January 5, 2022

Opponents of government vaccine mandates won a small victory in Nevada, and blogger Robert Zimmerman makes several great points about why it has larger repercussions.

The Nevada State Board of Health had mandated that all college students get the shot or be banned, but that expired after 120 days. It could only be extended by the Legislative Commission, and when they split 6-6 on party lines, the tie killed the mandate. Zimmerman notes that like many such mandates, it was imposed by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats. This was the first time elected representatives weighed in on it, and that ended it.

Some other important points he notes that are going overlooked: the fact that this was the first time elected representatives have had a say shows how much power has been usurped by unelected bureaucrats. Those bureaucrats ignored evidence that the mandate was ineffective and imposed a discriminatory policy that violated students’ First Amendment rights and their autonomy over their own bodies. This is also an example of how the excuse of a “medical emergency” has opened the door to many organizations violating laws protecting the privacy of citizens’ medical records. And most importantly, the party line vote shows how this issue has been completely politicized, with decisions based not on science but on politics.

I recommend you read the whole thing, but here’s a quote I have to share in this election year, because he makes the point that only the people can fix this by changing the politicians:

“The six Nevada Democrats who voted for this illogical mandate did so not because they had any facts on their side (which they did not), but because the edict expanded the power of government, and that today is the overriding goal of every Democrat. Crush the opposition, squelch free debate, and twist the law in any way possible to guarantee victory. The voters should have thrown these bums out of office years ago. It is...imperative that they do it now, because there is very little time left. Soon, if these power-hungry Democrats have their way, elections will no longer matter. They will be in control, and will not allow you to remove them.”

Sounds like the perfect response to Chuck Schumer’s balloon juice about ending the filibuster to pass the “Legalize Vote Fraud” bill to “save democracy.”

And a PS from Zimmerman that’s also important:

“Nor are the Republican politicians much better. Too often for decades they have made deals, going along to get along, rather than stand for freedom and smaller government, as they consistently would promise during every single election campaign. The voters need to throw a lot of them out of office as well.”

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