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September 9, 2022



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The passing of Queen Elizabeth II

As the whole world knows by now, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II died Thursday at 96. Her reign of 70 years and 214 days was the longest of any female head of state and the second longest of any monarch, after France’s King Louis XIV. For most people, she has been the Queen for their entire lives, and is so associated with the word that when a movie was released a few years ago that was titled simply “The Queen,” people instantly assumed it was about her...and it was.

Fox News has a continually updated page for the latest news on the passing of the Queen.

Here is former President Trump’s statement:

And President Biden’s:

As an American, I’m not a fan of the concept of royalty, but if you’re going to have a monarch, you couldn’t ask for a better one than Elizabeth II. Even as a young teenager, she was already helping to inspire the British people during the darkest days of World War II. At 21, she pledged, "I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong." Despite the greatly-reduced powers of the throne, she kept that promise, devoting her life to her country and always serving her people with the utmost grace and stoic dignity, no matter how tumultuous the times or how ugly and unfair the criticisms hurled at her. She was a product of a different age and stronger values, and we’re not likely to see someone like her ever again.

Some people seemed determined to provide the world with a stark example of the opposite of the kind of grace and dignity she exemplified, as they took to Twitter to say horrible things about her and show the world their complete lack of human decency. These people crave attention and want us to know their names, which is why I refuse to name them. But I am gratified to see that one of them was so vile that even the troll-infested swamp of Twitter denounced her and that the university that pays her to inflict her seething hatreds and resentments on students actually distanced itself from her disgusting words.

Nothing to see here

Nothing to see here, just more emails surfacing about Hunter Biden’s business relationship with a top Chinese Communist Party official who allegedly sat at his table at a dinner in Beijing, welcoming his dad, the then-Vice President. Bonus: this little back-scratching rendezvous was allegedly set up at the request of another of Hunter’s business associates, the nephew of notorious Boston crime boss Whitey Bulger.

But I’m sure there’s nothing newsworthy here. Let’s go back to talking about how Trump should be in prison for “stealing” some “Top Secret” magazine clippings.

Fetterman agrees to a debate

Feeling the pressure from the media, Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman finally agreed to debate Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz, “sometime in the middle-to-end of October.”

Oz’s communications director replied that it has to be “a REAL (debate) with REAL journalists asking REAL questions.” I’d definitely watch that, just to see something I haven’t seen in years.

Fracking ban lifted in Great Britain

Great Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss announced that she’s lifting the ban on fracking to reduce the nation’s sky-high energy prices. She’s also approving 100 new North Sea oil and gas exploration licenses.

Meanwhile, across Europe, with Russia’s war on Ukraine shutting off Russian oil, we’re seeing a lot of backlash against “green” restrictions on reliable energy sources, from a continent-wide protest-strike against paying high utility bills to desperate people gathering wood to burn for heat in the coming winter to reversals of bans on building new nuclear plants.

That’s the problem with government mandates that people switch to “green” energy sources before there are any. At some point, coercion collides with reality. It’s a lesson we should have learned long ago from looking at Europe’s energy problems, like Germany getting rid of its domestic fuel sources then being forced to buy oil from Russia.

Or we could have learned it from California, which is dismantling its own sources of fuel so it can brag about its carbon reductions, then buying more expensive energy from neighboring states, so they’re not really reducing emissions, they’re just off-shoring them. Seldom have we seen a faster example of a reality slapback than California announcing that it would require all cars to be electric, then within days begging people to turn off their air conditioners during a heat wave because they can’t even generate enough electricity to keep the lights on.

And how have about 18 blue states reacted to that stark object lesson? By saying they want to follow California’s example. I’m sorry to say it, but if their leaders are that dumb, they already are.


Related: California Gov. Gavin “Do as I dictate, not as I do” Newsom is being blasted for making a video urging residents to turn off their air conditioners while he was wearing a zipped-up fleece jacket in what must have been an air conditioned room. As one Twitter poster sniped, “Is your A/C too cold?”

Newsom’s spokesperson replied that he filmed it before the 4 p.m. peak demand period when the guidance is to “pre-cool.” Apparently so much that you have to wear a fleece jacket.  


