October 25, 2020


October 25, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


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In 10 days, voters will determine who will be President and who will control the US Senate and the House of Representatives. I think all of us will be glad for this long brutal campaign season to be over, but the consequences of this election are not minor. Each party has staked out diametrically opposed positions on pretty much everything. This is not like any election ever.

President Trump is admittedly abrasive, combative, at times vain and vulgar. He became President having never held or even run for any political office. He has been disruptive to the political establishment and the genteel ways of Washington. He acted without regard to whose feelings he stepped on. He’s been like the doctor whose bedside manner was gruff, impatient, and even rude, but it’s hard to objectively deny the positive results.

Joe Biden has been painted as the kindly old Uncle Joe, a bit rattled and unsure of where he was, what he was even running for, and utterly confused about issues, since he’s taken both sides of many of them just in this campaign, like taxes, fracking for gas and oil, foreign policy, shutting down travel from China in the early days of the China Virus, and even whether your tax dollars ought to fund abortions. But he’s not Mr. Rogers! He challenged a veteran to a fistfight, called a voter a lyin, dog-faced pony soldier, and uttered an unspeakable expletive into a microphone he didn’t know was live when he told President Obama how great Obamacare was. In his 47 years in Washington can you name something he has done that made your family safer, your business more prosperous, or the world more secure? He wants us to believe that year 48 will be the one when he’ll show up with great ideas that he’s kept in his basement for the past 47. The only job he’s ever had since he was in his 20’s was a government job and he’s 77 years old. Yet somehow in the 2 years after leaving the office of Vice President, he made $16 million dollars. Too bad he didn’t tell the rest of us how to do that.

But it’s not personalities we elect—it’s policies. Do you own guns? Joe Biden has said he wants the government to take a bunch of them from you. Do you believe that every human life including unborn babies, have worth and value and should be protected? Joe Biden, despite being a Catholic, supports abortion at every stage of pregnancy up to the moment of birth, and after 40 years of saying taxpayers shouldn’t fund abortions, this year, he changed his mind and wants us all to pay for them. He pushed for same-sex marriage long before the Extreme Court illegally decided we ought to have despite the will of voters. He favors the trade policies like NAFTA and China policies that robbed millions of Americans of their jobs so big global companies could rake in billions. In one of the rare times when President Obama did something universally praised in ordering the killing of Osama Bin Laden, Joe Biden actually opposed the operation-the only one in the situation room to do so. Former Defense Sec Robert Gates publicly said that Joe Biden was wrong on every single foreign policy for the past 40 years. He WILL raise your taxes and if he pushes his promised energy policies, America will go back to dependence on energy from foreign sources and the cost of driving your car or heating or cooling your home will soar.

President Trump lowered your taxes and put money in your pocket-an estimated $6500 for the average family before the Chinese Virus hit. He stood up to China, stopped the nutty Iran deal, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, passed criminal justice reform that brought mercy and equity to the over-incarceration of black people, funded the largest amount ever for Historically Black Colleges, secured our borders, appointed great justices to the Supreme Court, protected religious liberty and has made the most efforts to protect unborn babies. He believes in the 2nd amendment and your right to protect yourself and your family.

You have a choice and it’s not about the personality of candidates. It’s about the principles of America, free enterprise, law and order, and your family’s future.


For 4 years you’ve heard the left and the very partisan press tell you how the Russians interfered in the 2016 elections. Recent documents released reveal the true meddling happened at the hands of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, aided and abetted by high level officials at the FBI, CIA, and yes, the White House under President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

But this year, a different attempt to rig the election by lies, disinformation, and censorship is happening under deceit from Big Tech social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Google and Instagram. In a move so brazen that it’s earned it’s founder Jack Dorsey an invitation to come testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Twitter locked out the Trump campaign twitter account and that of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany for daring to mention a front page article in the NY Post, the 4th largest circulated newspaper in America, because it painted Joe Biden and his wayward son, Hunter, in a negative light. My own Twitter account was blocked from posting a link to the story. Twitter lied and said it refused to allow the story because not all of it was verified. The same Twitter censors who allows vicious and unverified comments not just about the President, but even about me and my family.

To assist a campaign with something of value is to be subject to the campaign finance laws and Twitter and Face Book’s actions are thinly-disguised campaign contributions to Joe Biden and the Democrat National Committee.

It’s past time for Congress to act and pursue anti-trust regulation against these companies who have long ceased to be market driven social media platforms and have become monopolistic utilities. The damage they are inflicting on free speech and a fair political debate are worse than anything the Russians have ever done. If you haven’t seen the documentary “The Social Dilemma” you should. I promise you will not be allowing your young teenager to be on social media without heavy restrictions if at all.

