October 28, 2022



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What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

Romans 8:31

San Francisco attack highlights crime problem

San Francisco under ultra-left leadership has gone from a jewel of a city to a nightmare for business owners and residents who have to cope with rampant crime, homelessness and filth. The city’s well-heeled liberals have mostly managed to insulate themselves from the consequences of their terrible policies, protected by armed guards and gated communities. But lately, it’s starting to seem that nobody is safe. And early Friday morning brought the ultimate example of that.

A home invader reportedly broke into Nancy Pelosi’s home, evading the security system. She wasn’t home, but he violently assaulted her husband Paul. The assailant is in custody. Paul Pelosi was taken to a hospital, and I am glad to be able to report that he is expected to make a full recovery.

Maybe this will finally shock San Francisco voters into realizing that it’s time for their city to start making a full recovery from the people they’ve allowed to run it into the ground.  

No recession?!?

Democrats searching for a lifeline in the elections seized on a report by the Commerce Department to prove that there is no recession. The agency announced Thursday that third quarter GDP grew by an annual rate of 2.6%, the first positive growth after two consecutive quarters of contraction (or as that used to be known, a “recession.”)

There are a lot more details at the link, including the caveat that more Fed interest rate hikes are coming to try to lower inflation and most economists expect a recession in the next 12 months. You probably won’t hear that part on the news, though.


When the phony narratives and hollow giants came tumbling down…

This week might go down in history as the week when a number of phony narratives and hollow giants propped up by the left all came tumbling down like dominoes. Let’s tick them off one-by-one…

It started with the live-on-TV exposure of the massive attempted defrauding of the voters in Pennsylvania. Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman’s debate performance shocked most viewers who realized they’d been lied to for months and that Fetterman was clearly incapable of serving in the Senate and should be home recuperating from his stroke. The left also exposed their true faces by expressing fury not over the fraud or the exploitation of a sick man, but over his campaign allowing the truth to be revealed before the election.

Some of them are still trying desperately to keep the scam going by praising Fetterman as stunning and brave, and claiming that any suggestion that he’s unfit for the Senate is discrimination against the disabled. They turned on a dime from “How dare you suggest he’s disabled?!” to “How dare you discriminate against him because he’s disabled?!”

They’re even comparing him to Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. Yes, but FDR’s major problem was that he couldn’t walk, not that he couldn’t talk.

And Churchill’s stroke came in 1953 when he was 78, long after his leadership in World War II. He got through it because it was covered up, but it did interfere with his duties as Prime Minister, including causing a six-month postponement of an important summit with President Eisenhower.


Related: A great column from Derek Hunter at on how Fetterman is really the “Big Lie” liberals keep talking about.


On Thursday, Elon Musk took over as the owner of Twitter, and there was much wailing and rending of hemp-based garments in the headquarters of that social media giant, where staffers once ran roughshod over conservative speech and revelled in tilting elections to Democrats by which speech they promoted or silenced.

Musk’s first actions were to fire Twitter’s CEO Parag Agrawal, its chief financial officer, head legal and policy executive and general counsel, at least one of whom was reportedly escorted out of the headquarters in San Francisco. He then tweeted, “The bird is freed.”

Musk put out an open letter to advertisers, vowing that Twitter would be a “common digital town square, where a wide range of beliefs can be debated in a healthy manner, without resorting to violence.” Although he added that it would adhere to laws and be welcoming to all and not “become a free-for-all hellscape where anything can be said with no consequences.”   

By the way, Musk has previously said he would reinstate former President Trump’s Twitter account, calling the banning of Trump “morally wrong” and “flat-up stupid.” It’s not clear whether Trump will return, though, since he’s said he’d rather build his own platform, Truth Social.


Another giant that once tilted elections came tumbling down the beanstalk yesterday, when Mark Zuckerberg officially became the biggest money loser in history. Thanks to his obsession with creating “the Metaverse,” shares of Meta (formerly Facebook) plummeted nearly 25% following a dismal earnings report. Since Zuckerberg announced the company’s new name one year ago, its stock value is down nearly 70% and it’s lost $618 billion in market value.

Maybe he shouldn’t have spent all those millions to try to rig an election to install a President who’s crashed the economy and the stock market. I feel bad for his stockholders, but if there’s a silver lining here, maybe he won’t be able to afford to do that anymore, and the Republicans will win, and their stocks will come back up.


A cherished liberal narrative also imploded this week: the claim they’ve been hammering away on that election fraud claims are a “Big Lie,” there’s no such thing as ballot harvesting, was blown sky high by a whistleblower in Orlando.

Cynthia Harris, a black female former candidate for Orange County Commissioner, filed a sworn affidavit with the Florida Secretary of State’s office, alleging a systematic ballot-harvesting operation in Orlando’s African-American communities that’s been going on for years. She says activists are paid $10 per ballot to go into black communities and pressure vulnerable people in places like nursing homes to hand over their absentee ballots for them to “deliver” to the polls. If the envelope is sealed, then it's steamed open. The ballots are marked in the way that the organizers want. If they’re already marked for the “wrong” candidate, they do something to spoil them so they’ll be thrown out.

