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September 10, 2022

To get your weekend off to a great start, Jonathan Turley has written a magnificent analysis of “The Clinton Standard” of ‘justice,’ saying that, yes, one exists, but it’s the opposite of what Hillary has been going around lately saying it is. What it really means is that Hillary is indeed held to a different standard of law and ethics –- but it's the same standard she holds for herself, which is to say, no real standard at all.

Turley’s commentary in the NEW YORK POST actually makes a couple of major points: 1) what a spectacular liar Hillary is, and 2) how often she really has skated when others faced prosecution. Aah, that second point, especially, takes me back to our Arkansas days, with the stunningly odds-defying cattle futures profit that was not seriously examined and the Whitewater allegations --- with those long-”missing” Rose Law Firm billing records that turned up much later in the White House residence --- that were never prosecuted. Whitewater sent the Clintons’ colleagues to jail, or at least, for those older ones with health problems, house detention and probation.  That was the case for then-Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker, a former Rose Law Firm colleague of Hillary’s whose conviction on conspiracy and mail fraud charges led yours-truly, the Lt. Governor at the time, to the Governor’s Mansion. Thanks to the graciousness of Arkansas voters, I remained as Governor for 10-1/2 years, until term limits forbade me from running again. But I digress.

Turley brings up other Hillary scandals as well, though, of course, the list is so exhausting that he understandably doesn’t catch all of them. Or maybe it was simply necessary to do some editing, because if he’d discussed them all, his piece would have been the length of WAR AND PEACE. Hillary walked away from every one of them. And now, that’s not enough for her --- she has to rewrite history. In other words, lie like a rug.

In light of the weaponization of the legal system as currently directed against President Trump, it’s especially instructive to look at the very different way Hillary’s email scandal was handled, as well as how she’s lying about it now. She actually has the nerve to say she had “zero” classified material on her easily hackable –-- and, according to the FBI, hacked –- private, non-secure, at-home email server. Turley’s piece serves as a refresher if you don’t know the real story about that, but...I’ll bet you know it. To jog your memory further, here’s the text of then-FBI Director James Comey on July 5, 2016, outlining in detail what she did --- before weirdly dispensing with it and clearing the way for her upcoming nomination by announcing that “no reasonable prosecutor” would take the case.

Comey said that Hillary had “dozens of conversations on email about secret topics” and, he thought, “about eight on top-secret topics.” Yet he ludicrously maintained that this was not criminal behavior. Imagine what the DOJ and the media would be doing to Trump if he’d done THIS. Who needs proof of intent when it comes to Donald J. Trump? You can bet there would be big-time criminal charges, prosecuted with wild delight.

Worse, Hillary absolutely did have intent to set up the private-server arrangement as a way to keep out of the watchful eye of the Freedom Of Information Act. Why else would she have gone to all that trouble? There’s no telling what was in the 33,000 emails about “yoga and Chelsea’s wedding” that she wiped clean with BleachBit, or, as she once joked, “a cloth.” (She obviously enjoys joking about this, when other people’s lives have been ruined by the weaponization of the DOJ over so much less, or even ginned-up charges.) Recall that her staffers even physically destroyed electronic devices with hammers, but were given immunity in exchange for, well, nothing. 

“Virtually everything” about Hillary’s claim now about her emails “is breathtakingly untrue,” Turley says.

He explains why it’s essential to keep official State Department emails on a SECURE GOVERNMENT SERVER: “There is no classification automatically stamped on text being typed out and sent within minutes. While attachments can have classification markings, the whole point of using secure servers is that emails are created in the moment with inevitable slips in referencing classified material.” And Hillary’s emails DID have top-secret information tied to Special Access Programs, which intel officials have described as the highest level of classification.

Turley also reminds us that even though Hillary’s lack of cooperation greatly delayed any investigation into her possession of classified material, no raid of her home took place, let alone any charges. And recall that Comey seemed so eager to exonerate her and wash his hands of the whole thing, he drafted his “no reasonable prosecutor” speech before he’d even been able to interview those recalcitrant key witnesses. Some former FBI agents were highly critical of Comey for doing this at the time, especially for the fact that he even prematurely circulated the draft among agency staff, setting the direction of the investigation before it was over.

Sister Toldjah at REDSTATE suggests we all say a little prayer for Jonathan Turley’s safety now that he's dared to correct Hillary’s revisionist ploy and expose her for the liar she is. Hey, it couldn’t hurt. Come to think of it, you might add one for us, too.

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  • David Peightal

    09/13/2022 10:31 AM

    At 10 minutes into this video (at the very end of the video) he explains that Matthew Desmond, founder of “eviction lab” very strangely stopped reporting evictions four days after he was at a meeting at the whitehouse on August 2. Eviction Lab has reported eviction numbers every week for the last two years. They have ceased reporting them. (To skew statistics?)

  • Bill Collar

    09/12/2022 07:34 PM

    I just wanted to say that in reading your newsletter it reminds me of Paul Harvey and his "The Rest of the Story" segment on the radio. I usually watch a half hour of the national news on one of the "mainstream media networks" but then watch your weekly show to hear "The Rest of the story". I would advocate that everyone do so. And to further balance things I read your newsletter, always. I think everyone should too!

  • Ed Thompson

    09/12/2022 01:39 PM

    If anyone ever wanted an excuse to go from Democrat to Republican this is it. Make a copy of this information and show it to everyone who asks you why you are now going to be a Republican!

  • william Paul appelt

    09/11/2022 09:37 PM

    Well, Mike, I think that someday, do not hold your breath, Hilary will self-destruct all by herself. The pressure of remembering all that was done is going to take a supercomputer to check and double check to not get caught. There's no way she is using her brain to do this. One word or a certain boast will bring something out in the open. She will either go recluse or really have to go to jail.
    The Hound of Heaven will find her!
    Thanks for your emails, Bill

  • Dale Ipema

    09/11/2022 09:00 PM

    In the article about illegals bussed into Chicago, then re-bussed to Burr Ridge, I think you meant Crook County-er.. Cook County instead of Clark County.

  • Thomas Berry

    09/11/2022 07:58 PM

    Re. "No reasonable prosecutor . . . " Indeed: no reasonable prosecutor would want her to add a pair of concrete galoshes to his wardrobe!

  • Phyllis Harris

    09/11/2022 07:15 PM

    Governor -- Dave Ramsey recently mentioned a Stephen Mansfield podcast in which Mr. Mansfield claims that Biden has no intention of forgiving any student loans. His reasoning is no staff has been put in place nor any preparations made to put in place a program of the magnitude needed to go about wiping out student loans. Could your research staff determine if this is true? If so, would you let your readers know of this latest ploy to influence the mid-terms. Thank you.

  • Wendy Fillmore

    09/11/2022 05:57 PM

    Thank you for speaking out. Hillary makes me sick. There's no one more smug, condescending, and arrogant than her. Comey said "no reasonable prosecutor" because they all know what often happens to those who cross the Clintons.

  • Jim Greer

    09/10/2022 01:48 PM

    Well l used the link you provided and tried to read Comey’s VERY detailed explanation of the - er investigation??? - into Hillary’s emails but finally had to give up after the third… ZZZZZ! Sorry. Talk about “blah blah blah”