Silicon Valley billionaires now decide what you can and can’t see, and they have decided you can’t see negative information about how then Vice President Joe Biden used his position to obtain his son Hunter lucrative contracts with Ukraine, Russia, and Communist China. Not little contracts, but multi-million dollar deals that Hunter Biden wasn’t qualified to obtain other than the fact his father was the Vice-President. You know how much time the major networks gave to this story the day it broke? Not one second. Nothing. What would have been the coverage if the politician’s son had been named Eric Trump?

The election this year is a test of whether our elections can be stolen by Big Tech billionaires who only allow you to get information THEY want you to have.

If we allow this kind of heavy-handed influence peddling and the overt censorship of news unfavorable to the left and full-throttle fake news to destroy President Trump, VP Pence, Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, or for that matter to YOU, we will end up with a government we won’t recognize. I have friends who will vote for Joe Biden because they don’t like Donald Trump’s personality. There are parts of it I can’t personally identify with, but I’m not voting for him to be room mother and bring cupcakes to school. I want someone who isn’t afraid to stand up to China rather than get his son a cushy cash deal with China; someone who will fight the DC Swamp rats rather than feed them cheese, and someone who won’t use the power of the federal fiefdom to fill his pockets and cover the tracks of corrupt creatures of the swamp.



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  • Jerry korba

    10/26/2020 07:26 AM

    A Biden admin. Will raise my taxes raise the the cost of travel and maintenance of vehicles raise the cost of food building supplies services Social security Medicare cuts are going higher my concern is the media is saying seniors are voting For biden is absurd senior are for the most situational as the financials are fixed cost of living rises and income stays the same quality of living starts to decline are the seniors becoming Senile quicker than they are supposed to

  • Bryan C. Loy

    10/25/2020 09:22 PM

    Well said, Sir!

  • Candace King

    10/25/2020 09:14 PM

    Where can we see the documentary the social dilemma?

  • Carmine Fea

    10/25/2020 07:48 PM

    Oct. 25, 2020
    Can someone e-mail me the proverb written in a comment to the Huckabee Newsletter probably sometime in the last two weeks. It's beauty keeps coming to mind. The words were something like "if you see . . . . . . . . . . , remember it" Thank you. [email protected]

  • Grace

    10/25/2020 06:29 PM

    Dear Sir,
    Found a video on YouTube under about former girlfriend of Paul Pelosi Jr. in SanFrancisco.
    I was not concern what had happened with their relationship nor if Speaker Pelosi had known any of her son’s illegal activities or if Karena Feng (x girlfriend of Paul) we’re telling the truth!
    My concern is her 4 children that were put in the system of CPS / foster care that’s is corrupt in California. As a mother I feel bad for Karena(even though I sense she is under the influence of chemical) however these kids should not be put in the SYSTEM without assessing if the children has blood relatives that can be their foster parents.
    Sir, I do not know it all but I do work in the hospital that deals with newborn (NICU) with psychosocial issue. But with Ms. Feng situation is not the worst I’ve seen. But yet I feel like Ms. Feng & her children are victim of “ abuse of POWER” in San Francisco area.
    I’ve email you this information because I know as a Christian it is our duty to pray for people that need it but along with that is we need some action. Ms. Sarah & yourself are close to the President who is the boss to cabinet member DHS.
    These are innocent kids the are unnecessarily placed in the system.

    As American we need to save & help these kids before it get worst!

    Hope for your kind consideration.


    Grace Estocapio - Hillsboro, OR

  • Kay DeWitt

    10/25/2020 05:00 PM

    Your statement: "But it’s not personalities we elect—it's policies" says it so clearly as to what this election SHOULD be about and it answers the questions thrown at Christians as to how they can vote FOR a "personality" like Trump!

    The fact OF the simplicity of this TRUTH makes all the lies that contradict it even MORE insane...and dark...somehow....and the very fact OF that darkness is going to STILL show its ugly head no matter what is the outcome of the election....

  • Linda Wolfe

    10/25/2020 04:55 PM

    For all of you "hollier than thou's " out there. Jesus is already the King of Kings & not running for President of the USA. As I recall, Jesus once called someone a dog, another a fox. He also made a whip ,drove the money-changers out of the temple and turned over their tables. He used a murderer/ adulterer to write Psalms, his name was King David. God also used a murderer to write a large portion of the New Testiment . All have sinned & come short of the Glory of GOD. Had you rather have a man who promotes sodomy, murder of babies, raises taxes, destroys our
    oil industry and will take America back to the 1700s when there were no cars ? A vote for Trump is a way to keep your churches open, the oil & gas prices down, and making America First again.
    VOTE THE BIBLE or don't complain when you loose your freedom of religion. A vote for Democrat is an accomplice to MURDER of MILLIONS OF BABIES .

