Mayor Pete: Lecturing America, one Christian at a time

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September 7, 2019

Pete Buttigieg, presidential candidate and occasional mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has reportedly done a campaign “reset.” In recent weeks, his campaign has seemed to be stuck in neutral, generating little momentum. And speaking of stuck, one thing “Mayor Pete” still seems to be stuck on is lecturing Christians on their faith like some sort of anointed prophet of God. Here’s what Pete 2.0 said Thursday during his televised sermon on MSNBC, sounding a lot like Pete 1.0:

“[For] the party and the movement known for beating other people on the head with their faith, or their interpretation of their faith...” [he’s talking about religious conservatives]…“it makes no sense to literally vote to take food away from the hungry, to essentially be practicing the very thing that not just the Scriptural tradition but so many others tell us we’re not supposed to do in terms of harming other people. And I do think there’s going to be a reckoning over that.”

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In a Thursday appearance on FOX News’ THE INGRAHAM ANGLE, I addressed this latest incarnation of the Rev. Buttigieg. To be clear, I don’t think God aligns with either political party. It’s not up to God to align with us; it’s up to us to align with Him as well as we can.

Buttigieg has this idea that Christians are out there beating people over the head. This observation seems to be something that formed by itself in his OWN head, because I don’t know what he’s talking about. Ironically, if anyone is guilty of beating people over the head with his faith right now, it’s Pete Buttigieg. (Heck, I used to be a pastor, and I think Pete is talking more about God on the campaign trail than I did.)  But that’s what Democrats generally do: accuse others of something they are doing themselves.

Buttigieg thinks government needs to spend more money to take care of poor people. I have a suggestion for him and anyone who wants better care for the poor –- as most of us of both political parties do, including myself –- and that is to ask himself what his own personal contribution is. If you are a person of faith, there is this thing called the tithe: a dime out of every dollar going to the church, to help meet others’ needs. That’s a good place to start.

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Would you choose to do that, or would you rather pay fifty cents out of every dollar in taxes under the assumption that THE GOVERNMENT will meet people’s needs? The government was not intended to do charity work; that’s for us to do. Government came up with huge programs decades ago designed to care for the poor, with the federal bureaucracy spending over a trillion dollars in the “War on Poverty.” Does “Mayor Pete” think God is pleased with the result? It’s what WE do, personally and out of love, not what a bunch of tax-funded politicians, poverty pimps and paper-pushers do, that is going to help raise people up and make a difference in their lives.

So, to Pete Buttigieg and others who want to tell everybody else how to be a Christian, please tell me: what does your own personal giving look like?  Are you practicing what you preach?

This is essentially what I told Laura, who also brought up Buttigieg’s suggestion that you’re not really a Christian if you don’t support the climate change agenda. If you’re going to stand by and watch the Earth, God’s creation, being damaged, and His people being hurt, the argument goes, “...what do you suppose God thinks of that? I’ll bet he thinks it’s messed up.”

“At least one way of talking about this,” he said, “is that it’s a kind of sin.”

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You know, he does make a good point when he says we should be good stewards of the Earth, which is, after all, God’s creation “on loan” to us. As I explained to Laura, I consider myself to be a conservationist, as opposed to an environmentalist. As I think of it, an “environmentalist” is someone who worships the environment itself, the Creation as opposed to the Creator. A “conservationist,” the way I understand the term, is someone who worships the Creator. I’m grateful for the Creation, but I believe God has given it to us for our use and benefit. We honor God by following the “Boy Scout” policy: leaving our campsite in as good or better condition than it was before we came.

This way of thinking may explain why a Tea Party rally tends to leave not one speck of trash behind; indeed, the area often looks better kept than it did before. Contrast that with your typical “progressive” march or antifa demonstration; these are the people who supposedly care so much about the environment, yet judging from the mess they leave behind for someone else to clean up, they don’t. Likewise, major cities run by leftists are being buried in filth and trash.

And why is Mayor Pete lecturing Christians on the environment when godless Communist China, the worst offender, spews a constant cloud of horrible yellow-brown yuck into the air? Does he really expect America to deliberately wreck its economy and destroy individual freedom to “save the planet,” when it’s other nations doing most of the environmental damage? And is it sinful for us to use a plastic straw or eat a hamburger when so-called environmentalists pushing the “climate” agenda are buying huge ocean-front homes and jetting to symposiums around the world? Who gets to cast the first stone?

