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May 11, 2022


Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!  Today's newsletter includes:

  • Election Results
  • 2,000 MULES update: Big audience despite media blackout
  • And much more.


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2. Substack readers weigh in

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3. Election Results

Former President Trump’s perfect record of wins by candidates he endorsed is no more: Tuesday in Nebraska, his pick for the GOP gubernatorial race, Charles Herbster, came in second in a multiple candidate race to University of Nebraska Regent Jim Pillen (33-30%.) Pillen will face Democrat Carol Blood in November. There were almost 261,000 votes cast in the GOP primary and 93,000 in the Democratic primary, so do your own “bloodbath” joke.

But Herbster was Trump’s only miss so far. And Herbster had a lot to overcome, including a late-race accusation of sexual harassment by eight women, which he denies. In House District 1, Republican Mike Flood will face Democrat Patty Pansing Brooks.

Meanwhile in West Virginia, Trump-endorsed Rep. Alex Mooney won in a 66-34% landslide over Rep. David McKinley, in a new 2nd District that pitted two GOP incumbents against each other. McKinley was also dragged down by his record of voting with Democrats on the infrastructure bill and on certifying the 2020 election and investigating the January 6th riot.

In the only other national race in West Virginia, for House District 1, Carol Miller easily won the Republican nomination with 66% of the vote. She’ll face Democrat Lacy Watson, who ran uncontested.

Here are the results of all the races in Nebraska:

And in West Virginia:

And in an unexpected development, New York Republican Rep. Tom Reed announced his resignation. He’d already chosen not to run for reelection, but now he’s leaving office seven months early. Reed has been accused of sexual misconduct by a female lobbyist, but he gave no reason for his leaving early. New York’s Democrat Governor will have to call a special election to fill Reed’s unfinished term.

4. 2,000 MULES update: Big audience despite media blackout

I’d venture to say that someone who watches only mainstream media might not have even heard of the eye-opening new film, 2,000 MULES. Sorry to say, that’s likely true even if they watch FOX News and Newsmax, as those audiences are hearing nary a mention of it, either. (That perplexing fact might be a story for another time. Needless to say, the left is loving it.)

But even with that, Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary, which disrupts the mantra that the 2020 election was ‘the cleanest, safest and most secure election in American history,’ has been doing gangbusters business at the box office and on home video since its debut.

If you haven’t yet seen it, this link will tell you all the ways you can. It is an absolute must-see, as anyone who has watched it and is not an idiot will tell you.

On Rumble, even though it premiered at noon on Saturday, May 7, it did well enough to be in the top ten for the weekend of May 6 to May 8. That is marvelous for a production that's considered a "niche" movie --- even one that HASN'T been suppressed on social media the way this has.

My writing team tried to see it in a theater in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, where it debuted the previous week, but it was largely sold out, and they had to wait till Saturday for the streaming premiere.

The so-called “fact”-checks released by the propagandists at Politifact and the Associated Press have been --- to phrase our assessment with a politeness they don't deserve --- remarkably inadequate. But, yes, that’s the absolute best they or any debunker can do. They must be ripping out their hair in fistfuls, because when confronted by evidence like this, there’s only so much they can do to try to tear it down. In case you missed our commentary about that, here’s the link.

Speaking of election fraud –- and, by the way, we intend to speak of it many times before the next election –- we came across a news story from the New York Post in August 2020 (note: WELL BEFORE THE 2020 ELECTION) called “Confessions of a Voter Fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots.” Viewed in light of the revelations in 2,000 MULES, this story really comes into focus now.

Reporter Jon Levine interviewed a top Democrat operative who said he’d been doing it on a grand scale for decades. This person, speaking anonymously because he feared prosecution, said fraud was “more the rule than the exception.” And in the months leading into the 2020 election, with mail-in balloting being greatly expanded, (ostensibly) because of COVID, this meant there would be much more fraud.

“An election that is swayed by 500 votes, 1,000 votes --- it can make a difference,” this tipster said. “It could be enough to flip states.”

It’s a big operation. He said he had not only altered ballots himself but had led teams, mentoring at least 20 operatives who were active in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, which, of course, would turn out to be one of the battleground states at issue on Election Day 2020.