I normally don’t comment on crazy leftist political statements by celebrities because as far as news value goes, that’s about on the level of “Duck Quacks!” But I’ll link to this one because Jennifer Lawrence is getting so much attention with her claim that she’s suffering nightmares about Tucker Carlson. Personally, I’m more concerned with her comment about how she’s had to work so hard to “forgive” her dad and her family for being Republicans. I don’t know her family, but I seriously doubt they feel the need to beg her forgiveness for not being deranged Hollywood leftists who can’t cope with knowing there’s anyone out there with views that differ from theirs.

As that link reminds us with all the photos of Jennifer cozying up to rapist monster Harvey Weinstein, the rest of us don’t need Hollywood to absolve us for our moral failings.

Related: AOC was given the glamour shot/puff piece treatment by GQ magazine and used the platform to complain about how women and minorities are just too oppressed to make it in America. Also, that the sticking point for her about running for President is that there are too many limits on Presidential power because of that pesky Constitution.

Now do you see why I usually ignore leftist celebrities who talk about politics?

“Mistakes That Run In Only One Direction” Department

The social media platform Snap (formerly Snapchat) admitted that it had “inadvertently” exposed data on Republicans to Democrat research firms that are using it to hone ad messages just before a major election.

Don’t get upset, though, because Axios assures us that this was merely a “slip-up” that allowed the Democrats to “unwittingly” tap into a vast repository of Republican user data to their electoral advantage. It’s not “cheating” or “election interference” or “sabotage,” or anything like that. Why, it’s just a big, innocent “Oopsy!”

And if it helps the Democrats to have an unfair advantage in the election, don’t you dare complain about the system being rigged, or you’ll be an election denier who’s attacking our democracy. See how that works?

Yes, we all see it. Now, if they really want to make it right, give the Republicans access to the private data on Democrat users.

No? Didn’t think so…

"Deep State" update: "Cybersecurity" a pretext for online censorship

We can’t do a “deep state” update without first asking the question, “What’s up with former Attorney General William Barr?”

As it happens, Margot Cleveland has been wondering the same thing. Since the Mar-A-Lago raid, Barr seems to have forgotten the FBI’s role in advancing the Trump-Russia Hoax and, oddly, is taking the government’s current leaked narrative as truth. He’s even been implying, without evidence as a political enemy would, that Trump is guilty. Cleveland notes that in recent interviews, Barr “repeated several storylines seeded by the leakers” and had “clearly internalized the leakers’ version of events.”

And that behavior doesn’t make sense. Why isn’t Barr leery of all these leaks, when the special counsel he personally appointed to investigate the Russia Hoax, John Durham, has managed to keep his own investigation free of them? With all the splashy media coverage, the Mar-A-Lago investigation reminds us of all the previous get-Trump narratives. It should be met with just as much skepticism.
“Barr’s opinion now and those of his adversaries when he served as Trump’s attorney general both rest on the assumed veracity of leaks, spin and misleading narratives,” Cleveland says. That's true, and Barr, of all people, should know better at this point than to believe the lyin’ FBI. Yet, with the seeming gullibility of an MSNBC reporter, he assumes the investigation was driven by the “loads of classified information” at a “country club” (It’s the former President’s estate, secure and guarded). He suggests Trump “jerked around” the FBI. Why should Barr believe that? Why would he have put it that way?

Barr even told FOX NEWS’ Martha MacCallum that the FBI has “evidence to suggest they were deceived.” How can he state this as fact when any “evidence” is either heavily redacted or leaked?

Barr is wrong to trust the FBI, Cleveland flatly states. We agree, but let’s go further, to ponder why he would so bizarrely come down on their side?

Here’s an excellent analysis of Barr’s words and (lack of) actions from AMERICAN THINKER.


In breaking news Thursday, the Biden ‘Justice’ Department is appealing the decision by U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon to appoint a neutral “special master” to go through the seized documents. Considering that some of the material seized includes Trump’s private medical records, tax records and other personal material, including attorney-client privileged information, one would think having this buffer was a reasonable idea. Why not just DO IT, unless there’s something to cover up?

Sean Hannity had Mark Levin on his Thursday TV show to talk about this, and, coincidentally, Levin brought up Bill Barr and his aforementioned trashing of President Trump. “[Barr’s] on cable TV more than erection dysfunction commercials,” Levin quipped. He also pointed out that the investigation of Trump is being run by the attorney general appointed by the man who may be running against Trump for President. “Merrick Garland should not be involved in this case,” he said.

