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November 9, 2023

There’s no way to deny the sad truth that Democrats had a good election day. They see the results of the Ohio vote enshrining the “right” to abortion as their golden key to turning out voters who will ignore all other issues just for that. So expect to see a lot more demagoguing about abortion in 2024, and attempts to put more laws and constitutional amendments on the ballots in swing states to turn out Democrat voters. It might even turn off some moderate Republicans, who’ve been swayed to think of abortion as a “personal freedom” issue.

Paula Bolyard at PJ Media has more on that Ohio vote, what it might mean, and what it doesn’t really mean. And yes, a large reason for it was that a heavily-funded pro-abortion lobby frightened voters by lying through their teeth about what pro-life legislation would do, while the Republicans did virtually nothing to counter their false narratives.  

I was on Sean Hannity’s show last night, talking about the messaging problem that pro-lifers and Republicans have on abortion.

We need to stop playing defense and go on offense. We need to start fighting back against the left’s false rhetoric about killing babies in the womb being “women’s health care” and that anyone who isn’t all-in on abortion wants to harm women. We must make it clear that we recognize that an abortion has two victims: both the baby and the birth mother, who in many cases got talked into the abortion by the father, a relative, or even the abortion providers themselves, for whom dismembering unborn babies is a lucrative business.

We must let women know that we are not out to punish the mother, but to help her, whether it’s to keep her baby or to find a loving adoptive home, but never to condemn her. And to counter the slanderous claim that we don’t care about women’s health, we need to talk about the fact that women are exploited by abortion proponents. They’re not told about the long-term consequences of abortion, physically, emotionally or spiritually.

And instead of getting bogged down in arguments over “how many weeks,” we should talk about something everyone understands and can relate to, like the heartbeat. We all know that when your heart stops beating, you die. It stands to reason that if a baby’s heart has started beating, it’s alive. Everyone gets that.

Remember: surveys show that most people agree that there should be limits on abortion, but they vote for the “no limits” crowd because they’ve been led to believe that pro-lifers are extremists when it’s really the pro-abortion crowd who are far more extreme than most Americans.

We need to stop making the mistake of acting like we need to be afraid of this issue. We don’t. We need to say, “We are for life. We may disagree on how exactly we’re going to make that work, but all of us agree that if an unborn child is in the eighth month of development, nobody should be allowed to slice it to pieces and call it 'women’s health.' It isn’t healthy at all, for the baby or the mother." 

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