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October 4, 2022

As the rescue and restoration work continues, the death toll in Florida from Hurricane Ian reached 68 people as of Monday. The majority were in hardest-hit Lee County, where at least 18 victims drowned. A massive effort is underway to find anyone else who might remain trapped under debris, to rescue thousands who are stranded, and to restore electric power. I hope you'll pray for the victims and the safety and success of the rescuers.

As mentioned yesterday, here are some organizations that could use your help to help the victims, including one I personally endorse, Samaritan’s Purse.

Four people were arrested in Lee County for allegedly violating the “zero tolerance” policy on looting in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Fortunately, they did not have to learn why Gov. DeSantis reminded everyone that Florida is a “Second Amendment state.”

Despite Gov. DeSantis delivering a textbook example of preparation and leadership in a crisis, the liberal media continue to snipe at him, as they’ve been doing since before the hurricane even arrived. Two attacks are especially ridiculous. Some outlets are trying to blame him for not predicting that the hurricane would hit Lee County hardest (it took a last-minute turn that wasn’t even predicted by the National Weather Service, which was giving him his information; apparently, he’s supposed to be able to predict storm patterns better than they can.)

And Politico launched an idiotic attack on DeSantis for taking federal disaster relief funds, snarking that Florida would “benefit” from billions of dollars; and that DeSantis criticizes Biden, “but he sure does like the president’s wallet.” DeSantis’ spokeswoman Christine Pushaw fired back, “What is wrong with you? It’s not ‘the president’s wallet,’ it’s the American taxpayers’ money” (I’ll add that as an economic powerhouse that led the COVID rebound, Florida has provided a lot of that federal tax money.)  She continued, “Americans in any state hit by a disaster are entitled to federal disaster relief funds, whether or not you approve of the Governor. The media disgusts me more every day.”

Couldn’t agree more. And don’t even get me started on the use of the word “benefits” to describe what Floridians are going through.

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  • Angie Wallace

    10/09/2022 10:20 PM

    Will you please add the daily bible verse to your Sunday standard, I send a screenshot of the verses to an older relative everyday and it makes her day ??
    Btw thank you for being the only news source I can rely on while also getting a good laugh, you are a light in all the darkness ??Also so thankful Sarah is okay! She will make a terrific Governor ??

  • Belle Mieloch

    10/09/2022 07:03 PM

    Mike we have been watching the news out of Florida. My son who lives in New Port Richey road out the storm in the plant where he is a security guard. His stayed in their home. All are well. He worked 48 hours straight. We have been seeing reports of EVs catching fire because of the flooding they are exploding if your was car was in the garage when this happened you lost your house too. But our President says we need to buy EVs. Just give my gas SUV. At least it won’t explode if it gets wet. Love the news letter.

  • Jim nall

    10/09/2022 04:41 PM

    Good comments and clear concise writing. If you care to would you analyze and write on the senatorial races in az. Pa. Ga

  • Barbara A. Griffin

    10/09/2022 03:11 PM

    Hello Governor Mike ... need a little help .. not urgent .... I am 78, a young at heart great grandmother who has written a FANTASTIC tribute to Willie Nelson .. I call it " Willie's Guitar " ... I
    have a vision of his SON, Lukas, singing the song TO Willie, as Willie sits in a chair HOLDING his famous guitar " Trigger " .... The last line of the song is, " They'll never have just what it takes .. to play .. Willies guitar " .... and, then Lukas turn to Willie and says, " Dad , SHOW them how to play Willie's guitar !! " ............... That would be a great act on YOUR show, but getting Willie around these days, with his shortness of breath ... oh, shoot. You could do it. I just want to see if they are interested in BUYING the song and, at MY age, not having to worry about royalties... Well, remember.... Willie sold " CRAZY " , because he was hungry. Well, Sir, my granddaughter is working two jobs, and the kids eat PB&J and Ramen Noodles half of the year.. Her husband doesn't work.. He has autism .. Let me know. You said you read these messages ... so .. my phone number is 386 758 5981 ..... Please run for the presidency.. With God backing you, you would become a David with a stone in your hands against the goliaths of the world.. God bless you, and please consider finding LUKAS NELSON for me and asking if he is interested in this. I know you can. It's a great song. I sang it for Reba McEntire's brother on the phone and he said, " Barbara, PUSH that ... SOMEbody's gonna want to cut it ! " ..... But, I don't have the money to push or work the details of a contract, dear heart. Have a beautiful week ! *****************

  • Kevin Beck

    10/09/2022 02:37 PM

    The idea of complaining because a governor accepted federal disaster relief funds is abhorrent.

    It's not a matter of hypocrisy; it's a matter of rationality. Federal disaster relief funds exist for a reason: Disasters occur with randomness. For political reasons, states don't generally hold plenty of reserves in their state treasury. Instead, they seem to make decisions based upon what can their state revenue collections be used for in the upcoming fiscal cycle. A little bit of a surplus in the state treasury is not a bad thing, especially since many states have balanced-budget rules in their Constitution. But having excessive amounts in the state treasury is what will get a politician un-elected. And the states do not have a printing press for short-term money needs.

    While it's true that politicians tell of their plans, even God doesn't reveal all of His plans to his followers.