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March 18, 2024

Remember, according to Pew Research, only about 1.6% of Americans claim to identify as trans or “non-binary,” and that’s likely highly inflated due to social media trendiness and peer pressure. Think that’s not possible? Read this and tell me human biology is suddenly and naturally evolving at light speed.

I expect this trend will reverse rapidly once its trendiness dies out, ironically meaning it will be “trans-itory.”

1. In a welcome sign that the world is finally shaking off its radical activist-enforced health care delusions, Britain’s National Health Service this week banned the use of puberty blockers for minors. As the New York Post editors note, sadly, the Biden Administration is still in thrall to the trans activist quackery. But other nations and many Americans are waking up to the lies we’ve been fed, especially in the wake of leaked internal communications showing that doctors in the top “gender-affirming care” outfit, WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) privately knew of serious and even lethal side effects of these chemicals but kept it quiet.)

Contrary to the activists’ mantra, it’s not opponents of this barbaric quackery who are “killing trans kids,” it’s the pushers of them.

2. More of this please: The Independent Council on Women's Sports announced that it’s funding a lawsuit by Riley Gaines and over a dozen other female athletes against the National Collegiate Athletics Association for violating Title IX civil rights law by forcing them to compete against and share locker rooms with males who “identify” as female. 

The group’s co-founder Kim Jones said, "By challenging the NCAA's draconian and discriminatory policies, we're sending a clear message: the integrity of women's sports is non-negotiable. We are committed to defending the hard-won rights of women athletes everywhere. This isn't just a legal battle; it's a moral stand for equality and justice in sports."

3. In Arkansas, America’s favorite Governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, announced that the state will no longer let residents check a third “X” gender classification on state IDs and drivers’ licenses. The choices will revert to “male” or “female” as noted on the person’s birth certificate (you know, the sex the doctors subjectively “assigned” to them based on their biology.) A legislative committee of the General Assembly will have to approve the change, even though the original “X” choice was added in 2010 without going through the required public comment and legislative review process.

Naturally, the ACLU is in a huff, but Gov. Sanders said everyone from hospitals to police rely on accurate information on these IDs, it’s just common sense, and “As long as I’m Governor, Arkansas state government will not endorse nonsense.”

Admittedly, she probably gets that more from her mother than from me.

4. Speaking of gender nonsense, a video game series based on Major League Baseball has upset fans by going woke and releasing a game featuring women players competing in the MLB. One critic at Outkast Sports sarcastically commented, “Obviously, this is a very common career path for women,” considering top male MLB players can throw a ball at upwards of 100 mph and hit 470-foot home runs. If they realistically depicted women playing under those conditions, this game would be bloodier than "Grand Theft Auto."

This could provide a great public service, though, if it inspires more people to question why, if “trans women are women and there’s no difference in physical ability between the sexes,” there are no “former women/trans men” getting into men’s sports, much less shattering their records, the way “trans women” are in women’s sports?

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