January 29, 2020

Wednesday at 1PM Eastern, the Senate starts the “questioning” phase of its impeachment trial of the President. It seems to me that after the magnificent takedown of House impeachment managers by Trump’s legal team, everyone ought to just pack it up and go home. But that would happen only in a rational world. Judging from Adam Schiff’s press conference on Tuesday afternoon, the House managers may as well have had cotton stuffed in their ears during Alan Dershowitz’s lecture on what the Founders intended about impeachment. They do NOT CARE.

So...questions will go for eight hours on Wednesday and another eight hours on Thursday, alternating between the House managers and the Trump attorneys. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any way to shorten this process; once the clock is set, they just talk until they’re out of time and then the Democrats will all go out and drink cocktails with CNN reporters.

The CNN reporters would surely enjoy partying with Mitt Romney as well, as his dislike for President Trump is making him most cooperative with them. Alas, being Mormon, Mitt won’t be partaking of the cocktails. I can’t help but think that, at this point, if he decides to keep this whole mess going by voting to call witnesses in the Senate, he doesn’t deserve to have fun, anyway. He should sit alone in a dark, stuffy, windowless room and contemplate the longterm effect he is likely going to have on the balance of powers.

Not that the Trump attorneys need any help from me, but I thought it might be fun to offer, oh, a dozen questions to ask lead House manager Adam Schiff. Wouldn’t it be delightful if all the questions had to do with the “whistleblower” and Schiff’s part in the origins of the “inquiry” that he himself is now in charge of? I just love the idea of focusing relentlessly on that and watching him squirm. And, conveniently, we have some developing news about the “whistleblower,” which will be reflected in my questions. So, Mr. Chief Justice, here they are, in writing for you to read out loud on the Senate floor...

1. Mr. Schiff, everybody knows that “whistleblower” ERIC CIARAMELLA (oops) doesn’t fit the legal definition of a whistleblower at all, and so he doesn’t legally require anonymity. His protection was a fraud, though almost everyone has been playing along until now. So if I said ERIC CIARAMELLA was the so-called whistleblower, would you say I was right or wrong?

2. Mr. Schiff, just to clarify, is “CIARAMELLA” pronounced “See-ar-ah-mel-lah” or “CHAR-ah-mel-lah,” like the “Charlie” that Strzok and Page were texting about sending undercover to the White House? Just wondering.

3. Mr. Schiff, you and the Democrats are calling nonstop for witnesses, just as you called nonstop a few years ago for a special counsel until you got one. After two years, the special counsel did you no good. Do you still want to spend months calling witnesses to the Senate floor, knowing that the very first one will likely be ERIC CIARAMELLA?

4. Mr. Schiff, ERIC CIARAMELLA wasn’t even on the July 25 phone call between Trump and Zelensky. Do you think it was right to allow him to submit a complaint form based on hearsay alone, considering that Trump’s release of the transcript showed it to be a big fat fakeroo?

5. Mr. Schiff, ERIC CIARAMELLA did not disclose his contacts with members of Congress and/or their staffs on his official, signed complaint form, as he was required to do. Did he speak with your office only via mental telepathy, and, if so, does that exempt him from such disclosure?

6. Mr. Schiff, you continue to withhold the 18th transcript, which we know is a record of Intel Community IG Michael Atkinson’s testimony concerning “whistleblower” ERIC CIARAMELLA. Are you aware that as a member of Congress, you are not entitled to executive privilege?

7. Let’s get to the timeline, Mr. Schiff. What was the earliest date that ERIC CIARAMELLA had contact with anyone who works in your office? (Ask your staffer Sean Misko if you don’t know. Oh, and we’ll be calling him later.)

8. Okay, Mr. Schiff, that was for starters. Now we need every contact that anyone from your office --- including you, of course –- had with ERIC CIARAMELLA or with anyone else concerning ERIC CIARAMELLA or the Trump/Zelensky phone call. That means all names and all dates, and if you get anything wrong, you get to join Michael Flynn in the land of never-ending litigation.

9. Mr. Schiff, under the American Bar Association’s rules, you should not have been allowed to argue this case because you are a material witness, as your office conspired with ERIC CIARAMELLA to get the impeachment “inquiry” started in the first place. Our question to you is, why should we not drop-kick you out the door right now, say bad things about you once you're out of the room, and vote to dismiss all charges against the President?

