August 28, 2019

One of the standard attacks on President Trump’s supporters is that it’s a “cult of personality” and that his voters have been bamboozled into worshiping him like a false god.  This is utter nonsense.  I’ve never met a Trump voter yet who didn’t have to be convinced at first, and who still winces at some of the tweets, but on the whole has been pleasantly surprised (and they sometimes note that he’s done a fine job of fulfilling their #1 requirement in a candidate in 2016: that he not be Hillary Clinton.) 

Generally speaking, while we Republicans have a few icons we hold in particularly high regard, like Ronald Reagan, we don’t look at government as our religion, but as sort of a necessary evil, and we already have a Savior so we don’t need a politician to be one.  It’s liberal Democrats who are always looking to fill that hole in their souls with a charismatic leader, from FDR to JFK to Bill Clinton to Barack “The Lightbringer” Obama. (There’s a joke going around that Obama isn’t worried about global warming causing his new $15 million beachfront mansion to be submerged because he can just lower the tides with a wave of his hand.) 

Unfortunately, for all the candidates in the 2016 race, there are precious few who inspire any messianic feelings (although Bernie Sanders has been mistaken for Moses on a few occasions.)  The Dems are so desperate for a charismatic savior figure that some have latched onto Pete Buttigieg. It seems doubtful that he’s about to get the mother of all promotions, from Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, to President of the United States. But why would anyone even consider such a ridiculous premise in the first place, and the media take it seriously?  Do smooth talk and the right image really carry that much weight with Democrats, and accomplishments and experience so little? 

Apparently so.  Months after the media elevated Buttigieg to presidential-darling-of-the-moment, Fox News’ Raymond Arroyo did what someone should have done on day one: he went to South Bend to find out whether the guy was even running his small city competently. The report is well worth watching, both to open the eyes of any remaining Buttigieg groupies and as a cautionary tale for those who would choose their nation’s leader after less due diligence than they’d put into choosing a barber.




Classic, old-style liberals used to say that they may disagree with what you say but would defend to the death your right to say it. Today’s liberals say, “I disagree with what you say, so you must DIE!”  Yet somehow, the same folks who routinely call the President a con man, racist, white supremacist, second-coming-of-Hitler think that they’re the ones who are going to save civility in public discourse.

Case in point: I told you yesterday about New York Times columnist Bret Stephens, who took umbrage (“Umbrage, I say!”) at a George Washington University professor he’d never met making a mild joke on Twitter about Stephens being the bedbug they found in the Times offices.  He even cc’ed his over-the-top reaction to the professor’s boss, perhaps hoping to get him in trouble or cost him his job (it didn’t work: the university provost is probably used to dealing with immature and oversensitive people and gave him the diplomatic brush-off.) 

When word got out, Stephens discovered what real ridicule on Twitter looks like.

He even got the ultimate Twitter spanking: a tweet from the POTUS featuring the “L” word (“loser!”):

So Stephens took to friendly outlet MSNBC and condescendingly lectured us all that he was just trying to teach us a lesson about civility in public discourse.  He said, “Using dehumanizing rhetoric like bedbugs or analogizing people to insects is always wrong...We can do better. We should be the people on social media that we are in real life.” 

Well, decided to find out how well Stephens practices what he preaches.

In various writings over just the past two years, they found that Stephens compared President Trump to the dictators of Argentina and Venezuela and to a drug addict; he compared Trump Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to genocidal Cambodian leader Pol Pot; he accused people who criticize Colin Kaepernick of “quasi-fascism;” and he described Sen. Ted Cruz as being “like a serpent covered in Vaseline” and someone who would sell his family into slavery. If that’s the person he is on social media, I don’t think I’d want to meet him in real life. I guess we know now why the New York Times is so bent out of shape about conservatives digging into its writers’ old comments. 

On Tuesday, Stephens quit Twitter, which sounds like a good decision.  It also sounds like the first thing he’s actually done to contribute to civility in public discourse. 





I recently wrote about both the rising violence of the Antifa movement in the US and violence against Christians abroad. Now, here’s a story that brings those two threads together, and it's from Heartland America: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and our kids were being exposed to it at community college.  Surprising, since I thought you had to pay Ivy League tuition rates to get teachers this insanely radical.




Charges of internal political bias aren’t the only thing that big tech companies have to worry about.  The Attorneys General of at least 20 states are moving forward with a bipartisan lawsuit that could be filed as soon as next month.  It targets anti-competitive, monopolistic practices of tech giants such as Facebook and the way they handle the personal data of users.

Some legal experts say it will be tough to hold social media companies to antitrust laws because of their structure and because the services are free.  But the Justice Department already opened its own federal antitrust investigation last month, so we could be seeing the stirrings of a perfect storm of bad publicity for Silicon Valley giants.

In other words, they might want to hold off on any attempts to use censorship and deplatforming to influence the election.  By this time next year, they might need to be able to find at least 12 Americans for a jury who’ll actually believe they’re not guilty of acting like a monopoly. 



I know it’s very tempting to take political advice from pop singers on MTV video award shows, but the White House says the Trump Administration will not sign on to the “Equality Act” passed by the Democrat House, even after Taylor Swift urged them to do so.

