March 7, 2020

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People feign outrage whenever anyone suggests that the left is actively trying to destroy America, but even if you grant that they aren’t, if they WERE, what could they possibly be doing that’s any different from what they’re doing already?

Here are a couple of inexplicable cases in point: New Yorkers have watched in anger and astonishment over the past few months as a new state law (written by the Democrats they elected to absolute power) allows criminals to be released without bail to commit the same crimes over and over. To no thinking person’s surprise, this has vastly emboldened criminals and sparked a big jump in crime.


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Mike Huckabee



Smart thought about Bloomberg's failed campaign

By Mike Huckabee

I already pointed out that Michael Bloomberg’s bonfire of an estimated 500 to 700 million campaign dollars (environmentalists are blaming him for global warming) should put a definitive end to all the liberals whining about billionaires being able to buy elections, along with their attempts to pass “campaign finance reform laws” that curtail constitutionally-protected political speech.

At the link, Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist makes another excellent point: if $600 million worth of “Mike Can Get It Done” ads blanketing every flat surface in America couldn’t win Bloomberg anything other than the primary in American Samoa, how in the heck did $200,000 worth of Facebook ads most people never saw tilt the 2016 national election to Trump?

Bloomberg’s faceplant should finally put a stop to the three years of whining from the left about the 2016 election being “stolen” for Trump by Russia. It should, but since their political beliefs are impervious to evidence, it won’t.



I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

We’re hearing a lot about the coronavirus, but it’s hard to know what’s true when there’s so much fearmongering and a lot that not even medical experts know yet. But here’s something you might want to read, just in case. The first British victim of the virus, a Briton who works in China, describes on a day-by-day basis exactly what he experienced in coming down with and fighting through the disease.

Because of the coronavirus shutting down China, there’s been a run on toilet paper in some places, leaving shelves empty (FYI: We don’t get TP from China, so don't panic and wipe out the TP supply.) An Australian newspaper, Darwin’s NT News, is capitalizing on that by printing 8 extra pages with cut lines so that readers can use the newspaper as makeshift toilet paper.

Now, I finally understand why some people still subscribe to the New York Times and Washington Post.


Let’s all give a final Huck’s Hero salute to Rosalind P. Walker, who has passed away at 95. She had a privileged, upper-class upbringing in New York, but when World War II broke out, she did her duty, donned coveralls and took a night shift helping build fighter planes at the Vought Aircraft Company plant in Connecticut. A newspaper columnist covering women in the war effort profiled her, and she reportedly inspired the song “Rosie The Riveter” (there were several other women who also shared credit, but Walker was actually named Rosalind.)

That image of Rosie the Riveter in her head kerchief, showing her bicep and saying, “We can do it!” inspired Americans during the war and is still an iconic symbol of female empowerment seen on everything from fridge magnets to T-shirts.

Click the link, not just to read more about her amazing life, but to see an interview with her and some fantastic period photos of the women who went to work in factories to build the weapons, planes and huge armored vehicles that helped win World War II.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."

- Philippians 4:6-7

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  • Robin Rebhan

    03/07/2020 02:28 PM

    I live in upstate NY, what this " Bail Reform " has done is horrific. Yet the politicians will defend this law to the death, despite how much of a mess it has made of the legal system.
    Aside from crime. There is a huge spike in speeding and other traffic offences. Police are required to produce on demand, Dash-cam video, body-cam video, computer readouts, radar calibration documentation, Police Officers training records, Maintenance records of the radar unit and etc.. Obviously police are unable to produce this in a timely manner and the case is dismissed!
    This law enables criminals who take advantage of this so easily.
    Yet the liberals are blind to the results! Even to the point of outright denial!