Laura referred to this new approach by Buttigieg as a sort of “hail Mary” (ha) to breathe some life into his stagnant campaign. But his focus on Christians’ perceived failings is nothings new; recall what seemed to be his obsession with evangelical Christian Vice President Mike Pence.

Finally, there’s something I just can’t wrap my head around. Buttigieg professes to be a Christian and likes to talk about what God does and does not want us to do. He would have a little more credibility if he would come out and say he’s AGAINST taking the life of a perfectly innocent unborn child at the moment it’s coming into the world. I just don’t know how anybody can say “I’m for abortion on demand, and I think that’s exactly what God wants.”

You know, Pete, at least one way of talking about abortion on demand is that it’s a kind of sin.  And I do think there's going to be a reckoning over that.


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  • Anne Turner

    09/07/2019 08:22 PM

    Beautifully said. We are all hypocrites from time to time, but progressives take it to an new level. There is Bernie with three homes, Obama with a $15 mansion, the Clintons with multimillions and who took items from the White House. There are a few liberals who put their money where there mouth is, Bill and Melinda Gates and Paul Newman come to mind. Paul was very quiet about politics and I have not heard much political rhetoric out of Bill either.
    I was an Elder commissioner to. National General Assembly of my denomination this summer. There were people of several races and women were part of the leadership. One of the main speakers was a young Black pastor with a fade. He was fantastic. This is a religiously conservative denomination. Politics were not discussed except for comments about American Christians not being ready for the coming level of persecution. There were over a 1000 people there. The atmosphere abounded with love and good will.
    But oh my, a Christian QB urges kids to take their Bible to school and all heck breaks loose.

  • Cary Sowles

    09/07/2019 07:57 PM

    Consider the's not from a Christian, or even God

  • Norene Clark

    09/07/2019 07:45 PM

    Yes,and since Pete Buttigeig wants to tell everybody else how to be a Christian, for starters, it'd be good if he was one...which he's NOT!

    Quote Pete...out of his own mouth: "To me, salvation through Christ has to do with the fact that when God comes into this world—according to the teachings of my faith tradition —the world is basically out to destroy the divine. And yet, through this sacrifice, we see what it means to live out the idea of love, of God’s love."

    That's progressive "Christianity" 101. By that, I mean that Mayor Pete Buttigieg articulated one of the core tenets of progressive's fake Christianity, that Jesus died merely as an example of what it means to love others.

    According to Buttigieg, Jesus didn't die to pay the penalty that the South Bend Mayor's sins deserve. Like the rest of progressive "Christianity," he doesn't believe that he needs salvation; he believes that he just needs a model of how
    to live a 'loving' good life. This is convenient because ignoring whatever parts of the Bible you don't like allows you to construct a religion that lets you do whatever you want -- ergo, his "marriage" to a man.

  • Waylon Bush

    09/07/2019 07:35 PM

    I think their will be a reckoning for those who use God's Holy Word to worship self.

  • Rachel Gatlin

    09/07/2019 06:32 PM

    Thank you, Mike, for your commentaries. I really appreciate you.

  • Janice Butler

    09/07/2019 06:19 PM

    Well, Mayor Pete, I have difficulty with your criticism of me, a Born-again Believer (aka Christian) not supporting climate change. Well, sir, this planet for which you're SO concerned ain't goin' nowhere until the God who created it says so. Also, support for killing unborn/newborn babies (Thou shalt not kill) & same-sex relationships are specifically addressed in the Bible. Climate change, on the other hand isn't mentioned, anywhere. Just sayin'.

  • Adele Gauer

    09/07/2019 06:12 PM

    Interested on hearing his lecture on the Bible and sodomy

  • Robert McFate

    09/07/2019 06:01 PM

    Someone with a very unchristian life style trying to preach the Bible would be called blastfamy. There are many verses in the Old Testament that tell us about what God think about homosexuals which he would rather have overlooked!

  • Kaye Baird

    09/07/2019 06:00 PM

    Me too governor!!! Mayor Buttjig thinks God has imparted wisdom, to him, that no one else has.