Levin also criticized Barr’s depiction of Mar-A-Lago as “a country club,” as this property is “protected like Fort Knox,” with massive gates and armed Secret Service security. And it’s Presidents Clinton and Obama who actually allowed sensitive technological information to go to the Chinese, as Levin outlines.

If you want Donald Trump to be your nominee, Levin concludes, “SELECT HIM.” Don’t let these people decide for you. “They want to control who the Republicans choose.” If Trump were weak and ineffective, he said, they wouldn’t be bothering with him.


Now, as promised yesterday, here’s that expose on internet censorship from Foundation for Freedom Online…

First, let me introduce you to Michael Benz, author of what is turning out to be a highly detailed series. (We’ll just be dealing with Part 1 today.) Benz, now executive director of the FFO, is a former Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Communications and Information Technology at the U.S. State Department. According to Benz, we didn’t need a Mary Poppins wannabe to turn the Department of Homeland Security into a taxpayer-funded Ministry Of Truth.

The DHS’s own videos show them bragging about (among other things) how they worked for months ahead of the 2020 election to squash social media that were in the process of going viral to stop them from influencing “mainstream” opinions about the election. Citizens were targeted for “casting doubt on the integrity of the election outcome” by bringing up the problems with drop-boxes and widespread mail-in balloting. How dare they!

According to Benz, their partners in this effort received millions of dollars in federal funding.

According to Benz, these same partners, “a veritable army of private censorship specialists,” will be used “to hunt down the words of political opponents in order to neutralize digital speech before it can make political impact.” And DHS, through an in-house agency called Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA),” is doing all of this in the name of (what else?) “cybersecurity,” which makes no sense unless you look at the way they’ve defined their terms:

In 2017, “cybersecurity” was redefined as “cyber defense of democracy.” The following year, “disinformation” was effectively defined as “a threat to democracy.” Then, in 2019, they changed the focus from “foreign disinformation” to “domestic information.” (Benz explains how this came about.) Presto! “Cybersecurity” would now cover anything, even said by American citizens, that challenged their narrative.

Apparently, this shift was done so quietly that the Trump administration wasn’t even aware of it, so nothing was done to head it off. Once Biden was in office, that new focus was cast in cement, with the renaming of CISA’s “Countering Foreign Influence Task Force” to the less specific “Mis-, Dis- and Mal-information Team,” our new Ministry Of Truth. They’ve been hiding what they’re up to with a thick web of governmental jargon. As Benz explains, they also obscure their role by functioning as the coordinator of a censorship network and can’t be tied to any particular act. Benz compares this with our CIA using contractors such as Blackwater to outsource its dirty work.

CISA is run mostly by “ex-CIA, ex-NSA, ex-military and ex-private sector hacker professionals,” Benz explains. Regardless of how this agency has chosen to define “cybersecurity,” these military and intelligence heavyweights have no business being involved in the censorship of political and cultural narratives.

The network they run is chillingly called a “whole-of-society” mobilization, and consists of government partners; private-sector companies such as social media conglomerates; civil society groups such as academia, non-governmental agencies and think tanks; and media –- news organizations, ‘journalists’ and other influential voices. Equally unnerving is their dogma as expressed by this slogan: “Disinformation is a whole-of-society problem and requires a whole-of-society response.”

Translation: everybody has to get on board to silence dissenting voices. We all are expected to walk in lockstep, “supporting the same internet censorship actions, ‘disinformation’ best practices, and staying current on the latest ‘whole-of-society’ consensus around banned words, phrases, narratives, theories, insults, jokes, hashtags and memes,” Benz said. Non-conformists are to suffer “all the concomitant consequences.”

Benz says the most “gratuitously abused target” is the “post-2016 populist ‘right.’ Let’s see, who might that be? Could it be...“Trump supporters”? This group is part of what is called the “Disinformation Kill Chain.” I am not making this up.

So, the Disinformation Governance Board that we heard about this year was just the coordinating body for a network that already existed and still does. (We would add that this appears to be why they could and did claim THEY didn’t actually censor anything.) Understand: Benz said that “the demise of the Disinformation Governance Board DID NOT --- REPEAT, DID NOT, DEFEAT THE DHS MINISTRY OF TRUTH. We have only made it angry, surprised, and mildly inconvenienced at being forced to keep its clunky inefficiencies.”

Coming installments will share more about the evolution of this network. At one time, “Big Brother” had wanted to do it out of the State Department; then it was to be an intelligence function; then they considered putting it inside the FBI. All involved constraints that DHS does not have. So DHS it is!

