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October 16, 2023

Were you even aware of Australia’s “Voice to Parliament” resolution?  It was apparently brought to them courtesy of the UN, the World Economic Forum and their own “woke” prime minister and fortunately was defeated, by a large margin that still should have been 100-0 percent.  Yes, PM Anthony Albanese supported this resolution as a way to bring about “reconciliation” with the indigenous people of the Australian continent, though it actually would have changed the Australian constitution to “steal the land” for globalists by:

1.  Instigating a token “return of land” of 80 percent of Australia to the Indigenous (aboriginal people) by way of the Native Title Act.  (This is already at 50 percent.)

2.  Changing the Australian constitution to establish a controlled parallel Parliament represented by a token executive “Indigenous Voice” (that the Globalists would really control).

3. (Here’s the diabolical part.)  Use this controlled “Voice” literally to divide-and-conquer by ratifying a treaty confiscating “stolen” and “sacred” land and then re-allocating all this land and its assets (via a “Truth” tribunal and the Native title) to the exclusive ownership of Transnational Globalists --- “a vast multinational network of megacorporations and their interests.”

Thank God this didn’t happen.  Substack writer Stephen Reason says this:

“The UN perpetrators had hoped to reap the harvest of generations who have been academically and culturally groomed by the Left’s sense of virtue. Indeed, many of the well-meaning white folk were predictably duped, but, fortunately, many more were not. They tried to divide us, and to weaken all successful resistance to their Progressive-Left pseudo-virtue cult — but a majority are now awake to the hysterical Woke. All manipulative appeals to “love,” “the right thing,” “atonement for guilt,” “white shame,” etcetera, failed to mask the general mistrust of the motives underpinning this proposed constitutional change.”

Reason explained that the UN Globalists “were coming for our farmlands, rural regions, forests, coastlines, river-ways, resources, livestock, harvests, precious minerals and metals [aside:  we would think especially those!] --- and they would eventually abolish our private land rights by repatriating all our land to themselves by the decoy of the ‘Indigenous.’”

What he describes sounds suspiciously like the communist “woke” movement in America: “Rather than raising up the living standards of the underprivileged, these Globalists are striving to impose a pathological sense of ‘egalitarianism.’  They envision a world in which all Global citizens are rendered ‘equal’ --- that is, equally impoverished, and equally enslaved, as the First World is collapsed to replicate the abysmal conditions of the Third World:  hence, EQUAL.”  He didn’t mention the name George Soros and the wide-open southern border in America, but then, he didn’t really have to.

Reason (who writes beautifully but rather in the style of Frasier Crane, which might frustrate those who are just trying to get the story), calls this “Albanese’s Folly” and suggests hopefully that this loss will bring on his political demise.  May it be so, and may the pushback be so strong that the globalists don’t dare try this again for a long, long time.

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