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October 15, 2023



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Censored again

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Mike Huckabee

New claim

Originally published October 9th

The media is making much of a new claim that former President Trump verbally shared classified information about US nuclear submarines with an Australian billionaire. But there seems to be less to it than meets the eye, as this story at explains.

Another aspect of it that’s not getting much attention is that these alleged conversations took place when Trump was President and had absolute authority to declassify anything he wanted. This should have nothing to do with the documents case Jack Smith is pressing. So why is it suddenly appearing now, if not for the purpose of tainting the jury pool against Trump, as if that’s even necessary in a DC court?

To me, the bigger issue is: why was this information leaked, and who on the prosecutor’s staff is going to be indicted for it? After all, I thought illegal sharing of confidential information was the most serious offense possible, and should result in multiple felony charges. I’m eagerly waiting to see those charges filed against Smith and his team for leaking evidence to the media.

Code Pink demonstrators arrested

Originally published October 9th

About a dozen leftwing protesters from the feminist group Code Pink were arrested for trespassing in Sen. Bernie Sanders’ office and holding up signs quoting his own previous statements expressing reservations about funding Ukraine’s defense against Russia.

I assume that their intrusion into this sacred citadel of “our democracy” in an attempt to distract Sanders from conducting government business will be branded “insurrection,” and the Biden DOJ will throw them into solitary until it decides what to charge them with that will put them in prison for 20 years. No?...

FYI: Code Pink pointed out that one of the protesters who was arrested was an 89-year-old woman. Normally, people might find that outrageous, but tell it to the pro-life grandmothers who are facing 11 years in federal prison for praying outside of an abortion clinic.

Federal judge allows ban to go into effect

Originally published October 10th

A federal judge in Oklahoma allowed the new law banning so-called “gender-affirming medical care” (actually, hormones, puberty blockers and surgery that attempt to alter a child’s true gender, not “affirm” it) to go into effect. More details at the link.

As noted, there are various federal court rulings either allowing or blocking similar laws, so this will probably have to be settled by the Supreme Court. Let’s hope this isn’t one of those times when they’ll pull a new right out of thin air, like the right to disfigure children with unnecessary elective surgery because 13-year-olds always know what’s best for them. You’d think this entire argument would be settled by the physicians’ rule of “First, do no harm,” but no.  

More Good Court News:

Originally published October 10th

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has expanded an injunction on the Biden Administration that blocked it from colluding with big tech platforms to censor free speech.

The court added CISA (the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) to the list of agencies previously blocked, including the White House, FBI, CDC and Surgeon General’s office. The court found that prior to the 2020 election, CISA actively worked to brand some political opinions as “misinformation” and try to get them censored or banned from social media in violation of the First Amendment.

A CISA spokesman responded that the agency “does not and has never censored speech or facilitated censorship.” I’d say that sounds like a big fat lie, but I don’t want them throwing me off of Facebook.


Inflation is up again

Originally published October 12th

The Labor Department reported Wednesday that wholesale inflation rose 2.2% in September from a year prior. Despite 18 months of interest rate hikes to reduce inflation, that’s still the highest rate of increase since April. That’s on top of a 2% hike from August to September.

The only scrap of positive news in this is that the government will use this week’s inflation numbers to assess next year’s cost of living adjustment for Social Security. So it might help seniors get a few bucks more per month. They’re going to need them.

Overboard in California

Originally published October 12th

Warning: Both the subject matter and the photo illustrating this story might be offensive to some readers:

But I think it’s important to share it because it’s such a perfect example of how leftists like the current “leaders” (more like misleaders) of California can see a law that might need a little tweak and stupidly go so far overboard that they make matters 100 times worse. (Previous example: statistics show racial disparities in arrests. Their response: Defund the police, empty the jails and stop enforcing any laws!)

It's like having a government run by hyperactive two-years-olds on a sugar high.

My faith has been shaken

Originally published October 12th

I must admit, my faith has been shaken. I was assured by the “best and brightest” in the Biden Administration that the future of energy was windmills...

Guilty plea

Originally published October 13th

An IRS contractor pleaded guilty to leaking private tax information on wealthy Americans, including Donald Trump, to the media. While it’s good to see someone at the IRS finally held accountable, sentencing won’t come until January. I think I’ll wait until then to see how seriously this Administration takes the violation of citizens’ rights when those citizens include Trump.

COLA bump

Originally published October 13th

The anxiously-awaited COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) for Social Security in 2024 was announced yesterday. Seniors will get a bump of 3.2%, which is about $58 a month for the average Social Security recipient.

Of course, Medicare payments will go up, too, and that’s automatically deducted from Social Security checks, so for many seniors, the raise will be closer to $48 a month. This is far less than this year’s 8.7% COLA, but the government says that’s because inflation is considerably lower.

Really? The government’s stats might say that, but are you really paying only $58 a month more for food, rent, electricity, etc. than you were a year ago? I find that hard to swallow.

In better news, there will also be a 5.2% increase in the maximum earnings subject to Social Security taxes, which will be cut off at $168,600.

Considering how few people are able to survive on Social Security, another welcome idea would be doing away entirely with income taxes on Social Security, which you have to pay if the government decides you’re earning “too much” while spending your “retirement” working to survive. Social Security payments were never taxed until the ‘80s, and they shouldn’t be now. That’s NOT income, it’s your own money that the government already taxed away from you years ago on a promise that they’d give it back when you got older. Counting it as income now is double taxation, and it should be abolished.

The 13th Year of Persecution

Originally published October 14th

Christian cake artist Jack Phillips is now in his 13th year of being persecuted with nuisance lawsuits and prosecutions by leftist Colorado bureaucrats and LGBTQ activists trying to force him to violate his religious beliefs.

This all started when the Supreme Court yanked a right to same-sex marriage out of the air and failed to make clear that this did not trump the First Amendment right to freedom of religion. This endless nightmare is the result of the SCOTUS failing to do its duty. He's won there before, but their ruling was still so vague that they just keep coming after him. It’s long past time that the SCOTUS took his case and ended this lawfare ordeal for Phillips and everyone else who’s been the target of these activist bullies.


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