  • Vaslav Nijinsky

    10/25/2020 04:11 PM

    LBJ and Harry Truman were crude, vulgar, and profane, but they got a pass. Why? They were demonrats. Surprise!

  • Pat J Green

    10/25/2020 04:01 PM

    Something President Trump has done just last week and I have heard very little on,is his signing The Geneva Consensus Declaration.

  • Pat J Green

    10/25/2020 04:01 PM

    Something President Trump has done just last week and I have heard very little on,is his signing The Geneva Consensus Declaration.

  • John Leake

    10/25/2020 04:00 PM

    Your editorial for this morning is a bullseye......!!! The differences between President Trump and Mr Biden is right on target.

    The best part is this statement which I believe is true is: "You have a choice and it’s not about the personality of candidates. It’s about the principles of America, free enterprise, law and order, and your family’s future." Thanks again

  • Rick Locke

    10/25/2020 03:07 PM

    Frightening thought - If Sleepy Joe gets in (yikes!) he'll probably last about 5 or 6 months until the 25th amendment is enacted and Kamala moves into the Oval office. Now - what about the V.P.? Read the 25th. They can move anybody they want into the V.P. position. Think Bernie. Then think A.O.C.
    Time to get out the vote!

  • Doug Morgan

    10/25/2020 02:59 PM

    Governor, I agree that if we allow the leftist influence peddlers steal this election we won't recognize this country within a couple of years. Biden will not be president very long and we will have the radical communists led by Kamala Harris totally running and even increasing the cesspool in the District of Corruption.

    BUT, I've contributed to lots of the Republican candidates, even more than I can afford, plus displaying Trump and other conservative candidate signs in my yard that regularly get stolen or destroyed, (I'm on my 4th Trump sign that has been destroyed by peaceful socialists) I don't know what I can do other than pray, to prevent a communist takeover.

  • Jim Norvell

    10/25/2020 02:27 PM

    I have to say, as much as I am your fan (big supporter in your 2008 run) I am really tired of hearing you repeat descriptives promulgated by the Dims. Abrasive. Combative. Vain. Vulgar. Gruff. Impatient. Rude.
    You show me a leader who hasn’t exhibited these traits on occasion and I’ll show you a loser. I and you have displayed these behaviors at times. I don’t want a milk toast standing in opposition to a dangerous world or opposition party. I want an experienced fighter who knows how to win.
    I have never heard Trump try to steal the spotlight from colleagues or subordinates. To the contrary, I have seen him maintain loyalty beyond the time it is deserved.
    When you use the language of the opposition, you provide justification for their animus.

  • Michael Lewis Sanders, Sr.

    10/25/2020 01:55 PM

    I hope and pray that Trump wins this election but even if he does and the Republican party controls both houses of Congress I don't believe that they are any better than the Democrats. No matter what Trump proposes they will fumble around discussing it but will never vote to approve anything important. I personally believe that most members of both parties belong to a secret combination of those bent on destroying freedom in this country. If they can destroy the Constitution they will have accomplished their purpose. If they do away with the Constitution and attempt to disarm the American people that is when all hell will break loose. I don't know about other parts of the country but Southerners will not give up their weapons. We Southerners have always said that the South will rise again. This may be when it happens. I think we are about to go through a very bad period in our history. I pray morning and night that the American people will use wisdom and have a will to choose good over evil in this election. If they don't then God help us.

  • Floyd Unger

    10/25/2020 01:49 PM

    Excellent and yes I have been getting both morning and evening additions for years. And oh yeah I have already voted.....the names you will recognize....Trump, Sullivan and Young.??

  • Jonathan Fletcher

    10/25/2020 01:45 PM

    Say it with me everyone: "Four more years! Four more years!"

  • Gladys Hizer

    10/25/2020 01:18 PM

    You said Trump was "abrasive, combative, vain, and vulgar." Many will agree but I have not been taken in by those personality traits in my 80+ years and I have heard much worse in my part time jobs in factories, stores, etc. on my way to a degree in education. My name has been 'abused' by many since I was 12 working in muck gardens and as an educator in my 20's. I can deal with that kind of talk. I have been taken in by smooth talkers parading as 'boyfriends' or 'friends' in general. I have been taken in by investment people when I was most vulnerable after losing a son and in several other times with substantial losses of money. My late husband who voted for Trump in the last election said he couldn't be a salesman despite knowing his craft very well because he couldn't lie to people. I voted for Trump and my ballot that I hand delivered is secure in my precinct. I checked.

  • Charles Simmons

    10/25/2020 01:09 PM

    Certainly a Biden administration would provide grist for nonstop comedy routines, at least until Pelosi uses 25th amendment to oust him back to an unexpected early retirement. Then zombiedoom USA (ZUSA) would be fully realized in a feminized “Papa Doc” style dystopia under happy-harpy Harris ...