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March 25, 2024

Thursday, a shocking video appeared that we may someday look back on as the pivotal moment that destroyed Joe Biden’s reelection chances and ended the Democrats’ reign of terror. So expect the media to do everything in their power to suppress it, but I don’t think they’ll be able to. They will try to make us all go to the polls with images of the January 6th riot in our heads, but I think most voters will have the image of this violent mob in their minds instead, and it’s much more current and has a lot more impact on all Americans.

In El Paso, Texas, a mob of illegal migrants broke down barriers and charged into the US, shoving and overwhelming a small number of National Guard troops who were trying valiantly to hold them at bay (and bear in mind that the Biden Administration has gone to court to try to block even that much of an attempt to stop the invasion.)    

Yes, I used the word “invasion,” and after seeing this video, I doubt that most Americans will have any patience with woke clowns trying to deny that we’re being invaded or calling that term “xenophobic.” When a mob of people from another nation break through barriers and charge across your border, straight towards troops trying to guard it, overwhelm them and enter your nation illegally with no intention of leaving, what else is that but an invasion?

I predict this will resonate massively throughout 2024 and impact the November elections. If that’s not video of America under invasion, then what is it? If you deny that, then you might as well call Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a “surprise drop-in.”

Here are a couple of excellent observations on this story by Rep. Mike Collins and, of course, the Babylon Bee.



Thursday, Obama-appointed federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson dismissed a lawsuit by the conservative Immigration Reform Law Institute challenging Washington, DC’s, law that allows non-citizens, including illegal immigrants and foreign embassy staff members, to vote in municipal elections. She ruled that they lacked standing (that too-familiar dodge) to sue because they couldn’t demonstrate how they are harmed by noncitizens voting and running for local office.  In her 12-page ruling, she wrote, "They identify nothing that has been taken away or diminished and no right that has been made subordinate to anyone else's."

Well, I didn’t attend Harvard like she did, so I can’t fill up 12 pages with legal gobbledygook to justify my refusal to do my job of protecting the Constitution, so I’ll just put this in plain English: That is one of the most infuriatingly stupid things I’ve ever heard in my life.

For years, I have written about how critics of election integrity laws who claim the laws “suppress voters’ rights” are actually doing that themselves. One of the most important fundamental rights in this nation is having a say in who is going to govern you. Every illegal ballot cast negates the legal ballot of an American citizen, stealing the precious right to self-government. And every non-citizen (especially an illegal one) who casts a ballot negates that right for an American citizen who voted differently.

You want “standing”?! Each and every American should have STANDING to demand that his or her vote be counted and that all votes cast be legal votes cast by American citizens. To say that allowing illegal immigrants to negate the votes of legal citizens doesn’t harm those citizens is outrageous and idiotic.  

The IRLI hasn’t said what they plan to do next, but I hope and pray that they will appeal this over her head, and that the next court will be run by judges who have some inkling of what the right to vote actually means.

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