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December 28, 2022

Congress passed the outrageous and unnecessary $1.7 trillion+ Omnibus spending bill, with the support of 18 Senate Republicans led by Mitch McConnell. Here are their names, and most will come as no surprise, although some are a real disappointment.

Here’s Mitt Romney explaining his vote, and I didn’t think it was possible, but he actually made it even worse.

All that was needed was a stopgap spending measure to keep the government running for another few weeks, at which time the new GOP House, elected by Americans to end the Democrats’ runaway, inflation-fueling spending and civil-rights crushing government, could have written a real budget. But nooooo. These Senate Republicans had to join with Democrats to take away their own party’s power, given by the voters in November, to rein in this Administration. So yet another Democrat assault on "our democracy."

Deroy Murdock has an excellent article on this atrocious bill, which he points out is three times longer than “War and Peace,” spends an average of over $469 million on EVERY page, and the Senators were given about 48 hours in which to read and vote on it…and they actually did (well, voted, anyway.)

In an era of unsustainable debt, this bill blows boxcars of tax dollars on such vital projects as building LGBTQ+ museums and “community spaces for gender-expansive people in Ohio;” a $3.6 million “Michelle Obama Trail” in Georgia; $212.1 million for federal prosecutors to continue hounding Americans over January 6th, which as Murdock points out is basically a slush fund for the government to keep harassing Trump and his supporters; and $410 million for “enhanced border security” in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, and Tunisia, but not here. There’s over $1.5 billion for processing more illegal migrants into the US, but the bill specifically bars any of that money from being used to keep them out.

In addition to all the pure pork and payoffs, this turkey is stuffed with Congress members renaming various things after themselves, like the “Nancy Pelosi Federal Building” in San Francisco. Personally, I’d say the $32 trillion national debt is a far more appropriate and permanent monument to their legacies than any building. But why should all these buildings be renamed after Democrats? Here’s something that deserves to be renamed after Mitch McConnell.

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Comments 1-10 of 35

  • Judy Windler

    01/09/2023 11:59 PM

    Hi Gov. Huckabee,
    My 2 sisters and I were on our GREATEST TRIP EVER with you and your family last May. We heard about your new little friends then. I just have to tell you, I could just hear you talking about your pups when when I read this! We would love to beat the blue smoke again someday. It truly was the very trip of our lives. And 2 of us were flight attendants for 15 years!
    Have a wonderful new year and hi to Janet!
    With love, Judy Windler

  • Susan Pethes

    01/08/2023 06:25 PM

    Thanks for loving dogs. I am a veterinary technician at Alachua County Animal Resources in Gainesville, Florida and it is refreshing to hear you talk about your dogs as if they were family. I love my job which involves getting dogs and cats ready for adoption. I also have the unfortunate task to euthanize aggressive or sick animals that we can't rehabilitate. But besides the fact you are an animal lover, I really enjoy reading your newsletters. I find them refreshingly TRUTHFUL. Thanks for doing the job you do. Keep it up please.

  • Thomas Anderson

    01/08/2023 06:20 PM

    Congratulations on your two new pups! Carol and I had to put down our 13-1/4 y/o Golden Retriever, Razzmatazz, in September 2022. We miss her very much and are considering how and when we can start to fill the void with a new and faithful companion . When looking for someone to love and trust, we'll choose a faithful pup over a politician every time!
    God Bless!
    Tom and Carol

  • Linda Varney

    01/08/2023 04:37 PM

    We went for lunch with fellow rescue friends in wales best part was lots of hugs from her dogs a big Lurcher who’s a gentleman and Maddies her puppy boxer,special dogs.we have a schitzu and a gsd plus 16 cats so I always like to hear about your your pets.

  • Mark Shipp

    01/04/2023 01:36 PM

    I suppose the vote of Boozman and Cotton, senators I voted for in part because of Sarah's endorsement, constituted at least some of your disappointment with the 18 who voted for the Omnibus Spending Bill. Those two have both made anti-Trump votes with which I was furious in the past (along with Mr.'"Fake Republican" French Hill.) I'd really like to see/hear you denounce our two Senators' votes publically. Additionally the GOA warned everyone about the dangers of the Red Flag laws contained in the bill, the same ones Dems have only dreamed of being able to enact in years past, yet Boozman and Cotton voted away my constitutional rights without hesitation, and all for some pork that will supposedly benefit Arkansas.

  • John Day

    01/01/2023 07:23 PM

    I was very disappointed that our two senators voted with the democrats on this bill. I told my wife that a “vote with a democrat is the same as voting for one” since they supported a democratic bill. I sent emails to both senators expressing my displeasure.