This operative, who said he'd been a Bernie Sanders supporter and no longer had a stake, said he’d come forward in the hope that states would fix their glaring security problems with mail-in ballots, because November 3 was going to be “a (bleeping) war.” I wonder if he had any idea then how bad it was going to get.

The Post includes his descriptions of how election-riggers do their stuff. For example, they can just make copies of the ballot itself, but they have to collect actual envelopes, because it's not possible to recreate those. That’s where vote harvesters come in, going from house to house, “helping” people by mailing their ballots for them, but steaming them open and using the real envelopes to mail the phony ballots. These they would “sprinkle” around numerous mailboxes in town.

He said sometimes postal employees are in on it. If they don’t like Trump, for example, and they work in an area that’s predominantly GOP, they can just “lose” those ballots. They can either dump all the mail in the trash or, if they have time, sift through their mail for ballots, and throw the ballots in the trash. (Or I would think they could take them to be steamed open if more envelopes are needed.)

Then, of course, there are the nursing homes. We’ve discussed how that works, but the Post article provides details.

Sometimes, if they’re in a state that doesn’t require ID, operatives will even go to polling places and vote in person. They go through publicly available information to find the names of registered voters who routinely skip elections, and vote using those names.

They also buy the votes of homeless people. This tipster went on to say that Michael Bloomberg's campaign spent roughly $174 per vote to win his third term as New York mayor. He likened this effort to a mafia organization, with the candidate himself typically kept in the dark about the details, to maintain “plausible deniability.”

This particular political insider even took credit for a helpful little idea that he says was put into practice: bending one corner of the ballot, where the signature appeared, to signal to Democrat Board of Election counters that this was one of “their” ballots and to let it go through.

We learn from this story that systemized election fraud has been going on for a very long time, mostly to affect smaller and/or close races, but also that now, with the expanded use of mail-in ballots, the problem is growing, affecting elections on a larger scale. Just this weekend, Christina Repaci was walking her dog in East Hollywood and came upon something interesting sitting on the sidewalk: an entire box full of ballots.

These 104 unopened mail-in ballots were in a U.S. Postal Service box, just abandoned there on the sidewalk. Sacredness of the vote, indeed.

Ms. Repaci didn’t know what to do about this; it was only thanks to her persistence that an official picked up these ballots from her. Of course, the chain of custody had long since been shot. The registrar’s office said not to worry, they’ve reissued ballots to all the people affected. But what if someone not quite as conscientious as Ms. Repaci had found the ballots and used them for, I don’t know, bird cage liners?

“Early signs indicate that this was an incident of mail theft and not a directed attempt at disrupting the election,” the registrar’s office said in a statement. To that I say, “How do you know?” I also say, So what?” because either way, a box of votes that doesn't get counted can affect the outcome of a close election. Doesn't say much for mail-in voting.

And neither does 2,000 MULES. What if that box HAD been part of a scheme to commit fraud? An entire box of mail-in ballots can go missing, and no one will be the wiser. Steam open the official envelopes, stuff them with copied ballots marked with your candidate, hand them over to paid "mules" who don gloves to avoid transferring fingerprints and "sprinkle" them in mailboxes or dropboxes all around the county. In some states, even the late-arriving ballots will still count as long as they're postmarked on Election Day.

If this tipster is correct, the process has been honed to a fine art. The art of the steal.

5. A string of defeats for Democrat superlawyer Marc Elias

In the best news for “our democracy” that I’ve heard in months, the Washington Free Beacon reports that Marc Elias, the Democrat “superlawyer” and scourge of election integrity measures, has suffered a string of legal backfires that are actually making the laws he’s trying to undermine even tougher.

In his latest defeat, a Clinton-appointed district judge threw out Elias’ lawsuit over New York's redistricting lines, ruling that it impinged on both “free, open, rational elections [and] respect for the courts.” This follows several other setbacks detailed in the linked article.

Fellow Democrats are turning their backs on Elias, who uses unlimited funds from partisan donors to foolishly press weak challenges of local laws all the way to the Supreme Court, giving the SCOTUS the opportunity to make such laws clearer and stronger nationwide. As Oliver Hardy used to tell Stan Laurel, Democrats are now telling Elias, “Stop trying to HELP me!”