10. Mr. Schiff, evidence is emerging that ERIC CIARAMELLA, whose complaint started the whole “inquiry,” had previously manufactured evidence against President Trump to suggest Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey at the behest of the Russians. This evidence, an email, appears to have prompted then-acting Director Andrew McCabe to open an investigation of Trump’s association with the Russians. So our question to you is, were you aware at the time ERIC CIARAMELLA came to your office to help YOU frame Trump that he had already helped the FBI frame Trump?

11. Mr. Schiff, you have accused the President of “cheating” to win the 2016 election and also say he is going to “cheat” in the 2020 election. Give us one piece of evidence that proves either allegation. While you’re at it, hand over the evidence you’ve been claiming for years to have that Trump was conspiring with Russia.

12. Mr. Schiff, we’ve all heard the tape of you talking on the phone with Russians whom you thought had naked pictures of Trump. You encouraged them to be in touch with your office. Question: should you be impeached for trying to use Russians to “get” something on Trump? It doesn’t matter that you were pranked, because hurting Trump was what was “going through your mind” and we know that’s the important thing.

That’s just for starters. I’m sure the President’s attorneys can think of a lot more. Here’s a refresher on the whistleblower (ERIC CIARAMELLA)…

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  • Gladys J Edakattil

    02/03/2020 08:54 PM

    Great questions, Governor Huckabee. I wish we would get a chance to ask him these question under oath in a Court of Law. He, the 6 Managers of the House, Pelosi, Waters, the Clintons and Obamas, FBI and CIA, all those who were and are involved in Steele Dossier, FISA Warrant, Mueller Investigating GPS?, etc., have carelessly, deliberately and unscrupulously has broken the Law, our Constitution and conspired to subvert the Presidency and bring down the government in a “silent and indirect” coup-d’etat. They mustn’t be allowed to get away with it!! STOP the country from taken over by Socialist-Communist Democrats to turn us into another Venizuela!!

  • emma sue neville

    02/03/2020 11:30 AM

    I would like to hear the answers to your questions. TRUMP 2020.

  • Dolores Miltenberger

    02/02/2020 08:56 PM

    Good and correct wueries

  • Karen Clements

    02/01/2020 04:47 PM

    I sure wish that someone could pull a "Perry Mason" on Adam Schiff. For those too young to have watched the classic courtroom drama, every week, Perry, the brilliant defender of the accused, who was always innocent but had the cards stacked against them, would inevitably turn the tables
    in the courtroom and provoke a revealing of the true criminal, by asking a series of intense questions till the witness broke down and, sobbingly or in a fit of rage, either confessed to the murder or blurted out something that accidently revealed his guilt. Or, alternatively, his questioning of the witness would cause intense pressure to build until someone else in the courtroom would crack, and, (entire courtroom collectively gasps) sobbingly or in a fit of rage, shout out a confession or .... you get the picture. I can see it now: Perry: Isn't it true, Mr. SCHIFF, that YOU ....(fill in the blanks with any one of his dishonest dealings)...(Schiff squirms, sweats profusely, tries to deny it. Perry: And, isn't it TRUE, MR. SCHIFF, that YOU.... (fill in the blanks).... And so on until: Schiff: "Yes! Yes! It's true! I did it! I COMMITTED HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS! But He drove me to it. I couldn't take his success any more! All those campaign promises he kept! I coudn' t take it any more! And the booming economy! He was making us look bad, I tell you. Something had to be done to stop him or else we would never be able to destroy this country and hide our own guilt! Something had to be done!" And Schiff is reduced to a sniveling mess as the bailiff handcuffs him and takes him away. Perry: "Your honor, I motion that this case be dismissed! Judge: Motion approved. (Gavil sound) Case dismissed. I declare the defendant NOT GUILTY!

