world in general last week, when funerals for Sen. John McCain and Aretha Franklin were marred by anti-Trump political slams during what were supposed to be eulogies, and the media used their fulsome praise for McCain as a thinly-veiled excuse to make negative references to Trump. This was especially rich considering they were the very same media outlets that attacked and slandered McCain back in 2008, when it was necessary to help elect Obama.

It’s no secret that there was bad blood between Trump and McCain, but where I come from, when someone dies, you put aside the squabbles of this world, comport yourself like an adult, and focus on more important things. Even though Trump is constantly attacked for being vulgar, pugnacious, inappropriate or unpresidential, last week, he came across like a cross between Winston Churchill and Emily Post compared to his critics.



Nike's stock drops

By Mike Huckabee

I can’t imagine what, if anything, was going through the minds of the marketing geniuses at Nike who thought that tying their brand to Colin Kaepernick was a good idea. But I’m hearing that they do so much market analysis that there has to be some reason why they think it will somehow boost sales, despite the immediate effect being that it tanked their stock price, wiping $3 billon off Nike’s value.

Maybe they think that Kaepernick’s radicalism will score Nike hip cache with the kind of poorly-informed social justice warrior types who wear T-shirts with Che Guevara on them. Or maybe they think Republicans are a disappearing market for sports apparel, considering the way they’re tuning out the NFL and standing in line at In-N-Out Burger. Or since the immediate reaction of many customers was to “just do it” and set their Nikes on fire, maybe Nike has secretly moved away from making athletic shoes and invested in a match factory.

Nike just couldn’t think of any better sports figure to align itself with than Colin Kaepernick, but a lot of other people could.



The new Woodward book

By Mike Huckabee

There’s really only one thing you can learn for sure from yesterday’s media flogging of Bob Woodward’s new hatchet-job book on the Trump Administration: if you have a well-deserved reputation as an untrustworthy fabulist, just say a lot of nasty things about Donald Trump, and the media will immediately declare you to be a journalistic icon and unimpeachable source. And these days, they think everything is a reason to impeach somebody.

Pardon me if I don’t pollute my newsletter with some of the ridiculous tales in Woodward’s book, but we’ve already been down this rabbit hole twice already, and I’m sick of getting mud on my shoes. First we had Michael Wolff’s bundle of nonsense, then Omarosa’s, and now, Woodward’s. All three were filled with shocking accusations and quotes about Trump and his staffers. Well, the media claimed they were shocking, although I have a hard time thinking Trump is paranoid if he really did grouse, as the Woodward book claims, “Everybody’s trying to get me” (can anyone seriously argue that they’re not?); or that he got angry during a rehearsal for potential questioning by Robert Mueller and ranted, “This thing is a (bleep) hoax!” (I believe that would make most people like him more.) The rest might actually be shocking if it weren’t just the same-old/same-old easy confirmation of all the left’s favorite anti-Trump memes, with the people quoted denying that they ever said anything like that and the records of schedules, meeting notes, etc., contradicting the claims.



Theater is ruining politics

By Mike Huckabee

I hear a lot of people complain that politics have ruined theater. Well, after the opening of the Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS hearings, I think we can agree that the obverse is true as well: theater is ruining politics.

Whether they were committing mayhem in the grandstands or just grandstanding on the committee (shouting, interrupting, talking over the chairman and demanding more documents than some of them could likely read in five lifetimes), Democrats pulled 44 childish stunts to interrupt the first hour of the hearings alone, and 63 in the first segment. And it was all choreographed theater, planned by the Bob Fosse of bull droppings, Chuck Schumer, and the other Democrats during a conference call over the Labor Day weekend.



Evening Edition - September 4

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse

"And ye shall serve the Lord your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee."

- Exodus 23:25

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  • Richard Lawerence Beale

    09/05/2018 01:55 PM

    Governor Huckabee,
    Now Nike has pulled our nation's children into the fight. "How?" you say. By branding the shoes they wear. This Nike campaign will pull the school yard into the conflict. Was Nike trying to capitalize on the division in our country? Couldn't they see this would pull even children to the battle lines? Did they really feel the cause was just enough to put the companies future on the line. Or did they just see a good way to make more money? Either way the nations children got in the crosshairs. They are a little to young to get so political.


    09/05/2018 01:34 PM

    As always you hit it about Kaepernick.......I sent a note to Nike suggesting I was sending all my shoes back and that Kaepernick is an idiot!
    Love that their stock has tanked, and what were they thinking when they signed him up to be the new "face" of their "Just do it" campaign? I also suggested why they should have picked someone wholesome like Teabow! I wish someone would start a campaign to have everyone
    send back their shoes, I don't have social media or I would! If Kaepernick and his buds feel "oppressed" they take your feelings someplace else not to work, not to my football game either, will not watch NFL if they keep protesting. Hey these guys make huge 6-7 figure salaries and no reason to "feel oppressed" in my book.
    Carmen Price

  • Bradley W. Shinn

    09/05/2018 12:30 PM

    Regarding your comment about Donald Trump acting as a combination of Winston Churchill and Emily Post, all should be reminded that the "bad blood" between John McCain (a true war hero and statesman) and our President started when Mr. Trump stated that Sen. McCain "was not a hero because he was captured." I assume that means anyone killed in battle (given Trump's twisted logic) is also not a hero since they met with an unsuccessful outcome. And, of course, our fearless leader "fought his own personal Vietnam" by avoiding HIV infection in New York in the 1990's. And, the other side are the "crass" and "pugnacious" ones???