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October 26, 2022

When so-called progressives judge the beliefs and behavior of people who lived in times past and find them so egregious that they pull down statues and rename schools, I like to imagine how their own beliefs and behavior will be thought of in the years to come. How will these hold up when viewed by generations hence? It seems to me that the attitudes and ‘art’ forms leftists in 2022 mandate as expressions of their ideological purity will likely be seen as shockingly offensive, and I hope they will be.

I refer specifically to the practice of performing in drag. (Those of us who already find this shockingly offensive are just ahead of our time.) And by “drag,” I’m not talking about the centuries-old contrivance of an actor artfully impersonating a woman…

...but the cartoonishly in-your-face, exaggerated, hypersexed, slutty drag that is currently in vogue at children’s birthday parties and suburban libraries. As a woman, a biological woman, I find this obscene “gender appropriation” horrifying and grotesque.

I’m not the sort of person who goes around looking for reasons to be offended. It takes a lot to offend me. And I speak as someone who once bought a ticket to a drag show in San Francisco. (It was kind of tawdry and underwhelming, actually; I thought it would be more fun.) I hail from the theatre and cabaret world and can easily imagine myself playing the lead in VICTOR/VICTORIA. But the vulgar stereotype of women being paraded onstage today is in some ways very much like the old theatrical ‘art’ of blackface, as staged with giant ridiculous watermelons and the backdrop of an endless cotton field.

I’ve been putting this type of drag show in the same category as blackface for some time and honestly thought I was alone in doing so. But lately I see that it’s a thing, and is being called by its detractors “womanface.” How did I miss this? Here it is in the Urban Dictionary, where it has been since September of 2020:

To me, though, this term doesn’t fully capture the vulgarity of what this practice does to femaleness. Blackface at least primarily focuses on the face –- which is bad enough –- but these drag performers manage to find find lewd ways to distort and degrade virtually every aspect of the female form. It’s just insulting.

In yesterday’s newsletter, we linked to a piece by Brandon Morse in REDSTATE called “The Rise of Womanface and the Glorification of Mental Illness,” which featured a social media influencer named Dylan Mulvaney who enjoys documenting his/her “girlhood” online. (It’s a gross caricature; no actual girl I’ve ever met is nearly this frivolous.) This is the person whose popularity on TikTok got him featured in an interview video by cosmetics superstore Ulta and even led to an invitation to the White House to meet President Biden, who apparently has solved all the nation’s problems related to crime, the border, inflation, the supply chain, China, the war in Ukraine and so much else that you’d think would’ve taken precedence.

The Ulta promotion featuring Mulvaney did not go over well, to say the least. The trans community might “buy a lot of product,” as someone in the industry laughingly told me, but they can’t make up for the loss of business Ulta will suffer for pushing this on its increasingly irritated female clientele.

It's not coming from a place of hate or bigotry for me to say that Dylan Mulvaney is a biological male who identifies as a “girl” and chooses to live as one. I don’t mean to offend anyone by saying it. But I’d be banned from TikTok –- that’s a hypothetical; I would NEVER be on TikTok –- for saying it, though it’s simply the truth, as surely as 2+2=4. And though he carries feminine hygiene products in his purse --- I am not kidding --- he does not need them (except emotionally) and will not get pregnant.  Our society is suddenly contorting itself so hard to indulge the feelings and delusions of transgender people that scientific fact is treated as bigotry. Even doctors are “minded” to make sure they stick to the script and don’t risk their medical licenses. We’ve bent over so far backwards that we risk permanent damage to our spines, those of us who still have spines.

It’s time to stand up to this oppression. No one gets to tell me how to think or speak on this or any other issue. Mulvaney calls women who accuse him of gender appropriation “transphobes,” but he’s got it wrong. If I were afraid of transgender people or transgenderism, I WOULDN’T be speaking up. The real transphobes are the ones going along.  And calling me names like “transphobe” while accusing ME of bigotry and hate doesn’t make any sense –- it just calls attention to his own biases.

Here’s what Morse had to say about “womanface”: “It’s the comparison to the very frowned upon ‘blackface’ that the left will selectively cancel people over depending on where they are on the political spectrum. The only difference between womanface and blackface is that one concerns race and the other concerns gender. They’re both a mockery of the thing they’re acting as, is a social faux pas, and the other is encouraged to the point of being a protected identity.”

He also said this: “Like a small napkin over a massive pile of garbage, ‘womanface’ advocates like Mulvaney are being used as a pleasant and seemingly harmless front to cover a highly dangerous and quickly spreading mind virus that is killing our society. It has every intention to normalize itself in today’s youth and, sadly, is making a lot of progress...Mulvaney represents something incredibly toxic to both society and the individual. He is attempting to normalize a sickness that could disrupt society’s understanding of basic nature and the natural order and do serious harm to those who buy into the delusion.”