In typical Democratic fashion (see the story about the “Waters of the United States Rule” elsewhere in today’s news), the Equality Act has an innocuous name (who could be against equality?) that hides what’s actually in it.  A White House spokesman said the Administration “absolutely opposes discrimination of any kind and supports the equal treatment of all; however, the House-passed bill in its current form is filled with poison pills that threaten to undermine parental and conscience rights.” At the link are more details about various ways in which the bill would empower government intrusion into freedom of religion, thought and assembly and impact everything from classrooms to child custody cases.

However, if you still want to take political guidance from musicians (to quote Homer Simpson: “Rock stars!  Is there anything they DON’T know?”), you’ll soon get plenty of opportunities.  Planned Parenthood announced a new campaign called “Bans Off My Body” to oppose state laws placing limits on abortion.  They’ve recruited 136 pop stars to promote this, and hector audiences to vote for pro-abortion politicians, during their concerts. Some who’ve agreed include Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and you could probably guess a lot of the rest, but you can find more names at the link, if you’d like to avoid spending your concert dollars on a pro-abortion lecture.

For any entertainers who would like to enjoy long careers and not alienate half or more of their fans, I’d suggest they read this helpful book by my friend, Laura Ingraham:

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  • Trudy Moeckl

    08/30/2020 02:10 AM

    Can you please inform your readers about the Democrats' plan to eliminate the suburbs of America? This could influence a lot of votes.

  • John Eckenrod

    08/30/2019 01:41 PM

    This kind of report is so needed in today's America! Loved your reporting on Planned Parenthood and the "Bans off My Body" insistence. For the rest of the world, it's got to be "Bans off My Baby"!
    And yes, for reasons of the hierarchy, and not wanting to rock-the-rock-star-vote-- I did get permission for this from Lady Gaga.
    You go Gov! It truly IS MUCH NEEDED!
    -- John

  • Jack macdonald

    08/29/2019 08:57 PM

    Afterthought regarding Wray. Why did we expect have an honorable, trustworthy Director running the FBI ? Look at the history and the list of unsavory characters having held this position. Start with Hoover, add Mueller, Comey and now Wray and you have a rogues gallery of corruption and incompetence. I wonder what the job qualifications are and who does the hiring?

  • Jack macdonald

    08/29/2019 07:57 PM

    I am growing very tired and a little irritated by the constant harping from many quarters including many of your readers about the President's tweets. When will people accept his right to express opinions in any forum he chooses? It's called a right protected by the first amendment. Why do people have this desire to censor his speech and where do they get the idea that their opinions about his tweets are worthwhile. We don't need speech police who want to bully people into only expressing views that have their approval! All of us have imperfections so let's cut this guy a little slack.

  • rodney burke

    08/29/2019 06:46 PM

    If we are looking for accomplishments, there ARE none on the lib side. There is NO one who isn't a failure, liar or a fraud Except maybe for Yang and Delaney. It has become apparent, to me anyway. that dems are NOT the party of anything but failure. I'm sure you would like to see, an example of democratic success since 1964, Mike. I am older than you and I can't cite one so far. Maybe you can?As for musicians? Please! NONE of them should be given any heed. they are the obvious symbol of failure in politics. All talk and no substance.

    Oh! what happened to Marianne Williamson? Did she evaporate?

  • Nelda White

    08/29/2019 05:01 PM

    I like the sound of "Hands off my body". Isn't that what the innocent little babies are saying?

  • Don Race

    08/29/2019 11:00 AM

    I guess I was pretty much convinced at first about Trump. Back in August of 2015, the wife and I were having dinner at a fund raiser for a local mayor. Congressman Jim Jordan sat down with us. The conversation went well until I mentioned that I liked what Donald Trump was saying. Jim just got up and walked away. I guess Jim took awhile to get convinced. And I have not been surprised. Trump has done exactly what I expected. Can't say that about many other politicians. So, now that Hillary has gone away, who's next? Bernie punching bag? Pocahontas? Spartacus? Joe Gaff? It certainly is entertaining....

  • Leo Draegert

    08/29/2019 09:35 AM

    We used to call it jumping on the band wagon! People who do not investigate the true nature of what is really behind issues are more than just stupid they are the lost. Look at the new wagon of the back ground checks and what they have tacked on to it that if you die you can not pass your hard ware down in your family with out government control. So much for the security of freedom.

  • Peter Rienstra

    08/29/2019 08:19 AM

    When President came down that stairway he right away caught my attention . He was not the usual
    politician and was for America. The past 3 years have proved my feelings to be right . He has done much more for our country than many other presidents since Truman . I hope all America knowss and will keep him in the oval office for one or two more terms . Ido wonder if he is grooming the next president to keep the on the right path ?