  • Martha Shuping

    01/31/2020 08:03 PM

    Not for publication. I had commented earlier this evening about the information that 1) Harvard prof had a "research assistant" in his lab who was actually active duty Chinese military officer (and the professor has been arrested, also a student apparently associated with professor was trying to leave at Logan airport and caught with 21 vials of illegal biologicals), 2) that Harvard prof helped set up biological warfare lab at Wuhan (or maybe suburbs of Wuhan, that area), - NOW I just read that NOW there are so many thousands infected and being monitored for possible infection, you can look at a graph and see if things continue as they have been, in 3 weeks there could be nearly 200 million infected - there will be millions of deaths even if current death rate is correct and not worse than we think. It spreads and multiplies - President Trump should close air traffic between here and China - to help stop spread of illness. Or it should be considered. I don't know if our CDC will be smart enough to figure this out. As a news item, you should follow this, and if you can suggest to Trump - he should be following very closely - some think (i.e. Steven Mosher article) that China is and has been lying about how many people infected and how many deaths - it's massive otherwise, China would not be offering free hazmat suits to funeral directors, and free cremation - and there is reason to think this has spread all over China - see Mosher article at that I previously sent link to - but now - here is info on current rate of spread of infection and you can see if it continues at same rate, it will be everywhere soon: Some have also been talking about what could Bill Gates' role be if any since he owns patent on some corona virus strains, how on earth did he predict this, and is he looking to make billions off vaccine? But the big thing is, it does look like this came from biological warfare lab, not meat market, and... it looks like it can get bad quickly - why not stop all incoming Chinese planes and passengers for now, and stop all travel to China? At this, point, we cannot entirely prevent this, it's already here, and it is likely to spread some, but I think it is widespread through China and China lied and covered up - let them stay home and see if it will simmer down after a while... what a mess they have made. But we need to limit the spread here.

  • Nancy Fennell

    01/31/2020 02:40 PM

    Oh how I wish these questions could be asked. Hate listening to him so much.

  • Tim Price

    01/31/2020 11:03 AM

    Schiff is a teller of total untruths. It was so funny when Jerry Nadler passed him on the way to the podium in yesterday's side show.

  • Marshall Goldman

    01/30/2020 11:40 PM

    Excellent questions. Can You submit them to Justice Roberts to be asked of any or the dem managers? Keep us on track, Governor H. You are a hero in this insanity.

  • Sam Andrew

    01/30/2020 11:31 PM

    @Chris Fryar,
    Regarding your theory, if the DNC is trying to screw Sanders and Warren, like they did last time, (and I'm sure Sanders is well aware of it by now) is it possible Sanders (and maybe even Warren) could vote against more witnesses to get it over with early and get back to the campaign? If they fight dirty, you have to fight dirty. Wouldn't that be a twist?

  • Mary Augustine

    01/30/2020 08:42 PM

    Love your humor! The Huckabee show is the best.

  • Anita McCurdy

    01/30/2020 08:03 PM

    LOVE THIS!!!! Brilliant, Gov Huckabee!
    Hurry and pass this over to the WH Counsel tonight!

  • Bev Harper

    01/30/2020 06:29 PM

    LOVED IT! Too bad these questions won't be asked!

  • Helen Tritt

    01/30/2020 05:46 PM

    Great QUESTIONS, Governor, now if he (SHIFTY) could only be COMPELLED TO ANSWER THOSE QUESTIONS. I would certainly like to hear what he says and really watch the WORM SQUIRM! You have hit the nail on the head about him having a lawyer's license, that which should be REVOKED IMMEDIATELY, HE IS TOOOOO CORRUPT! He, BULLY nadler, NASTY nancy should be RUN OUT OF THE COUNTRY, LET THEM PRACTICE THEIR VOODO LAWS ELSEWHERE They are such hateful disgraces in our Congress, probably Congress is ashamed of them also.
    God Bless You for standing for TRUTH, God Bless President Trump and all of the CLEANUP HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED IN THREE SHORT YEARS.

  • Ruth Bowman

    01/30/2020 05:13 PM

    Thank you Mr. Huckabee for all the sanity you put back into our lives - as we can no longer expect it from those who are "working" for us in government. God BLess you and President Trump. God will prevail....

  • Nyles Jones Sr.

    01/30/2020 04:31 PM

    Witnesses: UNDER OATH
    1. Whistleblower--When dod you contact Sciff---All notes and emails
    2. Schiff---When did whistleblower contact you, all notes and emails, why did you lie for 2 years on CNN about Special Counsel
    3. Joe Biden--Answer questions on video of Quid pro
    4. Hunter Biden--Answer questions on Ukraine job and China money
    5. John "selling a book" Bolton

  • Brent Kreinbring

    01/30/2020 04:04 PM

    I hope these questions and more are asked. we need to spot this.

  • Dahni

    01/30/2020 02:38 PM

    Dear Gov, You a funny guy! You have such a knack at making things, clear, simple and well communicating common sense. I sure hope there are a lot more commoners like me out there, that still do, “common sense”!