Harris said she’s been aware of this corruption for years but was finally moved to speak out after she lost her race when a recount impossibly reduced her vote tally. The state has opened a criminal investigation of her claims.

Some might try to dismiss this as only a small number of votes, but we know how a small number of votes in a close enough election can have very serious consequences.


And speaking of code red liberal narrative fails…

In Arizona, someone broke into Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs’ office, and she was quick to blame her Republican opponent Kari Lake for spreading “misinformation” and sparking a Watergate-style break-in. After police arrested a suspect with known mental issues and no political motivations (FYI: he was already in jail on unrelated burglary charges and waiting to be released when he was identified and the items he stole from Hobbs were still on him in jail), Hobbs seemed much less willing to talk to the press about her false accusations against Lake.

As we’ve come to expect, Kari Lake handled it like a boss. After initially calling Hobbs’ claim “Jussie Smollett part two,” she called an “emergency press conference” without revealing the topic. With all the media gathered, she gave them a much-deserved chewing out for their lack of professionalism in repeating Hobbs’ false accusations before they knew any of the facts that turned out to prove her completely wrong. Or as she put it, making defamatory claims about her over “this garbage (BS) story.”

The media should’ve been suspicious from the get-go. Considering one new poll shows Lake leading Hobbs by 11 points, what political secrets do they think Hobbs has that Lake would possibly want to steal?


And another liberal narrative bites the dust, maybe: A newly-released interim report by the Republican Oversight staff of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee found that “the COVID-19 global pandemic was, more likely than not, the result of a research-related incident associated with coronavirus research in Wuhan, China” (i.e., it probably leaked from a lab), and declared that “the hypothesis of a natural zoonotic origin no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt, or the presumption of accuracy.”

The report says that while it is still possible that COVID might have originated naturally in animals, there are a number of factors that make that highly unlikely, such as the failure to identify the original host and the lack of any published evidence that it was circulating in animals prior to the pandemic. There are many more reasons you can read about at the link.

The big remaining question is, “With Elon Musk taking over Twitter, will we finally be allowed to tweet about this?”

A Cat 5 electoral hurricane is coming

Democrat leaders are trying to put up a brave front about the midterm elections, but privately amongst themselves, they know that a category five electoral hurricane is coming. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was caught on a hot mic warning President Biden that they’re in danger in Georgia, where Sen. Raphael Warnock is “going down” to Herschel Walker. He also said the early voter turnout is “huge,” which is weird, consider all that voter suppression.

Schumer also admitted that the Fetterman debate was bad but it looks as if it hadn’t “hurt us too much, as of today” (give it time, Chuck; not everyone watches debates live, but the clips are getting around.) He also said, “I think we’re picking up steam in Nevada,” so let that be a warning to Republicans in Nevada to take nothing for granted. Vote as if the Democrats would take your children away from you if they got into power. They call that “public school.”


With nothing to sell voters, Biden is flat-out lying

Having tried everything to convince voters to keep them in power, the Democrats have now resorted to just flat-out lying, and I mean the kind of lies that they know are lies, we know are lies and they know that we know are lies, but they’re telling them anyway because what else have they got? I mean lies like claiming that Biden hasn’t restricted oil and gas production, the border is secure, there’s zero inflation, there’s no recession, and Republicans want to crash the economy.

And then there’s this jaw-dropper: No, gas was NOT over $5 a gallon when Joe Biden came into office. It was $2.37 a gallon on average. He also claimed that the average price today is $3.39 a gallon. It’s actually $3.76.

Biden also bragged that because of his actions, gas prices are down $1.25 from their recent peak, adding up to “real savings for families today.” So celebrate that instead of paying over $5 a gallon, you’re only paying $3.76 a gallon – instead of $2.39 a gallon.

What will you do with all that extra money he’s putting in your pocket?  Maybe you could use it to make a down payment on a Thanksgiving turkey.