Here’s a good commentary on the White House’s silly pandering to Mulvaney and other TikTok influencers. We learn from this that Mulvaney has become quite the celebrity and was even invited to speak at the Forbes “Power Women’s Summit.” He wore a cute little midriff top.

It seems that once again, the left wants to have it both ways. Feminism taught us that stereotypical behavior such as playing dress-up and styling Barbie’s hair had nothing to do with biological gender. Having different toys for boys and girls was seen as societally wrong; toy departments even tried to mix it up. But in 2022, if a boy gravitates towards “female” gender stereotypes, it must mean he’s not a boy at all but, “deep down,” forever and always, a girl. Which is it?

One thing that’s true of a lot of (real) women, myself included: We tend to be the pleasers, the accommodators, the ones who try to go along, to smooth things over --- until it gets to be too much, and then we finally just boil over. It’s clear in this case that we’ve been shoved to the back of the bus in favor of particularly loud identity groups. And we’re being lectured to about how we’re supposed to feel about it. But there’s one thing that every (real) man knows from experience: NEVER tell a woman how she’s supposed to feel.

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Comments 1-10 of 15

  • Jacquelyn Holmes

    10/30/2022 05:54 PM

    Just wanted to share something with you that I recently heard on-line that has really stuck with me. It may have been through Huckabee's programs, not sure where I heard it. The person who said it was a woman and she was either a biologist/ geneticist (someone of these fields). She said, "Mysogomy is when a man's comfort is more important than a woman's safety"

  • Denise Miller

    10/27/2022 12:53 PM

    Thank you Laura!!! You've put into words what I find so hard to express. I'm tired of being told that I must go along with this when in fact I think it's an abomination.

  • Steven Lechtenberg

    10/26/2022 10:53 PM

    I agree completely with your assessment, the “OTHER SIDE” not only wants to erase our history, but also our individual identity. Their is no low the “OTHER SIDE” won’t stoop too to get what they want, a mindless, and more importantly a faceless society. By erasing these two very important parts of our culture you create a mindless, drone style society that will be dependent on a government run by an elite ruling class, which by the way will be run by both biological men and women, think about that. The biggest thing in their favor is the under 40 crowd, not all of them, but enough of them to foment the catalyst for the change they need. The catalyst, a wave of people buying into their demented vision for America. A faceless non educated population is what they desire for their completely controlled dystopian society. With everybody confused about their identity they will look to their elected royalty, we no longer have a constitutional republic, we have political monarchy, for guidance and mor importantly their made up future and their place in the made up future. So as you can see, with no history to look back on, and no personal identity these future subject’s of their realm will be completely reliant on the monarchy that will replace our government.

  • Doug Moon

    10/26/2022 10:24 PM

    Just...yes. To every point you made in this commentary(especially your last comment- been there, done that, got the scars to prove it!). The only difference between your observations and my own reactions to this topic is that you spoke more gently and circumspectfully than I would have managed. But then again, you ARE a woman...

  • Liz Rome

    10/26/2022 07:36 PM

    Excellent article. I', an 80 year old grandmother and agree 100%. We real women don't like to be told what to think. My generation knows reality. Mulvaney will never need a tampon or have a baby. You're correct --accepting this behavior as "normal" will harm children. But for me, most important, it's yet another attack from another angle on the nuclear FAMILY. Socialists/communists want to destroy families. They begin by confusing the children and luring them to dark places while encouraging them NOT to talk to their parents. Time to stop the insanity--before I leave this earth!

  • Patricia Ann Zachary

    10/26/2022 06:19 PM

    You’re a master at telling it the way it is just as Gov. Huckabee does. Keep up the great articles.

  • Atlanta GRITS

    10/26/2022 06:09 PM

    “But there’s one thing that every (real) man knows from experience: NEVER tell a woman how she’s supposed to feel.” Preach sista preach! Loved the article

  • Susan Norwood

    10/26/2022 05:31 PM

    Please interview a few parents who will actually take their 3 yr old to one of these horrible shows and provide the $$$ for the bulging g-strings of these twerking sexual trans persons. I do not understand and I’d like their reasons. I will never understand the terrible parent like this.

  • Paul Ashley

    10/26/2022 05:07 PM

    This movement is far worse than blackface in that its primary target is children.

  • Elizabeth Houghton

    10/26/2022 04:11 PM

    On point!! Good job, Laura. I am equally tired of this new fad of men costuming themselves as women and being slutty and lewd, as if that were the most important thing about being female.