  • Dusty

    08/28/2019 10:40 PM

    Gov. if you are able to talk to the President wish you could get him to step back off the Twitter and not say anything on there that is negative and anti certain people. Even that Fox is against him. Has to stay positive and stop feeling like certain things said are all against him. Fox is not all one way they try to be fair unlike the others why I no longer watch most of the others. Needs to just stay positive range and stop the attack of things he is not happy about hearing and about people. Time to move on to another level. His working on JOBS, stop illegals, find a very affordable health care if he cannot do this he will no doubt lose? Keep up our military get to bases and talk to the men and women who defend us and the world. Stop talking in the ME and MY and what I do what the side backs him can do if the SWAMP would stop . We know the whole Russia thing was a SCAM now wait for the truth to come forward it will Karma works. Most who were for you are still but Gov he has to step back and who can get him to do this if not he will lose. Sad to see what then for this country so he has to stop and stay cool. Turn around and he can do this he did a very good job at the G7. The rest of the World is trying to survive and he can help but stop on all about him anymore it is not.

  • Anne Amato

    08/28/2019 09:42 PM

    Dear Governor,
    "Obama would just lower the tides with a wave of his hand"? Really? And here I thought it would be so much us all the ability to walk on water! ( :
    Seriously though....President Trump IS unconventional as a politician (and I see that as a "breath if fresh air") as well as a way of providing a great deal of uncertainty among the leaders of other countries who regard us as (at the very least) a possible threat to them.
    I find his presidency very interesting however: the specific timing of his presidency--specifically when tracking the history of the return of Israel as a nation. Also...his name..... And...the timing and his announcement recognizing the city of Jerusalem being the capitol of Israel. Just like Truman, I highly doubt that President Trump was aware of the significance of the specific timing of this action.
    God uses people in His own way and in His own time.
    And...I have been meaning to thank you for some time now for including the "Daily Verse" in your newsletter--yes--I read them! ( :

  • Michael Kamrath

    08/28/2019 08:04 PM

    Now this should be a lesson if you plan to start a folk group
    Don't go mixin' politics with the folk songs of our land
    Just work on harmony and diction
    Play your banjo well
    And if you have political convictions keep them to yourself

    (from: "The One On The Right Is On The Left", written by Jack Clement and famously performed by Johnny Cash)

  • Mike Pavao

    08/28/2019 08:02 PM

    Excellent commentary Mike! Spot on!

  • Amelia Little

    08/28/2019 07:05 PM

    The NYT guy is pretty much like the out-spoken freshmen democrat delegation. "It's not derogatory or uncivil for me to call you (conservative) anything we want. But, by golly, don't you DARE say anything about me!!!" I think it's funny and juvenile for the freshmen delegation to cry about anyone opposing their ideas, saying they are racist. Don't know what they call it when they oppose any ideas that don't come out of their little heads. And, I suppose they will never get it--just like with obama--opposing your policies or ideas has NOTHING to do with race or gender, it has everything to do with the fact that the ideas are soooo wrong!!

  • Barbara Collins

    08/28/2019 06:45 PM

    Please stop calling me Barbra—I am Barbara.
    Liked your news. Can always count on the truth. But PLEASE call me Barbara PLEASE ????????

  • albert behrens

    08/28/2019 06:43 PM

    There is nothing wrong with the FED. Only the boneheads who chaired the BOG and supported the GLBA of 1999, and its supporters of eliminating tough regulation in favor of the PC attitude.

    Prior to the failure of San Diego National and Franklin National, the strict supervision of the FRB kept the system in tact.

    Low interest rates are not the FRB's problem; they did not create the bailout in 2009 - Sen. Warren and others supported a far more rational plan - of course the large banks would not hear of it!

  • William Taylor

    08/28/2019 06:14 PM

    Dear Mike, if political discourse is going to improve it could start with me and with you. I hope this note reflects my start. I’d like to see you start in your next newsletter. Here’s a suggestion of a possible improvement to this newsletter. I don’t think you should say that, “it’s liberal Democrats who are looking to fill that hole in their souls with charismatic leaders...”. Are their SOME such liberal Democrats....maybe. Are they ALL in such a! Maybe you meant it to be humorous or insightful or both but I think it’s unnecessary at best and not helpful. And this whole ‘messiah thing’ on one side and the recent ‘chosen one thing’ on the other is blon out of proportion and is not helpful. Can you stop that i.e. at least the ‘messiah thing’ ?

  • Victoria Blake

    08/28/2019 06:12 PM

    Count me as the person who didn't have to he convinced. All I had to know was that the other choice was Hilary Clinton. She had to get defeated. For all the years Obama was in office, Republicans never acted like the Democrats are acting since Hilary lost. This world has gone nuts. The only saving grace is that I know God has a plan and is in control. I don't trust politicians but I trust God completely. God bless America and our president and guide him in his job. Thanks for your publication. It keeps us well informed.god bless you and your family.

  • George Curl

    08/28/2019 05:54 PM

    I know you didn't address this topic roday, but it looks like the DNC is up to its old tricks. I read that Tulsi Gabbard is not going to be allowed at the September gathering of "Wanna-Bes" in Houston. I guess she killed her chances when she attacked Kamala Harris during the last debate. Gee, wouldn't want a DNC favorite knocked off by a more moderate choice.

  • Marie Alberti-Thomson

    08/28/2019 05:51 PM

    Great words of info and encouragement. Keep them coming.