Benz promises far more disturbing revelations and expects to provide “the basis for a full-scale bipartisan Congressional committee armed with subpoena power to secure public accountability and a permanent end to the stunning and expansive role that this DHS network has played in coordinating mass censorship of the internet.”

How else does the First Amendment even have a chance to survive?


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  • Pamela A Williams

    09/12/2022 02:35 PM

    Not only does the 1st admendment have a chance of survival but it is already routinely ignored and Americans censored if you disagree with demoRATS, the entire Constitution is flatly ignored unless is helps a demoRAT, deemed "DOESNT APPLY TO TRUMP" and violated by the current dementia-ridden presidency at every turn. If any opposing voices speak out on social media, they are censured, If onedare to think that the likes of the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, need to answer for THEIR CRIMES, ones are decimated, counted as worthless and labeled seditionists. We already live in socialism and have since the days of the Clinton rise in ARK. The only consolation is this world is not the end. There will be a judgment from a higher power they deny. THE LORD GOD STILL WORKS MIRACLES. IN GOD WE TRUST! I am glad I am older. I fear for my grandchildren!

  • clemie Dale abbott

    09/09/2022 09:54 PM

    Mike,Daniel Horowitz has a new book out , he talked about it on AFR Sandy Rios show Friday it sounded very interesting and if you could get him on your TV show would be great. The Nation needs to hear this

  • Jerry

    09/09/2022 07:01 PM

    So many people have arrived into this country that we have no idea what or who they are the fbi is still busy looking thru teenage boys underwear drawers or women’s most personal effects what’s worse having the fbi engaging with prostitution while on duty. Or rummaging thru citizens homes. Both of those activities should require removals of the leadership. The states that want to continue to be American should be planning today to put new manufacturing plants for the same products we are importing like all medical needs all essential goods this country depends on every state that wants to be an American should today put a new manufacturing plant in every part of their states take the essential needs first and start manufacturing by 2024 and continue building every thing we need let’s start with oil and gasoline and natural gas

  • Paul Kern

    09/09/2022 04:39 PM

    All I can say about the ignorant professor and Barr is " No Class!!" That is our whole shadow banana republic government. No help from The RNC which will not dirty it's hands or the religious leaders who believe Joe is the " second coming" Now it is the Most High guiding and leading His people

  • Merry-Sue Adair-Gill

    09/09/2022 04:32 PM

    Thanks for the newsletter. I do hope that Trump runs again. Also hope that he can overcome the dirty tricks the Left will throw at him. I tried watching the Left news shows. I got so angry I went back to Rebel News and Fox News. We are stuck with our Leftie dictator for another few years. I have no idea what Canada will look like by then. Please keep us all in your prayers.

  • Jerry

    09/09/2022 02:57 PM

    As Lucifer hides behind a tweet I think people should be advised as to how horrible evil can be. Most people are not evil however it is hard to stand up to it. Calling Voter ID Racist is just Lucifer waging its tail at people and it makes people feel uncomfortable and they shy away from saying ID is used for almost everything in this country. Voter ID is not Racist its a form of identity saying this is who I am . Bad Boy Lucifer giggles with delight when people do not stand up and demand an ID. Lucifer prefers one curls up and says nothing. Today Lucifer never stops laughing it is really happy in todays government. It is happy to see the cross taken down and was very happy when Government closed churches doors Lucifer was drinking Champaign at expensive resturants while the country was on a lockdown Lucifer was getting her hair done while the country was locked down when they say Lucifer is all around us its true and it no longer hides it is in your face just turn on the MSM and the local propaganda outlets you can get up close to the evil please don't let it temp you don't pick the forbidden fruit unless you love misery.

  • JC Holland

    09/09/2022 02:44 PM

    I know you like to give people the benefit of doubt, but I sent email responses to you multiple times about Barr either being bought off, threatened off, or was always a democrat acting like a RHINO. Guess what, I am right. Trump never should have appointed him.
    I have sent you the same sentiments on Durham. His whole investigation is a farce. Nothing will ever come anything this clown is doing. The joke trial in DC tells us all we need to know about him. If he was really doing his job, he would have already filed charges in a non DC court. That will never happen before the mid-terms.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    09/09/2022 11:47 AM

    The Queen of England ( God rest her sweet soul) died on September 8th- let's hope on November 8th we don't have to make the same announcement for Uncle Sam and Miss Liberty