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  • Carl Serkland

    10/28/2022 04:57 PM

    WHEN the Republicans take back the House and Senate, I suggest that they convene as special "November 19 (09) Committee". Congressional leaders who control what bills are brought to the floor have a responsibility to be sure that those bills are proper and Constitutional. PPACA was enacted Unconstitutionally.
    VP Joseph R. Biden, as President of the Senate, whoever was the President Pro Tem of the Senate, the late Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House, and the self-proclaimed Constitutional Scholar, B.H. Obama all should have seen that this was, in fact, a Senate-originated tax bill and stopped it. It COULD have been resubmitted in the House and gained legitimacy, but they were all so over-eager to push it through that they either disregarded their oaths of office, or were so incompetent as to not recognize the reality or what they were doing. In either case, they should be stripped of all offices and emoluments and forbidden from ever holding federal office again.
    A study of the legislative history of PPACA (Obamacare) in the Congressional Record shows that everything in it, except some boiler-plate phrasing which includes the House Bill number, originated in the Senate, using an “amendment in the nature of a substitute,” colloquially known as “gut and replace”. This is the Senate's way of thumbing its nose at Article I, Section 7, First Paragraph. On November 19, 2009, SA 2786 was introduced by Harry Reid, et al, to “Strike all after the enacting clause and insert the following:” in HR 3590, at which point the “Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act of 2009” became the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”
    Further study of the legislative history of this Act indicates that there were NO amendments subsequently made by the House. This means that, though this DELIBERATE MISUSE of the Senate’s amendment process, it carried a House bill number even though the entire operative text of the bill ORIGINATED in the Senate. This interpretation of the Senate’s ability to propose amendments to House bills leads to the conclusion that the first paragraph of Article I, Section 7 of the United States Constitution poses no limitations whatever on the Senate’s ability to originate “Bills for raising Revenue,” since they can use it to highjack a House bill to create their own bills to impose taxes at the whim of the leaders of the Senate. It also allowed the “substitute” bill to bypass many of the committee hearings, etc., that would have normally been used in both houses to evaluate a NEW bill. The subsequent passage by the House and signature by the President show that no one in Congress wants to give up this chicanery. To claim otherwise strains credulity past the breaking point. If it is allowed to stand, there is no actual limit on the Senate’s originating “Bills for raising Revenue” as forbidden by the Constitution. I cannot believe that the authors of the Constitution contemplated that kind of abuse of the Constitution by those who have sworn an oath to uphold and defend it.
    I urge that the Honorable Supreme Court of the United States consider this argument against PPACA at its earliest opportunity, and to find that it is wholly Unconstitutional, and since it lacks a severability clause, the entire law be declared null and void. In conjunction with this, the “gut and replace” process should also be declared unlawful – for both Houses. The Senate is entitled to create any bill authorized it by the Constitution; they can even try to convince their colleagues in the House to produce a bill to their liking, but this kind of trickery must not be allowed.
    When PPACA is voided, along with it all its enabling rules, regulations, etc., depending on it for their existence should also be declared inoperative as they will lack the foundation on which they are built.
    Certainly this will result in some chaos and uncertainty, but sometimes that is the natural, even desirable result of change. There have been other decisions in the past that have caused a certain amount of upheaval in our society, but we have overcome those problems and become a stronger country for going through those difficulties. I have in mind a number of occasions of the past – Scott v. Sandford, its reversal by the Civil Rights Act of 1866; Prohibition, Brown v. Board of Education, -- I’m sure there are others but I am not a legal scholar.
    PPACA is not just controversial, or (at least in the opinion of some) bad law, it is Unconstitutional and must be declared void, along with any subsequent Acts, etc., that depend on it for their existence. Any resulting inconvenience and/or chaos must fall upon the shoulders of those who chose to use a highly questionable shortcut to push a bill into law without following proper procedures and deliberation.
    When Ms. Pelosi allowed this bill to come to the floor of the House after the Senate’s “amendment”, she allowed – even encouraged – the entire Democrat contingent in the House to violate their oaths of office by passing an Unconstitutional piece of legislation. The Speaker should take care not to allow such to come to a vote – but of course, in addition to being BHO’s signature legislation, it is also the “high point” of her tenure as Speaker. When will she apologize for not only violating her oath of office, but inducing over half of the House to do so?
    If you take a sheep, eviscerate it, remove the fleece, and drape it over a wolf, you no longer have a sheep, you have a wolf in sheep‘s clothing. “Gut and replace” is exactly this.
    I suggest that the collusion of Biden, Reid, Pelosi, and Obama in perpetrating this blatant violation of the Constitution and violation of their oaths of office is ample cause to move for the retroactive impeachment of all of them, retroactively if necessary, to include forfeiture or ALL future entitlements such as paid medical insurance, pensions, etc., and blocking them from holding any future elected OR appointed position in the federal government.

  • Patrick Canan

    10/28/2022 04:26 PM

    Governor -
    I know that you and I share an abhorrence of those who resort to political violence, whether it come from J6 or BLM. You've expressed outrage at people standing in front of the home of Justice Kavenaugh, but I do not recall your expressing a similar concern over death threats to election workers or, more recently, masked and armed men sitting next to vote drop-off sites, their license plates hidden with (of all things) American flags. A few decades ago they might well have had pillow cases with eye holes over their heads. The message is clear and similar.
    We can only imagine what might have happened had the J6 rioters found VP Pence on January 6, but we need not imagine when it comes to Paul Pelosi.
    It seems time for all thoughtful Americans to speak up strongly against violence as a tool of politics, whatever the persuasion of the perpetrator.

  • John Galt

    10/28/2022 02:44 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,

    I'm a big fan and would like to send you a book. If you would be kind enough to provide a mailing address, I'll post it next week.

    Kindest regards,

    John Galt

  • David E REDCAY

    10/28/2022 01:29 PM

    Hello Mike. Please say a prayer for MARK AUNGST family. MARK was a Patriot who LOVED AMERICA. the dc feds destroyed this mans ability, and desire, to fight back. He regularly attended church with his mother and daughter. Mark was [suicide] victim no 2 from 1/6. Thank you HUCKABEE FAMILY.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    10/28/2022 01:08 PM

    I think more Americans will be concerned about what they are paying at the Pump and the Store than what some Economist says .