May 10, 2018


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Today's Commentary:  Trump secures prisoner release-- About those Michael Cohen payments -- Amazon Smile -- Trump delivers on promise to pull out of Iran deal -- Mueller has "the right stuff" to evade the Constitution -- Evening Edition - May 9

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After a long, agonizing wait (especially agonizing for cable news reporters who had to fill many hours with nothing to say while waiting for it), a plane touched down around 2 a.m. at Andrews Air Force base outside Washington, D.C., carrying Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and three Korean-Americans who had been held captive in North Korea.

President Trump greeted the returning Americans and said, “These are great people. Frankly, we didn't think this was going to happen, but it did. It was important to get these people out. This is a special night for these three really great people.” He also praised North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for releasing them (without bringing up who was responsible for unjustly arresting them in the first place, or as that's known in DC, "diplomacy") and said he believes Kim “really wants to do something” about bringing North Korea “into the real world.”


Mike Huckabee

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About those Michael Cohen payments

By Mike Huckabee

I’m not going to delve too deeply into the current media feeding frenzy over alleged payments made by various foreign companies to President Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, other than to remind some of the hysterical reporters that Cohen has other clients besides Trump and it is not illegal for private attorneys in America to do business with foreign companies.

To me, the most interesting news thus far stems from a dumb mistake made by porn star Stormy Daniels’ lawyer and CNN’s latest full-time on-air personality, Michael Avenatti. He released a list of companies that allegedly made payments to Cohen, but it turned out two of the payments were to a different Michael Cogen, who apparently did perfectly legitimate work for the companies. But that caused inquiring minds to want to know: how did the New York Times and a porn star’s lawyer obtain copies of a private citizen’s private banking records that were seized by federal agents who are supposedly entrusted with insuring their privacy?



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Amazon Smile

By Mike Huckabee

Are you familiar with the Amazon Smile program that sends a tiny portion of your Amazon purchases to the charity of your choice? Well, it turns out you don’t really have full control of your choice of charities.

Amazon recently dropped the non-profit group Alliance Defending Freedom from its approved list of Smile charity recipients. The ADF provides legal assistance in defending people’s religious liberty and free speech rights. That includes people who are pressured to violate their religious beliefs by participating in same-sex weddings.

Sadly, unlike the Department of Defense and the FBI, Amazon still relies on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s dubious “hate list,” which has devolved from a list of actual hate groups to include groups falsely branded as hate groups because they don’t conform 100% to the SPLC’s far-left agenda. Amazon cut off the ADF from Smile donations because the SPLC branded it a “hate group” for allegedly working “to deny goods and services to LGBT people on the basis of religion.”

So wait: it’s okay for Amazon to refuse to work with groups that disagree with its beliefs, but if the ADF defends religious believers who assert the same right, they’re a “hate group”? Does that make Amazon a hate group? And isn't Amazon now denying donations to a nonprofit group on the basis of religion?

This is a bad decision based on bad data issued in bad faith. Amazon should reconsider it before their customers of faith give them a few million reasons to stop smiling.


Trump delivers on promise to pull out of Iran deal

By Mike Huckabee

Despite former (repeat: FORMER) Secretary of State John Kerry’s intense and highly inappropriate efforts to save Obama’s ill-advised Iran deal and preserve Obama’s damaging legacy, President Trump has fulfilled a campaign promise to step away from the deal, outlining a 90-day window for working out details with allies and re-instigating sanctions on Iran.

The hope is that we will end up with a better deal; it could hardly be worse. Right now, Iran’s leadership has its fist in the air, saying Trump’s withdrawal is “illegal and illegitimate,” and that was entirely predictable. (Of course, they always have their fist in the air when it comes to America.) The deal as negotiated by Obama offered no provisions for pulling out, and that in itself testifies to how ridiculously bad a deal it was. But since Obama entered into it without having it ratified as a treaty, Trump has the authority to pull out.

The terms were to the Iranians’ immense advantage, with no rules against their pursuit of long-range ballistic missiles and only a short-term ban on their pursuit of nuclear weapons. Restrictions were to end in 2025 –- just 7 years from now. Do you know how long 7 years is in their strategy to wipe out the nation of Israel (“the Little Satan”) and destroy the West (“the Great Satan”)? A nanosecond.

Iran also got a lot of money early on, $150 billion in the form of unfrozen assets and more in the form of secretly-shipped cash, a gift from President Obama, but there’s nothing to be done about that now. No doubt it quickly disappeared into the pockets of Iranian leaders, weapons dealers and/or the families of terrorist martyrs.

Trump is signaling that we now operate from a position of strength and are unwilling to go along with a bad deal in the interest of “peace.” In the long run, the deal would not have been conducive to peace --- only to the illusion of peace, comforting to some until the Iranians let fly their first atomic bomb.

Trump’s announcement also sends a message to Kim Jong-Un, as he works to facilitate negotiations on the Korean peninsula, including the release and homecoming of three U.S. prisoners and even a possible end of the Korea War.