6. Predictably, Biden blames Republicans for inflation

Tuesday, President Biden gave a speech about how dealing with skyrocketing inflation is his “top domestic priority.” But as for what he’s actually doing about it, judging from the speech…not much.

He blamed inflation on everything and everyone under the sun except his own policies. He claimed that the Democrats hold power in “all three branches of government” (Fact-check: the Democrats don’t run the judicial branch.) He blamed Republicans for not having a plan to fix the inflation his party is causing (they actually do: just do the opposite of what he’s doing. Hey, it was working great until he came along. Besides, isn't it the majority party's job to come up with plans?) And he claimed the GOP plan to fight inflation is to raise taxes on the middle class, a false claim that was debunked by the National Desk a month ago. If you can see how any of this will bring down inflation, please write it on a postcard, attach a $40 stamp, and mail it to me.

But I think the most telling fact about how hopelessly at sea this White House is has to be Biden’s boasting about his only positive achievement: under him, the deficit is going down. Yes, but that’s because before he took office, there was massive deficit spending on pandemic relief bills. The deficit is only going down now because Republicans and Sen. Joe Manchin blocked Biden’s plan to spend trillions more on his “Build Back Better” boondoggle. He’s praising himself for the positive results of his own policies not being put into effect.

Someone should explain that to him. Maybe he’d start endorsing the idea of blocking all his policies, and things would finally begin to improve.

I Just Wanted to Say

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Comments 1-9 of 9

  • Gary Stilwell

    05/12/2022 09:19 PM

    Wanna help destroy election fraud?? Go to your local Supervisor Of Elections office and volunteer to be a Poll worker--they need folks desperately--Far left Democrats need not apply, as they need folks with character--

  • Aaron Woien

    05/11/2022 09:57 PM

    Biden's so-called plan is to make inflation worse and blame Vladimir Putin.

  • Janis Hook

    05/11/2022 04:10 PM

    I am just not going to hold my breath that justice will be done to all the corrupt government employees. It is so sad to know that they worked so hard on this fool proof scheme. And that the people we are to vote into office and trust were the people behind it all! God is good! They will get punished soon me day!

  • Gale Rumsey

    05/11/2022 04:00 PM

    I cannot wait to see 2000 Mules. I have never seen a Dinesh D'Sousa movie that was not excellent and truth filled.

  • Jerry

    05/11/2022 03:59 PM

    How many times does abortion come up in a persons life. As a senior now reproduction is not an issue for myself I wonder how many people in their 70’s think about abortion a large percentage of people that are concerned about abortion should understand what takes place in order as what causes a need for abortion to start the process of reproduction must be taken seriously however the past decades of abortions have made the reproduction act a careless event

  • stephen russell

    05/11/2022 01:29 PM

    USSC disruptions: Is the setting for future cases to be dropped etc IE other issues
    mergers, religious etc alone
    Very scary

  • stephen russell

    05/11/2022 01:17 PM

    2K Mules:
    Both FNC & NewsMax didnt allow guests to mention 2K Mules on air
    Ideas, comments?
    Very distressing, can see FNC do this but not NewsMax

  • Vernon Thompson

    05/11/2022 12:57 PM

    Sure, is quiet after 2000 Mules hit the street. I somehow doubt that the sequel 2000 Arrests will ever get made thanks to the fine work of the Deep State Coverup Crew.

    BTW Is it possible to get an accurate unbiased update on the findings in AZs Maricopa and Pima Counties, the audit in WI, PA, and GA. Nothing here in NV because we have a Democrat dominated government with the worst election law this side of HR-1

  • Carole Zumwalt

    05/11/2022 12:39 PM

    This regards Pres. Trump's senatorial endorsements.
    I encourage you to endorse AG Eric Schmitt for Senate in MO.
    I live in MO and strongly support Eric Schmitt. You had him on your show (which I watch faithfully), so you know what a strong, conservative candidate he is. But Pres. Trump has endorsed Billy Long, who is a good 'ole boy with whom one can't find fault, except: he has no name recognition throughout the state. That would be a certain Dem. victory. Also we have a bad egg running for senate, Eric Greitens. He has a PAC that is spending loads of money slamming AG Schmitt. We need a candidate who will stand strong and has great communication skills. That is AG Schmitt!
    Thank you.
    Carole Zumwalt