  • Linda Mitchell

    09/07/2019 05:53 PM

    I absolutely refuse to listen to anyone who celebrates and condones sin lecture me on what God says in his Word. Get their behind me Satan.

  • Leonard Lugo

    09/07/2019 05:50 PM

    Indeed,sin is still sin in Biblical days and now! Changing gears; saw you show, book on Faith of VP Pence! God knew what He was doing putting together Trump & Pence Team! VP Pence is a excellent marksman politically! (Both are fighters!) He takes down his opponets with little effort, he's firm! He doesn't back down! He's accurate, he disarms his opponets.!! He is wise, he defeats his opponets, each works in harmony with the other! We need to keep them in prayer!

  • Glenn Sander

    09/07/2019 05:33 PM

    Mayor ButtPlug needs to pull his head out of his husband's backside and realize the Govt has no business running / controlling society. That's what our hard earned freedom gives us. I suggest he actually reads the entire Bible and live by it. He surely would go away then..

  • Beverly A Francolino

    09/07/2019 05:28 PM

    It looks like Candidate Pete is hoping to rewrite the Bible to meet his agenda! But then again all of the Dems are planning on changing our Country to Socialism and they seem to want to do it “Full Steam Ahead” !

  • Helen Tritt

    09/07/2019 04:55 PM

    I have not seen any light shining as to when the STUPIDITY may end, probably not at least, until the election is over and President Trump has once again WON IN A LANDSLIDE! Those democrat/socialists still do not understand that what they are ADVOCATING FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF THE USA, means that they are also DESTROYING THEMSELVES. They have absolutely zero functioning brain cells!!!

  • Arda Blevins

    09/07/2019 04:52 PM

    I also read that Pete said the Bible tells us that God said a baby's life begins when it takes its first breath. Pete needs to give us chapter and verse for that one -- which he can't. He also needs to read all the places in the Bible where we are told that God knew us before we were even knitted together in our mother's womb. Here would be a good place for him to start:
    While he's at it, he might also see what God says about his chosen lifestyle.


    09/07/2019 04:28 PM

    Yes, there's plenty for Christians to do, according to whatever they feel God wants them to do. But not the government. After all, Democrats are the ones that wanted absolute separation of church and state. Charity is up to every single individual that is able, Christian or not. But not the government!

  • Barbara Alexander

    09/07/2019 04:28 PM


  • Jan Wilken

    09/07/2019 04:22 PM

    He’s a wolf in liberal sheep clothing.

  • Patricia Page

    09/07/2019 04:22 PM

    The real reason for at least some of those in need of welfare is the man-made system itself. Rather than following the scriptural principals that the church is to care for widows and orphans, we have made this a governmental problem that has created a monster. Scripture very clearly says that the poor will always be with us and it also says, ‘’Let him who would eat, work.’’

  • Anita Mae Barker

    09/07/2019 04:17 PM

    There should be a reckoning against abortion.
    Bless you.

  • Chuck walter

    09/07/2019 04:11 PM

    The left is clutching at straws as their ship sinks. If they really want President Trump out of office do it the American way. Get a candidate smarter than President Trump, if they have one.

    Chuck Walter

  • Kay DeWitt

    09/07/2019 04:03 PM

    Again, in response, I say a thousand AMENS! This guy doesn't have a clue as to what it means to be a Christian!
    And, yes, there is no way that one can be a Christian and support abortion..because BEING a Christian is Christ THROUGH you and there is no way that the Christ THROUGH...and IN..a Christian would support killing one of His unborn children!

  • Carol Russell

    09/07/2019 03:56 PM

    All I can say, Mike, is AMEN!!!!

  • Kay DeWitt

    09/07/2019 03:50 PM

    Again, in response, I say a thousand AMENS! This guy doesn't have a clue as to what it means to be a Christian!
    And, yes, there is no way that one can be a Christian and support abortion..because BEING a Christian is Christ THROUGH you and there is no way that the Christ THROUGH...and IN..a Christian would support killing one of His unborn children!

  • Nora Sutherlin

    09/07/2019 03:48 PM

    I pray our Lord continues to bless your voice, sir.