May 6, 2020

Video Link: Monday, I was on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News. We discussed the laughable editorial by the New York Times, calling on the DNC to investigate Joe Biden, which is sort of like asking an alcoholic to guard your wine cellar. We also discussed an issue I wrote about here recently, that the protesters of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s insane coronavirus policies harmed their own cause by showing up carrying firearms. It took the focus off of Whitmer and gave Democrats an opening to depict them as a threat to the Governor, when the point should have been that the Governor is a threat to the Constitution. To put it in language I know we all understand, don’t give ammo to the enemy.

That segment starts at around the 27 minute mark.

And here’s more from earlier in the show about the controversy over the Michigan protesters.

Although, to be fair, when it comes to our biased media and “fake news” culture, even if you don’t give the left any ammo to attack you with, they’ll just make some up. Like the former New York Times “fact-checker” (who, ironically, resigned after tweeting a story that falsely implied that an ICE agent had a Nazi tattoo) who tweeted a photo of a small business owner at a reopen-Pennsylvania protest whose sign was altered into a white supremacist slogan.

Come to think of it, were the Michigan protesters really carrying weapons, or was that an elaborate Photoshop job, too?... (Note to leftist media hysterics: that’s a joke, not a conspiracy theory. I know you have a hard time telling the difference between reality and jokes, so I’ll make it easier for you.)

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  • Joe conservative

    05/09/2020 05:18 PM

    When did u start blindly s following the evil, fake, fraud, phony trump. Did he find out about ur sex abuse with ur fat cow daughter?? Leave my grand children alone.

  • Alan Cogliano

    05/06/2020 08:44 AM

    Good Morning Governor Mike,
    Not sure what to believe in anymore, but I do not see a problem with a peaceful show of force in our protests. no one called out the peaceful protests in Virginia when they were defending the 2nd amendment a few months ago. It is time we become proactive and exercise our rights against the Tyranny of the global government. I believe that we are close to being whisked away by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but until then things are only going to get worse for us who believe in Him. He decided that you and I would be born in this great nation of ours and put it on the forefathers hearts to draft the document called the constitution. we must defend our liberty.
    Thanks for listening and blessings
    Alan Cogliano