  • Richard Cohan

    01/01/2023 06:20 PM

    This administration is the most malfeasant, near seditious, administration in history. It steals from citizens by raising taxes to fund pork projects, opens our borders to illegal immigrants, smugglers, drug traffickers, sex traffickers and terrorists. Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler (to name but a few) are part of a major cartel to manipulate the top criminal, Biden, and his inept VP into destroying our country, curtailing the rights of citizens, abjectly DISHONORING THEIR SWORN OATH TO PROTECT AND DEFEND OUR CONTSITUTION, weaponizing the various bureaucracies of the federal government against our citizens, aiding and abetting, with taxpayer dollars, the distribution of illegal aliens throughout our country (and likely criminals and terrorists as well). They are diluting whatever wealth may be retained by the American people by grossly overspending with last minute 4000 + unread omnibus bills, dramatically increasing inflation thereby insuring the ruin of the least able citizens. They install prosecutors and attorneys general that refuse to enforce the laws they are sworn to uphold. They release criminals from incarceration under whatever false pretext they can conjure up. They then restrict the ability of Americans to defend themselves with false promises of "gun safety" in direct violation of our constitution and recent supreme court rulings by executive and bureaucratic fiat attempting to disarm the same citizens they are sworn to protect. They intentionally misidentify the true causes of crime and poverty by accusing others of that which they, themselves, are truly guilty. Acting as advocator and accomplice to these crimes is the grossly inept, ignorant or stupid mainstream media. They rush to cover all of the misrepresented "facts" to curtail anything "Trump" while ignoring the obvious criminality of Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden and all of those who have aided and served as accomplices to their crimes. It is time to impeach, indict, try and, upon conviction, execute the appropriate sentences for the crimes committed.

  • ronald smith

    01/01/2023 05:17 PM

    Dear Brother Mike , I was raised by a US Marine and a great mom. I have worked hard all my like for very little. I am 100% service connected disabled . COPD and PTSD . My home is 1 board away from breaking and falling down on me and my wife. I have it proped up with a 2x4 and we walk carefully around it. If I had a few bucks I would hire someone to fix it along with the holes in my roof and no heat. What gets me Brother Mike is I havent asked anyone for anything. I help my neighbors but no one thinks of me. Most of all the waste that is being spent and stolen could help someone like me but they will never think to ask either. The Republicans I have helped elect have been a huge dissapointment to me . Yes I think of my self now and then but mostly I think of others. I built my shack out of scrap thrown out by builders and stuff I took from junk piles. My siseing is from my grandfathers barn. if it sounds like a shack its because it is. Jo Biden das wasted so much money on MANUER Icant believe it. Lets build a space station on the moon and Mars and let the homeless fend for them selves and the Hungry ? Dont worry about it . There s a food pantry some where with stale food that is not fit to eat. When My country called me to the draft in 1967 I joined the USAF and served the 308th SAC Bomb Wing in Da Nang . I did not turn to drugs for help . I turned to Jesus and have serverved not only my nation but also my state as a Corrections Officer ar Ark. DOC ,My County as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff and my Community as a music minister in a shambles of a church.. Im 75 now Brother Mike. I dont have long to live and I dont want anything for myself but I wish the people in D C would come by with a hammer and some tar and keep my cieling from collapsing on my keyboards and guitars. I have a son that Has a Phd in ministries from TCU who is a professer at Oklahoma Christian Universiti and another son that runs a music ministry in College station Texas... Im in Saline county in a drug ridden hood that has robbed me of my peace for 38 years. Please pray for peace for me and my wife .Thank you Mike / Wish we could go fishing. Ron Smith /5018218069 /[email protected]

  • Jackie Joy

    01/01/2023 04:40 PM

    I am so disgusted with our federal government!!! The waste and pet projects is doing serious damage to our country. I heard Mitt Romney's explanation of why he voted for this omnibus bill and he made me sick!! He mentioned several "Utah" projects that he liked in the bill which exactly what I am talking about - pet projects!! And the museum for LGBTQXYZABCDE....and the "Michelle Obama Trail" - why is the federal government involved in these things?? If Michelle Obama wants whatever done with "her" trail, she is wealthy enough now, she can build the damn thing herself!!! The same goes for the LGBTQXZABCDE.... museum. Surely there are some wealthy people in that group who could sponsor that!! And however many billions we are sending to Ukraine - why??? We are paying $410 million to enhance the border security of countries who don't necessarily like us but there is absolutely nothing in there about securing our own border??? I wish they had to have a balanced budget every year like I have to - my taxes would be much less! I wish they had term limits and stand alone bills, none of this adding pork to a must pass bill anymore!! I don't trust this government anymore; I don't trust politicians anymore!!!!

  • CE Nickerson

    01/01/2023 04:13 PM

    There must be a stinky out-house that could have a sign on that says it's named after good old Mitch for all he's done for Republicans. Some where in DC or Kentucky.