  • Teresa Carstensen

    01/30/2020 12:00 PM

    INTERNET NAZIs "broke" the link inyour 12-fun questions article; cannot link to the "RealClearInvestigations" story about Eric Ciaramella. "Big Brother" is an anti-free speech bully.

  • Chris Fryar

    01/30/2020 10:08 AM

    Something occurred to me the other day. Schiff, Nadler, and the others are not idiots (although they may possibly have some of the more notable cases of TDS). Even if these Democrats are as crooked as some may claim them to be, it would still require even a modicum of intellect to avoid such corruption becoming a widely known fact. They have to know the impeachment proceedings will result in acquittal. They have to possess at least an inkling of awareness that articles are vague and shady at best.
    Operating under the assumption that these House Managers are indeed NOT total idiots completely devoid of any reasonable intelligence, the question most prevalent in my mind is, "If we all know what the end result will be, then why go through with it at all?".
    The most common answer from most political pundits is, "to maintain control and power", but over whom exactly?
    Has anyone ever considered the answer to that last question might actually be "the Democratic Party"?

    Follow me on this for just a moment.
    With Super Tuesday rapidly approaching, every day spent campaigning is extremely valuable. With a close race for the nomination, Senators Warren and Sanders need to to be spending as much time as possible campaigning in those states where it counts the most. However, rules governing impeachment require that they are both required to sit through every gruelling moment of the impeachment proceedings in the Senate.
    Why would this even matter?
    Bernie Sanders and his brand of socialist politics are pulling ahead strongly in the polls within the Democratic Party. The closest runner up, Warren, is losing ground just as quickly. (Both symptoms would be easily remedied if they could both just quit talking!)
    If Sanders gets the nomination for the Democratic Party, it severely tilts the power struggle within the DNC towards the hard left, further into the hands of the likes of AOC, Omar, Tlaib, and others who seek to fundamentally alter our very existence along with the Constitution.
    Clearly, the favorite from the beginning within the DC establishment has been Joe Biden. However, his deep connections to corruption along with his penchant for verbal gaffes make it very difficult for the reasonably intelligent voter to get on board. The younger generation of Democrats would NEVER vote for Biden for a myriad of reasons, especially with Sanders yelling "EVERYTHING IS FREE" from the podium like a cheap carnival sideshow barker.
    Without a Hillary Clinton (allegedly) pulling the purse strings of the DNC and (allegedly) puppeteering a Wasserman-Schultz to (allegedly) skew the primary results, the only way to keep Senator Sanders from gaining more ground in the polls is to keep him off the campaign trail. "Out of sight, out of mind" as the old saying goes.

    This whole impeachment sham could very well be the result of a carefully planned attempt by the DC establishment to keep power from shifting within the DNC to the radical left, thus allowing the Dems the ability to continue on with their business as usual and preventing the radicals from taking over the party, the constituents, and the flow of money. And if they happen to remove their biggest ever political adversary from across the aisle along the way, then it's all the better for them.

    Granted, this is just a personal opinion on the matter, but I would very much like to hear what you think of it.

  • Pat DeLaney Benedict

    01/30/2020 04:34 AM

    This is great..

  • Robert Buettner

    01/30/2020 02:06 AM

    How about this question. How do 4 Senators running for President get to vote on impeaching their opponent?

  • Joyce Davis

    01/29/2020 11:49 PM

    You are so clever. Keep it up. We love you.

  • Jerry Korba

    01/29/2020 11:21 PM

    Schiff is just a corrupt corroded little stool sample that enjoys and takes great pride in his efforts to destroy the country with his weapons of deceit lies and an endless money supply by using taxpayer money in an attempt to bring down the commander in chief. Donald Trump is changing America to a better nation and the Left is not part of it; cleaning up fraudulent and corrupt foreign aid is killing the Left just like sanctions on Russia iran North Korea and Tariffs on China are hurting them;Trump is turning off the bribes like clinton Biden and obama have enjoyed for decades you would be mad as hell if you are a Lefty and will be cut off from bribery train. MAGA

  • Kathleen Serr

    01/29/2020 08:11 PM

    Thanks for your unwavering support for the President and all the Republicans. I wish you were
    Working for us in the Senate. We could sure use you Mike.

  • Kara Lawler

    01/29/2020 06:58 PM

    Loved reading these questions. I'm in total disgust over Adam Schiff and I'm having trouble praying for him. The only reason I would want to see witnesses is to only see Adam Schiff up on that stand, shaking in his shoes.