Yes, there’s a certain amount of discomfort among some of our allies –- and certainly our mainstream media and political enemies, but I repeat myself –- associated with shaking things up this way. Sen. Chuck Schumer did not support the deal when it was voted on as a resolution, yet he's critical of Trump's actions today. Obama has also fired back, with a three-page statement insisting the deal is working and is in America’s interest; never mind that it defies common sense how this deal could have furthered the interest of peace long-term. The process of extricating ourselves from this bad deal isn’t easy, or it would have already taken place. Obama holdovers at the State Department aren’t happy, either; in fact, it’s been reported that some are threatening to resign. Considering the problems being caused by Obama holdovers at State, I don’t see how that could be a bad thing.


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Mueller has "the right stuff" to evade the Constitution

By Mike Huckabee

In THE RIGHT STUFF, a terrific movie about test pilots and their role in the race for space in the middle of the last century, there’s one character that no one else in the story ever wants to see. He’s an old man, a solitary figure dressed in black, and just the thought of seeing him trudging slowly up one’s walk is enough to give anybody the shakes. For when he shows up at your door and removes his hat, it means that tragedy has struck and the worst has come. A plane has crashed, someone’s life is over, and the lives of his loved ones are changed forever.

The man in black takes his official duties very seriously. He’s always somber, like the Grim Reaper, yet somehow despite his sad face he gives the impression that he enjoys his work, perhaps a little too much. After all, his reason for existence is his lonely job, that long trudge up the walk and then the funeral to follow. He lives for death.

He’s tall and lanky, with straight gray hair and a long, craggy face.

He looks a lot like special counsel Robert Mueller.

I’m reminded of Mueller not just because of the physical resemblance, but because he’s in a position essentially to end people’s lives and careers and you get the impression he wants to. (Of course, he gets a lot of help from his longtime friends at the FBI and a huge team of legal attack dogs working at taxpayer expense.) Former Trump campaign communications advisor Michael Caputo has gone public to say he’s having to sell his house and move his family out of their small town because of the staggering cost of simply complying with Mueller’s investigation –- when he’s not a target or even a subject, only a witness. He and his family have also suffered verbal attacks and death threats, I suppose just for being "outed" for helping Donald Trump become President. Caputo has been so intimidated, he says he won’t work on any more Republican campaigns.

Michael Flynn lost his house, too, because of legal costs stemming from an interview he agreed to, not to mention his new job as National Security Advisor. Having nothing to hide, he talked to the FBI without a lawyer. Bad idea –- he had no idea he’d been caught in FISA phone surveillance and unmasked (this was before his name was illegally leaked) and may have gotten some detail wrong. But the two agents who questioned him have said they thought he was truthful. Didn’t matter; the fiction was maintained that he lied to the FBI, and because he was broke and unable to continue the legal fight, he pleaded guilty to something he doesn’t seem to have even done.

Those are just two victims; we all can name more. Of course, the big prize is the President himself –- that’s what this is about. And it doesn’t matter how big a legal mess has to be created, how much of the Constitution has to be stomped on, how many legal precedents have to be disregarded, how many false narratives need to be created, how many leaks and fake stories have to be planted, how many blatant conflicts of interest have to be ignored, how many subpoenas and FISA requests have to go unanswered, and how many obviously guilty people have to be let off when anybody else would get three hots and a cot.

Judge T. S. Ellis figured out this was Mueller’s game, and during a hearing last week about Paul Manafort’s case made it clear that he wasn’t going to be a party to it. He accused them of going after Manafort –- on allegations from years before Trump ran for office –- to get the man to “sing” (maybe “compose”) and target a sitting President, “for impeachment or whatever.” And he’s right. This is how far our “justice” system has sunk.

We’ve talked a lot in recent months, very specifically, about the strategies being used to bring down the President. Sunday’s edition (May 6) of Mark Levin’s new FOX News show, LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN, brings numerous aspects of the discussion together to show just how wrong it all is. One-time independent counsel and former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova –- who would have been on Trump’s legal team if another client at his firm hadn’t posed a conflict of interest –- and former Secret Service special agent Dan Bongino join Levin to address the serious Constitutional problems with what’s happening. The show covers a lot of ground and is a must-see.

But Mueller doesn’t care; he is unfazed. In fact, he just hired yet another attorney. And Trump’s political enemies still dream of him trudging slowly, slowly up the walk to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, ringing the bell and removing his hat, to break the news that the President has crashed and burned.


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Evening Edition - May 9

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


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  • Denise A Wright

    05/22/2018 06:47 PM

    In regards to the Amazon Smile article...WOW, just oh WOW is all I can say and it's a sad, sad deal that Amazon is cutting certain charities from their list of donations. For a year or so I have used Amazon Smile to as Governor Huckabee so aptly put it...a tiny donation to the charity of my choice. Sounded really great at the time. Now, not so much. Won't be wasting my time with Amazon anymore.